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Open Letter to the Buffalo Common Council and the Governor of the State of New York










by Pat Freeman

The Democratic process in western New York is now in a critical circumstance with public authorities now disrespecting the elected legislative body of the city of Buffalo . The Buffalo Common Council unanimously voted in favor of granting a 9-12 month land option to the Greater Buffalo Sports and Entertainment Complex for the purpose of continuing their due diligence in the building of a state of the art multi-use Stadium Complex on the Outer Harbor Land Site which is situated in the city of Buffalo. The current Land holder of this property is the Niagara Frontier Transit Authority founded upon to act in the interest of the citizens of western New York has failed to answer a formally submitted financial offer for a land option on the Outer Harbor made to them on May 10, 2013.
It is my belief that the Buffalo Common Council should subpoena the chairman, and Executive Director and the minutes where this offer was discussed with the entire board, and what was the board’s majority determination. The Council should also requests copies of a formal correspondence of receipt of a tenured offer on real property which should have been sent to the legal representatives of the GBSEC as a government public authority courtesy.
In closing based on the listed preamble of the constitution of New York State, New York Public Authorities Title 11a Paragraph 1299 Niagara Frontier Transit Authority and the Powers of the Common Council (city of Buffalo ) it is my belief that the common council must act in the interest of its citizens and file for eminent domain of the Outer Harbor Land Site Property. The failure of the NFTA to act in a professional manner concerning issues of the citizens of western New York puts this authority in direct violation of it’s by laws and listed public authority  statutes.
The Governor of the state of New York must immediately begin to dissolve this agency because it can no longer function in the framework of public law. Thus all land and property located in the city of Buffalo must automatically be returned to the city of Buffalo immediately.
(1)[Preamble] We The People of the State of New York, grateful to Almighty God for our Freedom, in order to secure its blessings, DO ESTABLISH THIS CONSTITUTION.
C-3-7 Powers of the Common Council (city of Buffalo Charter )
(h) to acquire by purchase, gift or eminent domain any interest in real and personal property for any city purpose or as authorized by any general or special law.


(o) to investigate and inquire into all matters of concern to the city and its inhabitants and to require and enforce by subpoena the attendance of witnesses or the production of documents at such investigations.


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