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Na’ Keea Breaks the Ice (again)

What we have this week is a profile of a photographer who was told she should be in front of the camara instead of behind it. Thus 5’9″ 130 lbs Na’Keea Stevens was born. Independant fashion model, eventual Supermodel, designer of own outfits and proud graduate of McKinley High School.

“I started making outfits back in high school because I couldn’t really buy what I wanted to buy, so I would just make a replica of it and it would just not have the name, the logo… probably around 2000 I started making my own clothes. And I made a couple of cargo pants for my male friends too. I can make all the clothes.” Stevens’ clothes making skills were handed down to her by her grandmother; the late Lydia Stevens. Take a good look at her awesome features and designer skills and follow her on facebook.

Na’Keea is just finished shooting the Touch Of Fashion at Art Space, The Fashion Show for Mercedes Benz at the Buffalo Convention Center, and a hair show and photo shoot for Salon Systems in North Carolina. This is her 2nd piece for the bullet.

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