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Paterson’s Pardon of John White would send important can-do message to black officials







by Chris Stevenson

There is a black political fear factor that few in office attempt to cross, the fear of the black Police Chief to try firing racially-abusive white officers, the fear of black elected officials spending too much time trying to solve black community issues, and the big one; the fear of a black Governor pardoning a black unjustly incarcerated or political prisoner. This fear is based on insecurities manifested by white backers and voters who don’t want their black candidate to remind them that he’s is black, especially by reopening the prison gates to allow a black convict to walk through years of police and DA cover-up, coercion, evidence tampering and confinement, and go free.

Outgoing New York Governor David Paterson has one high-profile clear cut case like that in his state. The 8/9/06 case of a man who was awaken from his sleep at around 11pm one nite by his teenage son who told him some angry teens had gathered outside of his home shouting threats and expletives. Just imagine waking to such a nightmare; a group of white youths coming from a party and no-doubt inebriated enough to choose not to go home, but to instead go to the White house, looking for trouble.

John White leap out of his bed, found his loaded Beretta and confronted what he described later as a “lynch-mob.” Usually a father just displaying a holstered gun to a group of rebels without a cause is enough to suddenly remember their own home address and turn around. But, this bunch had colonial spirit in spite of White’s pistol being pointed at them and were probably even more pumped-up by their parents race-dogma. You can just imagine how freely the racial epithets and profanities flowed. One lunging youth-17-year-old Daniel Cicciaros-would never go home again.

White was at first sentenced to 5-15 years almost a year and a half later. A judge gave him 2-4 years on 3/19/08 based on his having no prior arrest and his record of honesty. He was unsuccessful in his appeals. The prevailing reasoning is that he should have called 911 on the date in question. According to attorney/activist Alton Maddox; co-founder of the Freedom Party and United African Movement (UAM): “Since John White is a descendant of enslaved Africans, he forgot his place in society when he attempted to protect his family from a lynch mob which had threatened to do bodily harm to him and his family in general. The all-white mob also threatened to rape his wife… white policemen have never sided with black victims against a white mob.”

This scenario is being played out in various cities. This writer is currently working on a story in Buffalo NY where a black family is being threatened and harassed by a white female and members of her family highly upset that her daughter is dating their son. This is that woman’s 2nd trip there in 2 years and this time she approached the young man in front of his home and allegedly began swinging a knife at him until he pushed her away. The mother of the young man called the police and two squad-cars arrived with two white female officers with one officer bent on arresting the young black man and refusing to lock up the white female, who was way outside of her neighborhood.

I don’t have to tell you that not only did this officer refuse to charge the middle-aged woman with a hate crime, she was eventually talked into arresting her but refused to lock her up overnight. It took a black Sheriff’s Deputy to prevent the black man (who has no criminal record) from being arrested.

John White’s family history is laced with this type of old-southern treatment, once many of these black families moved up north, after a while some of them began measuring success by how white their neighbors are. You reach a political albatross if your black politician begins measuring success by how white his or her policies are. Paterson is considered a liberal democrat but his budget policies are very conservative. So far President Obama has pardoned 9 people and yet some may consider that a lot. But not compared to his predecessor George W. Bush commuting or rescinding 200 and Bill Clinton’s 459. L. Douglass Wilder is the only one of the 4 black governors of history that I know of to date, that has pardoned a convict when he released a well-known high school basketball star named Allen Iverson who was just five months into a 15-year-sentence for assaulting a woman in a bowling alley. While a president can only pardon offenses recognized by federal law, a governor can grant pardons under state law. The story goes that Paterson was able to become appointed Lt. Governor on a promise that he would stop pursuing a bill based on one of the race-issues whites are so commonly fearful of; a bill limiting the police use of deadly force and anti-racial profiling that future Governor Elliot Spitzer refused to support. Spitzer prided himself on being anti-corruption, evidently he sees police misconduct and brutality as no more corrupt than interstate prostitution.

So I am urging Governor Paterson during the remaining days he has left to grant this family man/family protector the freedom he rightfully deserves. I’m aware some may be saying 2-4 years isn’t that long, he’ll probably get out before then. But consider it a test of full political manhood, and not let down a Long Island man who exercised his full manhood by fearlessly defending his family from attack irregardless of whom it was coming from or the odds against him. You too can get involved by signing this John White Petition.

Chris Stevenson is a syndicated columnist. Follow him on Twitter, Btweetz.com blackcommentator and Facebook, you don’t have to join either. Watch his video commentary Policy & Prejudice and The Network for clbTV. Respond to him on the link below.

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4 Comments on "Paterson’s Pardon of John White would send important can-do message to black officials"

  1. I rarely weigh-in on others commenting on one of my columns, but I can't allow this guy to walk around thinking he's right on an issue as crucial as this.

    “the boys never put John White in danger although they came with malice in their hearts.” Hmmm, those were “good boys” in other words? Well of course, they were white. How else can anyone not be dangerous although they have malice in their hearts, but the offspring of the same criminal European invaders who have caused the world malice for 500 years. John White's faithlessness regarding white police squelching the situation and putting the white youths on notice by arresting at least some of them is a matter of record. There have been instances where police have literally sided with the angry whites and made things worse. Case in point is my example in Buffalo.

    John White made the right move, you will be hard-pressed to find even black gang-bangers on the edge of white property whether angry or not. Now that Paterson has released White a couple days ago, I fail to see how my entire article is based on black imagination. LOL!

    And how in the hell do you even know what the Jews think? Hatred against blacks is a different ballgame than hatred against Jews. Jewish people do something I greatly admire, they methodically and quietly go after every suspect who did something to them based on race, be it the Holocaust or the '72 Olympic kidnapping and murders. Blacks wait for “law enforcement” to get around to dragging their feet. Are you on Crack?! I'm waiting for the day when we do the same.

    You seem determined to hold White's son responsible for the actions of a false/friend computer hacker, and totoally ignoring of the basic respect those boys grossly lacked regarding the White family on the night in question in the first place. Their problem is solved and that one life saved just by not being STUPID. Mr. White did as I would have under similiar circumstances especially since given witness reports to the police that they were boldly threatening to rape his wife also.

    This goes way beyond young & dumb, it's smacks of the lack of parental upbringing; especially on the part of the Cicciaros family whose behavior only stiffened my resolve that that gun was wisely used. Your sour grapes are amusing but predictable.

  2. Unfortunately this entire article is black imagination. John White's son's myspace account was used by his friend to fake a rape threat against a girl friend of one of the boys who came over to his house. It wasn't random. In addition, John White never called the police. The boys never put John White in danger although they came with malice in their hearts. He went out the door with a shotgun and shot one of them from inches away. So what happens the next time a white family sees some black men on the edge of their property? Is it open hunting season? In the end, the person responsible for starting this whole mess – John White's son and his friend – were never prosecuted.

    This was a bullet shot into the heart of every decent human being. Many communities suffer from bias. Jews have had centuries of abuse and anti-semitism yet we don't read about justification for shooting Germans at the end of their lawn, thinking about the Holocaust. Stop making excuses for the terrible judgment of a man who happens to be black.

  3. The race war is not hidden, it is quite apparent for those who pay attention. Whenever we make excuses for the slightest inequity or slight against us we are akin to ostriches with our heads under ground!

  4. Just bloody awful. Thank you for writing about the hidden race war, playing out in America's neighbourhoods.

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