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Never Forget Roger Brown!










by Zachary Husser

Dear Family of Friends,

Today is our chance to salute “Veterans” that gave everything they had to fight for and protect the “Freedoms” we enjoy in the United States of America. Their stories are of resilience and never giving up. It is fitting that on this “Memorial Day” I ran into a great message from my friend Tony Morton that told me about a “Documentary Film” that details the life and times of the great Roger Brown! This Roger Brown is the extraordinary basketball player that captured the sports world in his high school days playing in Brooklyn, New York. Roger Brown’s Story is one of being knocked down, but never being “Defeated” in his pursuit to become a great Husband, Father, and Professional Basketball Player.





















Roger drives on another ABA great; Willie Wise of the Utah Stars-cs.


Roger’s story along with that of Connie Hawkins, another great Basketball Player from the borough of Brooklyn, during the same time period, were accused of association with the Columbia University Point Shaving Convicted Criminal Jack Molinas! That “Association” by two High School students was the beginning of the destruction of the lives of Roger Brown and his boyhood Friend Connie Hawkins. Both young teenagers lost their College Careers and were black balled from the NBA for the “Association” and not “Conviction” of point shaving with convicted Gambler Jack Molinas. Two Teenagers, Roger Brown and Connie Hawkins, hit with what was a terrible knock on their character as well as a take away of their long time dream to play College and Professional basketball. Life definitely wasn’t “Fair” to Roger Brown nor Connie Hawkins up to this point in their lives!

In recent years, one Mr. Ted Green, a film maker became thoroughly immersed in the stories about Roger Brown and how they told of a “Man” who was hurt in life by the Point Shaving scandal, but never gave up his dream of playing professional basketball. Roger improved his skills on the Pro-Am black top courts of New York City and other towns and was known by NBA Players and Coaches as a guy who got it done. Many today say Roger Brown was the top 3 point shooter before that category became a fact in NBA play. Roger Brown’s skills were legendary and proven when he played against NBA as well as great Street Players not in the NBA for many reasons. Ted Green did his research, interviewed the folks that knew Roger Brown the best on and off the basketball court and now has a documentary entitled “Undefeated” about the life and Times on Roger Brown, the young man from Brooklyn, New York who never gave up!

By the way, Roger Brown is being inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame this Summer. His Daughter and Son are going to accept the high honor in their father’s name. Roger Brown never gave up!!!

Take a look at this 5/26/13 Bill Rhoden New York Times story and get a synopsis of what Roger Brown was all about. Make sure you get in touch with Ted Green so your organization, School, or Church can have the documentary shown to every family, but especially all of Our Young People who give their lives to basketball and other sports. Roger Brown is the “Real Deal!”

In the Interest of  Telling Our Story,

Note: Roger Brown was the 1st Player Signed by the Indiana Pacers of the American Basketball Association… We’re looking at the current Pacer Team right now as they fight the Miami Heat. We must Tell Our Story….

Zachary Cornell Husser is a NY/NJ Community Organizer and member of the Columbia University men’s basketball teams of 1967–70. You can find him on Facebook and Twitter.

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