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Our 1st “Good Neighbor of the Month” Feature



by Marshaun L. Quinniey

Imagine walking to a drug store and encountering a gunshot victim. What would you do? On September 10, 2016 another person was added to the list of gunshot victims in Buffalo, NY. A man was shot in his neck on Delevan and Grider in front of Rite Aid. While Mr. Andre Mingo was walking to the local Rite Aid he encountered the victim of the gunshots. Although the incident was addressed by ECMC police and local EMT’s of Rural Metro, Mr. Mingo aided the victim. Mr. Mingo used his training that he obtained from his previous experiences serving the Buffalo community as an EMT for Rural Metro. He quickly assessed the situation to obtain a safe place for his daughter, and to determine the help he could offer the victim. He left his daughter with a close friend and requested assistance calling 911. Next he dashed to the victim to begin determining the severity of the injury from the gunshot and elevated the legs of the victim to attempt to sustain blood to the vital organs.

Upon the 1st responder arriving he collaborated with them to help the victim through this ordeal through supplying his assessment of the status of the victim. At this point the EMT’s transported the victim to ECMC. At one point in time Mr. Mingo felt he could not continue to tolerate the firsthand experience of the loss life. Upon reflecting on his recent experience, Mr. Mingo felt he was born for such a responsibility. He conveyed his passion is reignited for such roles and gains outweigh the losses. Despite the past tragedies he conveyed “he enjoyed helping people such as the victim because it is priceless to save a life.” He said during the recent ordeal of helping the victim, “it was like riding a bike again” and reminded him of his passion for helping people that he experienced during his days working for Rural Metro. He was feeling God made him for this type of work and is thankful to God for the opportunity to serve his community in such a manner.






Andre Mingo and daughter.

As a result of his feeling God made him for this type of role, he is working to become a fireman and transition away from serving the community of Western New York as a mailman. He credits fatherhood for inspiring him to leave a positive impact and pushing him to demonstrate a great maturity. Although Mr. Mingo acted selflessly, he desires to be viewed positively by his daughter and to leave a positive impression on his community that others respect and appreciate. Also, his inspiration is to model good character and motivate people to demonstrate positive traits.

Despite the violence that may seem to dominate the Eastside of Buffalo at times people such as Mr. Mingo are a great reminder of the spirit that permeates the Eastside and Buffalo, NY as a whole city. Mr. Mingo made a choice to demonstrate a selfless act to help another person and plans to continue to supply such examples in his community. His actions are an example of the opposite of the selfish crab in barrel mentality associated with violence and crime. Mr. Mingo action to help a fellow Buffalonian reflects the foundation of Buffalo that supports continued growth as a family friendly community and being a city of good neighbors.

Quinniey is an alumni of New Mexico State University (Master of Science in Industrial Engineering) and Xavier University of Louisiana (Bachelor of Science in Computer Science). Also MLQ is alumni of Amherst Central High School (New York Regents and General diploma), and City Honors Grade School.

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