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NFL approval of the Raiders move to Las Vegas should put Buffalo on Notice



by Pat Freeman

The recent NFL owners meeting in Phoenix Arizona should send a clear warning to all Buffalo Bills fans that you are now on the clock. Your local media will tell you another story but behind the scenes the hometown team is preparing to make you an offer that they know you will refuse. The public portion of the new stadium deal in Las Vegas is the most important number that all of you must pay close attention to. The citizens of Nevada and the many tourists will pay $750 million dollars to build the new domed stadium for the Raiders. Your local media and politicians are finally backing off the statement that the Pegulas will build their own stadium. The only NFL owner who is building his own stadium is Stan Kroenke in LA. The rest of the owners usually create Public private partnerships to build new facilities.





The financing of these mammoth projects are usually as follows with the team owner putting up $300 Million+ the NFL $300 million and the balance will fall on the public. This formula has led to three teams relocating this year in the league, which I believe sends a clear message to our elected officials that the NFL is about the money period. The other day a loyal Bills fan proclaimed that fan loyalty will prevent the Bills from moving to greener pastures. Truly I started laughing because it just seems that Western New Yorkers refuse to read the writing on the wall. All indicators are now pointing towards this team moving north of the border to Toronto Canada. The economics of Toronto will create much more revenue than Western New York can afford, and loyal fans will still be able to support the team by driving north of the border.

The Pegula’s have supported each franchise relocation since taking over as the owners of the Buffalo Bills in 2014. Nobody in the popular media has put together that the stall tactics involving a new stadium is to prepare you for the inevitable move of the team into the Toronto market. So all of you writing that you feel bad for raider fans, but the NFL are a business and you understand. Well think about the fact that you will be feeling the same way soon. Yes the Buffalo Bills are preparing to become a large market franchise based out of Toronto but keeping territorial rights in Western New York. Now I know this doesn’t sound good but the NFL has long wanted to be in the Toronto market. The actions by this organization, and the rational that they will try to tell you are being prepared now.

Pat Freeman writes for the Buffalo Criterion. If you enjoy talking about the world of sports tune into the number#1 sports show in the nation every Saturday from 4:00-5:00PM hosted by WUFO Sports Director Patrick Freeman on 1080AM WUFO radio, radio app., Periscope, or via the internet at www.wufoam.com. Or catch Sports Update for clbTV (ch.20 Buffalo) and YouTube.
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4 Comments on "NFL approval of the Raiders move to Las Vegas should put Buffalo on Notice"

  1. Zachary Kelley | March 31, 2017 at 6:52 pm | Reply

    He has a iron clad lease until 2023, and I think that the Pegulas already have a location in downtown Buffalo to put a new stadium for the Bills. They have invested heavily in the city to NOT built a stadium for Bills.

  2. Jack Gallagher | March 30, 2017 at 9:15 pm | Reply

    Bahaha how do people become writers now a days? Clearly critical thinking is not one of the necessary traits needed anymore. Paul Georger is correct in my opinion, people would march to 716 and boycott the place, Harbor Center would die and so would the possible legacy the Pegulas can have on Western New York. Mr. Freeman Terry Pegula is an aging billionaire who can be remembered for generations as the man who is the reason we still have the Bills and Sabres. A Hero to hundreds of thousands. Money is not everything especially as you age. Money is worthless when you pass, legacy lives forever.

  3. Paul Georger | March 30, 2017 at 8:29 pm | Reply

    Nonsense. The ace in the hole that WNY has is the fact that the Pegulas have other sports-business interests in Buffalo that would be irreparably damaged by moving the Bills. Who would go to a Sabres game, spend any time or money at 716 or Harbor Center, if the Pegulas moved the Bills out of Buffalo? Besides, it is abundantly clear that Toronto does not have sufficient interest in the NFL to sustain a franchise in the long run. When the time comes, I have every expectation that the Bills and the government will hammer out a deal for a new stadium.

  4. Shaud Williams | March 30, 2017 at 8:17 pm | Reply

    This is the dumbest article I have ever read in my life. Thanks for the wonderful insight Pat.

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