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Paladino may Resign, or at least he Should

Buffalo Students can only lose with so many Groups and Control Freaks behind Board members and Candidates






by Chris Stevenson

One day a Judge said blacks should attend “slower,” “lesser” colleges (12/9/15), 66 days later he was found dead. That my friends is called progress. People still harboring strange fringe ideas about black students are like a tumor that has lasted way past it’s time and want nothing more than an audience, so it’s time they be removed. You don’t need statistics anymore to know that blacks have been going to colleges and universities for decades and have performed comparably to their white classmates. Black collegiate hopefuls in Buffalo would be much better served if they didn’t have so many people, community groups, corporations and politicians tugging them away from what they need the most; quality education, safe schools and safe neighborhoods. Much of what they need is considered to be within the $400 million local developer LPCiminelli reportedly profited from the $1.3 billion school reconstruction project.

People imagine Carl Paladino to be among those fighting for the people against Ciminelli, but given the same circumstances he would be no better. Since his narrow victory in early May to an 18-year-old, he has since been trying to pump new helium into his deflated ego. I think he needs a new campaign slogan; Resign Carl Resign! His tenure has been the most unnecessary possibly in the history of the board.

What Buffalo needs is more brothers running, and as bad as we need black men on the school board we still have the damnedest time trying to land just one. I wonder how many in Buffalo realize just a week or two prior to the election there were three (3) in the running. Just a few hours before he was scheduled to appear on my talk show 3600seconds Adrian Harris told me he was dropping out of the race for the West District. Actually there were rumors he was exiting a few days before, but you know how those go. You can never count on anything you hear, especially in Buffalo. Word is his candidacy would split the votes between himself and Jennifer Mecozzi, thereby giving James Sampson a free 2nd re-selection. He had to have been kicking himself, since as it turned out Sampson didn’t even make the ballot (he was only a write-in). What’s held these brothers back this time around is a mix of factors, in the case of Harris, getting talked out of running to make it easier of Mecozzi was simply weak. DPCC/CAO/BLAC/NOI/and probably the Water Buffalos rep Samuel Radford and his ultimatums strike again. In the case of Kelly it may be a trust issue, he is considered to have close ties to Paladino.  Shortly after, Dwayne Kelly dropped out due to falling short on petition signatures. Jen as she is known as is currently a Training Logistics Coordinator for People United for Sustainable Housing (PUSH Buffalo) and she’s the one they pushed, thanks to some of Buffalo’s overthinking political advisers we’ll never know what a Jen vs. Adrian Harris race would have turned out. Your’s truly is wondering if Radford and Co., attempted to persuade either Bryon J McIntyre, or Dwayne Kelly, from dropping out since both ran for the same (Central) district. There hasn’t been a black male on the board since Darius Pridgen bolted in the middle of his tenure years ago. McIntyre has made at least five attempts, and has even come close to winning a couple of times (including a Common Council seat appointment). Harris ran for an at-large seat in 2014 and lost in the general election to incumbent Barbara Seals-Nevergold, Larry Quinn and Patricia B. Pierce.

Unfortunately McIntyre lost to Paulette Woods. Reportedly it was understood that Grassroots.Inc promised to help Patricia Elliott with her campaign, particularly with her petition drive. The trade-off was she-along with Sam Radford, McIntyre, and Ken Nixon-groom a young newcomer from Atlanta that Byron Brown and Darius Pridgen were reportedly impressed with. ‘Well WTF by all means we’ll coach the kid, whatever’s good for Byron, Darius and Maurice Garner is unquestionably good for Buffalo.’ Maybe that’s what they told them. Well, for whatever reason things didn’t work out, so GR reneged on their promise and she was left to do her own petitions. I am really really sorry to see this happen to Patricia because it’s her first run for public office and the board needs a fresh voice, she probably thinks her job at CAO makes it impossible to cut ties with them, and GR backing her politically…  and she’d be right. Pray for her, maybe whomever advised Austin should be managing her next campaign. Even though she lost after having been forced to push a write-in campaign, between her, Sampson and Colleen Russell this had to have been a record year for write-in voter counts. Harig was coached to a good extent by a party I am not at liberty to reveal, but it’s believed he may have gotten his needed votes if he pushed harder in the south Buffalo’s north Park District (Kaisertown), other than the bingo halls said the same source to me. As it is he was so impressive he is said to have garnered tons of out-of-district votes.

There’s mixed feelings over the breakup of the majority block, with Sampson (having fallen short of 500 petitions) and Jay McCarthy gone (having been beaten by another Jay-a newcomer with big backers-attorney Hope Jay), and Paladino having almost gotten beat by the same kid he tried unsuccessfully to knock off the ballot last month. What’s the likelihood he’ll do the unthinkable and open his perpetually-closed ears to “the sisterhood?”

Almost three years to the day of asking Pamela Brown to resign from her position as superintendent, and almost a year after asking his former confidant Sampson to resign, Paladino is believed to be mulling his own resignation due to an unexpected bad showing in his face-off against Harig. Carl shares a commonality with his hero Donald Trump, both their runs are based on their personal outrage toward their respective black sitting superintendent and president. Carl was only in office for a year and he came and ran Pamela Brown out of office, he had no viable program after that but to attack the remaining black females on the board, and undermine the very schools he is supposed to be representing… by advocating charter schools. You have to be a Buffalonian to understand pulling out a narrow victory in a schoolboard election, to considering a departure and run for Governor.

On the subject of collusion we’ll go into more about Jim Sampson. I simply didn’t like Sampson’s history with Gateway Longview and his present connections with Sam Savarino, who contributed to his campaign. Once a confidant of Paladino, his biggest financial backer according to a recent candidate financial statement is Samuel Savarino ($5k). Savarino is head of ADF Construction. The firm takes credit for Ralph Wilson Stadium’s shoddy renovation, anything to prevent a downtown stadium I guess. He is also a board member of Gateway-Longview, and either a a board member or Trustee of whole slew of other firms, including D’Youville College. They should be sending him to You Don’tville, in Buffalo he who joins the most boards wins.

A lot of people have been complaining lately about standardized testing. My suspicion about Common Core is it’s really a bore, a dangerous bore. These are the same mysterious tests we took during my days in grade school back in the ’60’s and ’70’s, they just didn’t call it common core back then. The test would come every year or two and interrupt our regularly scheduled classes for a whole day, to several days. What they have cleverly done is give it a revised history and claim it started in the ’90’s or something. The tests would consist of questions with answers displayed in about 4 or 5 multiple choice circles. The answer we chose had to be filled-in with a no.2 pencil, after which they told you it was going to be fed into a giant computer. What else does this giant computer do? I strongly feel It helps build prisons by scheduling additional beds according to the number of kids that fail the test now. Essentially it is one of the means used to track mostly black students. What Sam Radford of the DPCC said on “Time Warner News” a few weeks a go is true, children will be taking tests all they’re lives, those advocating opt-out are only delaying the inevitable, but not delaying their prison bed. Drilling your kids into passing ALL school tests saves tons of time invested in marching, spray-painting signs, photo-copying literature, high blood pressure from screaming at your kid’s teacher and other types of subversive activity. My parents didn’t do all that worrying, if I failed a test they blamed me. At times I got the original “total-transformation”… and they were right. My big sis however, never failed a school test. This is going to be hard for quite a few of you to understand. One side never really holds all the blame in these issues of a lack of academic performance in urban schools like many of you fantasize.

Three days after the absentee voter decision Dr. Steve Perry came to town blasting “And just because You can’t teach them, doesn’t mean they can’t be taught!” Amidst a storm of hatred and venom from some on the Schoolboard, teachers union, and (mostly-white) suburban parents. Barbara Nevergold was chief among those during the following question and answer session to voice objections to Dr. Perry’s delivery. I questioned her about this later on on Facebook, and she reiterated she felt he was disrespectful. I didn’t get that feeling from him, nor did anyone else tell me this. To me he delivered clothesline hits pretty evenly. I come from the last era of real teachers, ya’ll got the weirdos, headcases, and lazy-ass teachers teaching your kids and grandkids. My take is Buffalo has long been a city of secret agendas when it comes to many of our officials both black and white, and Perry knows this. In all actuality as a working stiff I like unions, I admire teachers, and yes we need checks and balances so there should be a School Board. In this particular profession all those factors pale in comparison to how important students are. It’s time to remove all tumors that plagues our youth, and threatens Buffalo’s future.

Chris Stevenson is author of “The MAO Syndrome: A Timeline of Newspaper columns Tracking Hate, Fear, Loathing, Obstinacy, and Stubbornness of many on the right & some on the left who are simply Mad At Obama.” He is also a regular columnist for blackcommentator, and a contributor to the Hampton Institute, his own blog www.thebuffalobullet.com, and a syndicated columnist. Follow him on Twitter, and Facebook, you don’t have to join any of them. Watch his video commentary Policy & Prejudice for clbTV & Follow his Blogtalkradio interviews on 36OOseconds. Respond to him by email; pointblankdta@yahoo.com

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  1. Adrian Harris | May 25, 2016 at 3:45 am | Reply

    You’re right, I am kicking myself.

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