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Obama Inauguration is Vindication for One Woman

President Obama…that’s one of the most meaningful things I’ve heard in a long time. Too bad it’s taken more than 140 years since the Emancipation Proclamation for it to happen. More accurately too bad African American people (oops I should just go on and say slaves, seeing as we weren’t even considered people at that time) needed a proclamation in order to be released from illegal, immoral and indecent bondage. Equally unfortunate is the sea of blood and the ocean of tears that has been shed in order for us to be considered equals. Yet there at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue sits an African American, a Black man (by more than one drop too) whose success is owed to people of all races. This president is the accomplishment of us all.

Barak Obama’s victory is really the nation’s victory in as much as his presidency demonstrates our nation’s ability to live up to it’s Constitution instead of living down to its past.

I certainly did experience a great deal of racism at that Catholic school and even more at the affluent suburban high school I attended, where out of approximately 1600students between 9th & 10th grade I was one of 6 blacks. Believe me, the “n” word flowed freely, as did tar baby, buckwheat, aunt Jemimah and spook. Looking back on the times I was forced to stand on the school bus because my fellow students wouldn’t let a “n” sit next to them or when they threw snowballs and gravel at me, spit on me, etc., I couldn’t help but to tear up a little when former President Bill Clinton visited my high school just a few days before the election to campaign on Barak’s behalf. My how things have changed.

For every racial slur, for every bit of mistreatment, for every time a clerk followed me around a store, for every time I saw a cross burn or some other horrific racial event on the news, I’d live it again for this moment.

Peace to all,


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