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by Alberta Parish

Dear Mr. President,

I am writing this letter, because there are a few issues I wanted to address to you. I now understand the major reason you catch so much hell from conservative bloggers and radio talk show hosts like Neal Boortz, Michael Savage, Rush Limbaugh and various others. And the underlying reason is because of race. However, what these idiots fail to realize is there is NO RACE. Only one people came out of Afrika, so we’re all connected to Mother Afrika. African people had spread all over the planet. All of our DNA can be traced back to the original African woman who was the true “African” Eve, and not the Eve according to the fairytale Genesis account. The Eurocentric terminologies developed to divide peoples according to skin tone and facial structures are no more than white supremacist ideologies, which also make up the same racist ideologies found throughout Bible text beginning with the fictional tale of Noah and his three sons as the progenitors of all the different peoples on this planet. But our great ancestors never referred to themselves as Hamites, Semites, Japhites, Negroids or Black people. They called themselves Kemites (dwelling in the land of Kemet) who built the first powerful civilization and ruled the world. Another ancient African civilization was the Kushites who mainly dwelled in what today is known as Sudan and Egypt. It is important that African Americans learn about their ancient cultural heritage and traditions, and stop following traditions and folklores that have absolutely nothing to do with your cultural history.

I would also like to address that I know the administration has produced guidelines in the initiative to provide billions of dollars to aid in Africa’s public health crisis regarding the HIV and AIDS virus. But I feel the administration has been slow in its initiative to aid Africa in its global epidemic against HIV and AIDS. I understand Mrs. Obama took a trip to Johannesburg, South Africa this past week to meet with South Africa’s leaders to discuss the White House Administration’s objectives on advancing the educational and health system, and maintaining democracy in Africa. But why do there yet remain dictators in power throughout Africa? The easy answer is the global financial bankers, the top 2% who control the world’s finances, place dictators in power for the sole purpose of exploiting Africa’s natural resources and robbing Africa of its riches.

Since a cure has been developed for the man-made disease known as HIV, why aren’t the medicines being administered to HIV patients? The easy answer is the U.S. Government is responsible for the development of HIV through a government programme known as the U.S. Special Virus programme, which produced a virus specifically engineered for the mass extermination of a whole population. Scientists and HIV researchers have long concluded that this virus had been developed and manufactured in American laboratories as a bioweapon for the mass genocide of Africa’s population.

Dr. Boyd E. Graves, a prominent lawyer and HIV researcher sued the U.S. Government a few years back alleging that the HIV virus, which was patented by Robert Gallo in 1984, was first developed in American laboratories between 1962 and 1978 with the full knowledge of the U.S. Government. Dr. Graves claims to have government documents proving a virus was developed as a biological weapon against African peoples, which also include “Americanized” Africans. Dr. Graves says, “The HIV-AIDS Virus was manufactured as a designer bi-product of the U.S. Special Virus programme. Dr. Robert Gallo’s 1971 Special Virus paper reveals that the United States was seeking a “virus particle” that would negatively impact the defense mechanisms of the immune system. The programme sought to modify the genome of the virus particle in which to splice in an animal wasting disease called Visna.” Graves says, “Dr. Gallo’s 1971 Special Virus paper is identical to his 1984 announcement of AIDS, and in 2001 Dr. Gallo conceded his role as “Project Officer” for the federal virus development programme, the Special Virus.” I don’t believe Robert Gallo is the scientist who developed the HIV virus, because I believe the virus had already been developed years prior. This virus for the mass extinction of African peoples around the globe was being developed as far back as the 1950s. The first known case of a human with HIV infection died in the Congo in 1959. I don’t believe a virus crossed from chimpanzees to humans, according to earliest research documents on the connection between SIV (a virus found in monkeys) and HIV-1.

Mr. President, why do you not consistently address the many issues that plague the African American community? Why do you not consistently make it a priority of your administration to address the various problems that are prevalent in the African American community? Why has this administration turned its back on the African American community even though we represent the 13th largest economy on the planet Earth? Why is it that African American organizations are continuously attacked and destroyed by the U.S. Government, and have been since the Jim Crow and Civil Rights Era, but non-African American organizations are allowed to continuously flourish here in the U.S., get appropriate funding from the government, and are left alone by the government to become strong and prosperous organizations? The NAACP is not among the strong and prosperous organizations, because they sold out African Americans in this country shortly after the “governmental” assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. back in the 1960s. None of the African American organizations like the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, the United Negro College Fund, the National Urban League, etc. have produced a predominant African American economic structure in America’s economy. These organizations have not brought about the production of goods in the African American community. We’re not growing our own crops, manufacturing and distributing our own products, and we don’t own a billion-dollar enterprise anywhere in the entire world.

Why is it that after Mexicans cross our borders, they’re allowed to have access to public services being illegal aliens, and obtain government and financial loans quicker than African Americans? Why is it that when Haitians enter our waters, they are turned around by the U.S. Coast Guard but other nationalities are given amnesty to enter the U.S.? Why is there such discrimination between Haitians entering America and Mexicans being allowed to cross our borders? Why is it that the Koreans are benefitting off the destruction of African Americans with a great number of liquor stores on every corner in our community, but African Americans who are huge consumers of alcohol products are continuously denied loans in this nation’s financial institutions to open our own liquor stores in our community? I think American capitalism is evil and exploitative of African Americans. I would like to see this entire monetary system abolished once and for all. When the monetary system fails, what will take its place? Perhaps, the one-world currency.

Many conservatives have been quite vocal in their opposition against current policies implemented under your administration, and have consistently pointed out to their listeners and viewers about your administration’s agenda to fundamentally change this country. They’re often accusing you of tearing down the economic policies that are in place. The same capitalist economic policies which have most U.S. citizens working long hours while only a few obtain great wealth. I would like you to implement economic policies against this giant monster called American Capitalism. Conservative radio talk show hosts act as though you’re singlehandedly responsible for the nation’s debt and federal deficit reaching trillions of dollars. They’re against raising the U.S. debt ceiling. They’re against granting amnesty to illegal aliens. Most people in the African American community are against this policy, also. And for very good reasons, I understand why many may not support the DREAM Act, which was re-introduced in the U.S. Senate last month, and if passed would grant permanent residency to certain illegal and deportable alien high school students who graduate and who arrived in the United States as illegal or legal minors. The destruction of African civilization is definitely by design, first implemented by colonialist/imperialist Indo-Europeans dating back thousands of years, beginning with the Greeks.

Today’s conservatives are no more than colonialists/imperialists who have exploited Africa for thousands of years, implemented the slave trade of Africans in the 15th Century, and used Africa’s resources and wealth to build America’s capitalist economy. This is why I hope American capitalism collapses within my lifetime. To this very day, American companies continue to exploit Africa of its resources and wealth, and the wealthiest top 2%, which are the globalist elite place dictators and tyrannical regimes in certain African nations to further continue pillaging, raping, looting, and robbing Africa and its peoples of their riches and natural resources. Being of African descent – a Kenyan – you should definitely focus more of your attention on the exploitation and destruction of African peoples worldwide. I know as President you must focus on U.S. policies at home, but the work ethic on America’s foreign policies with regard to Africa should at least be in equal comparison to U.S. policies at home. The destruction of Africa is a direct result of U.S. foreign policies.

Furthermore, I believe America would be a better place without capitalism. The world would be better off without capitalism (aka colonialism). Most past ecosystems thrived and prospered through participation and cooperation, not through “free market” competition and the destruction of other cultures such as what’s happened to African civilizations around the globe. Most American institutions prosper today off the past systematic discrimination, exploitation, manipulation, slavery and destruction of people of color, which is still being carried out in this country and abroad. If you don’t believe me, look at the statistics of African American men and women in prison today. Our numbers are disproportionately higher than that of any other ethnic people. Unless an African American male happens to be a student athlete attending college on a scholarship, there aren’t too many “Americanized” African males in American colleges. On TV, we see an African American male glorified for being a great athlete, but what other cultural stereotypical role do we see him represented most often. We get to see the African American criminal on the six o’clock evening news. We see the criminal more so than the African American news anchorman reporting today’s top stories.


Alberta Parish

Alberta Parish is best known as a take-no-prisoners Youtube commentator, you can follow her writings on Myspace and Twitter.

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  1. I'm glad I checked my Twitter page before going to bed. I was surprised to see my letter on the Buffalo Bullet. Thank you for posting it here.

  2. I'm glad I checked my Twitter page before going to bed. I was surprised to see my letter on the Buffalo Bullet. Thank you for posting it here.

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