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Should the National Guard Control The Streets of Chicago?










by Alberta Parish

The Trayvon Martins in our community continues to increase as a wave of gun violence swept across the city of Chicago this weekend during 4 hours of shootings, which left 8 people injured on Thursday night lasting well into Friday morning.

Where are the Jesse Jacksons, T.D. Jakeses, Creflo Dollars and Al Sharptons for the countless Trayvon Martins and Oscar Grants that continue to lose their lives to gun violence whether their killers are black or white, criminal or law enforcement? We no longer have to worry about men in white robes driving through black neighborhoods, and terrorizing the citizenry, raping our women in front of their husbands, beating our children with baseball bats, and lynching our men. Black people are living in fear of black youth, many of whom were raised by other black youth who were in turn raised by irresponsible and uneducated parents. What can a parent teach his or her child when he is ignorant of the way the world works. It is no longer acceptable to be ignorant and uneducated, because if you’re ignorant and uneducated, you will be taken advantage of by those by the courts, by the administrators, by your employers and by the corporations. We are no more than commodities to be traded on the stock exchange. The creditors have made themselves the beneficiaries of our estate and they borrow credit against our estate.

As the economic gap widens between rich and poor — the haves and the have nots — poverty mixed with necessity dictates the crime wave occurring in many cities and towns throughout the United States. Even in the midst of economic despair, there is never an excuse for brutal killings, rapes and beatings that have become the norm in many neighborhoods.

If I lived in the heart of Chicago, in a predominantly black neighborhood, I’d probably be afraid to walk the streets at certain times during the night and day. I would be a lot more cautious of my surroundings. More than likely I’d go to work, go to the store after work, and come straight home, and barricade myself in my home. If there is an average of 40 shootings occurring during any given week, this is an epidemic. Shouldn’t the national guard control the city of Chicago, because it seems that the city’s governing body has lost control of the population?

There are far too many black babies being buried due to gun violence. Why isn’t Al Sharpton and Creflo Dollar attending these babies’ funerals as their mothers and fathers weep at the graveside of their dead children?

The anger and frustration of those having to live in literal war zones in their own neighborhoods where even city police are afraid to venture is enough to drive any sane person insane. I suppose this is why a lot of black people have migrated away from cities like Detroit, Gary, and Chicago, because the economy was purposely destroyed in those cities by predominantly Liberal politicians who have exploited the black community for years.

Many U.S. cities are already bankrupt! If the City of Detroit declared bankruptcy, it could happen in Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles and other cities.

Which is the greater war zone: Chicago or Yemen? Should the national guard control the streets of Chicago? If there are 40 shootings or more every weekend, the answer is yes. The scene in Chicago reminds me of the movie, The Dark Knight Rises. In the movie, the League of Shadows had created the anarchy that occurred in Gotham by sending one of their own to overthrow the government and rule of law. The last thing this country needs is anarchy, because there are some real murderers, rapists, pedophiles, and clinically insane persons living among us. In this type of society, women’s and children’s lives mean nothing. The way women and children are mistreated in Afghanistan, Yemen, Egypt, Syria and Saudi Arabia is indicative of the real danger that women and children face throughout the world even in this modern age of technology, science and reason. Because in the midst of the age of reasoning, religion still rules the day. As long as religion dominates the hearts and minds of individuals, the world will never be a safe place to live in.

Most of the shootings occurring in Chicago are gang-related crimes. It is a bunch of young boys raised by very young single mothers, treated as outcasts by family, forsaken by their father, very angry and frustrated, and they’ve decided to strike back at the world. The problem is they are killing each other instead of using the anger and frustration to promote change in their communities, to put together a workable plan to fire the politicians and others in city government that have exploited them, their parents, and their community for many years. The real gangsters in Chicago wear suits and ties, and go into office buildings, and figure out ways to bamboozle the community out of millions of dollars while taking the money out of the area and not reinvesting in rebuilding the economy. Why? They’ve decided that a certain segment of the population aren’t worthy of life and dignity to life. To them, this particular segment only serve one purpose: Human commodity.

bullet columnist Alberta Parish is best known as a take-no-prisoners Youtube commentator, you can also follow her writings on Freedom TribuneMyspace and Twitter.

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