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by Chris Stevenson

In the era of racist, narcissistic American police, ISIS, Boko Haram, Hezbollah, al Queda, and the Taliban, we now come to the subject of the man who started it all. Christopher Columbus, mass-murderer, terrorist, religious radical, pedophile enabler and occasional world explorer.  Actually born right at the end of October, at some point official recognition of his birthday was pushed a couple weeks back so as not to clash with Halloween, a holiday that brings to mind dark spirits and monsters. I guess Columbus hates equal competition. In truth Columbus has no equal when it comes to mass-slaughter. Hitler, Stalin, and Leopold II pale by comparison.

As in the cases of most predators Columbus took the hospitality of the people he encountered as weakness and soon began enslaving or massacring them. That’s your hero there folks. Novice explorer, and would-be avid reader, he can be seen as a precursor of white American cognitive detachment in spite of the glaring truth before him. Even during his time period this didn’t go unnoticed, his study of other cultures was a lesson in truth (that which is) vs. truth-censorship  “According to historian Edmund Morgan, Columbus was not a scholarly man. Yet he studied these books, made hundreds of marginal notations in them and came out with ideas about the world that were characteristically simple and strong and sometimes wrong, the kind of ideas that the self-educated person gains from independent reading and clings to in defiance of what anyone else tries to tell him.”-Wikipedia.

Strangely enough it wasn’t Halloween where Columbus produced his darkest moments. On one occasion he waited til a month later. According to a website, the “most brutal thing Chris Columbus ever did was after the fabled ‘Thanksgiving’ After this now renowned holiday, the very next morning Columbus began enslaving the native race. They were thought of as ingenious, and savages. Not at all on the same level as the wonderful British at the time. Columbus often offered children as rape slaves to his crew members as well. Many girls around the age of 10 – 12 were often used in this practice.” Columbus saw no discrepancy with using the words “conquer” and “Christian” in the same sentence in his letters to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. In a 1495 return-visit to Hispaniola one of his “literate” crew members writes about Columbus making it clear to them they could have any female they wanted.  Miguel “Cuneo further notes that he himself took a beautiful teenage Carib girl as his personal slave, a gift from Columbus himself, but that when he attempted to have sex with her, she ‘resisted with all her strength.’ So, in his own words, he ‘thrashed her mercilessly and raped her.'” Portions of Columbus’ notes he wrote in 1500 on his log must be seen to be believed: “A hundred castellanoes are as easily obtained for a woman as for a farm, and it is very general and there are plenty of dealers who go about looking for girls; those from nine to ten are now in demand.”

Much of Columbus and his crew would never allow themselves anto give credit where credit was due. This is most glaring with the Haitians. I wrote years ago after the devastating earthquake an article called “Haiti’s Invisible Embargo” “Black Haitians were not it’s first inhabitants, but their history proves they are the only ones to pull themselves up by their bootstraps considering the odds & opposition they faced. geographic.org goes into Haiti’s indigenous tribe; the Taino indians. They were initially hospitable towards Christopher Columbus and his Spaniards until Columbus’ hordes became intolerant and abusive. This seems to have been a usual story with Columbus and the crew of his ship; the Santa Maria. (1492). Columbus would take a leave of absence and by the time he returned in 1493 the Taino were slaughtered. Until Euro/Spanish oppression and diseases the Taino population-estimated as high as 3 million by the time Columbus arrived-was down to 150 by 1550 (58 years later).” Columbus slandered the Taino as cannibals (a man-eating tribe of monsters as he called them in his letters) while plotting all the while to rape their women. That they gave this guy a holiday says more about the American government than it does about Columbus, while much of his atrocities were well hidden in pre-internet days from the average Joe Blow, the American historians and writers of school and contemporary mainstream history knew his brutal past. They identify with him. Without Columbus there is virtually no colonialism or slavery.

Chris Stevenson is a regular columnist for blackcommentator, and a contributor to the Hampton Institute, his own blog www.thebuffalobullet.com, and a syndicated columnist. Follow him on Twitter, and Facebook. Watch his video commentary Policy & Prejudice for clbTV & Follow his Blogtalkradio  interviews on 36OOseconds. Respond to him on the comment link below or email pointblankdta@yahoo.com.

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