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NFL owners make Colin Kaepernick an example of players who use their platform for Activism


by Pat Freeman

This time last year NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick was recovering from off-season surgery to repair his shoulder from the daily grind in the NFL. The atmosphere around the nation was reaching a tense point because of the unarmed shootings of blacks across the country, along with some dying while in police custody. The disheartening fact about this story is that many of the perpetrators of these acts are charged but very few if any are convicted.



Protests all over the nation began to affect the moral consciousness of one of the top NFL quarterbacks. Colin Kaepernick decided to kneel during the playing of the national anthem before each football game as a symbolic protest against the treatment toward people of color in this country. This courageous stand began to spread across the National Football League. That caused some of the existing owners to begin criticizing Kaepernick because of his actions. Many of them disapproved of Kaepernick’s stand, but acknowledge that it was his right as an American to protest.




The inconvenient truth is the NFL has become one of the chief recruiting portals of the United States Military. It is embarrassing to be critical of a sponsor who is putting up millions of dollars annually to advertise during NFL games. SB Nation reports that the United States Military spend more than $53 million dollars per year on sporting events around the country as a means to promote patriotism. Colin Kaepernick’s activism also empowers players against a system in the National Football League which is geared towards all participants complying with the league’s policy and procedures.




Kaepernick has threatened and dismantled the control that the thirty-two owners have exhibited over their human property. Yes! Kaepernick has greatly exposed the pervasive nature that exists if athletes do not conform to the leagues expectations. William Rhoden’s landmark book describing modern athletes as $40 million dollar Slaves, is a must read for all of us to understand the great threat of losing your lifestyle. That may be the reason for so much silence, which has caused NFL teams to refuse signing Colin Kaepernick.



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