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Stevenson Replies to NASCAR

Mr. Giangola,

I have to admit I never anticipated a NASCAR insider to read PA online or hardcopy for that matter, but some points were well taken. Truth be told I file NASCAR in the same folder as I do most big city police departments, are they all bad? No, the majority are good. But it seems to be the bad ones who create the culture, mainly out of their own insecurity and fear they were taught by their parents. And just as in a recent case here in Buffalo shows, (when a black female officer was punched in the face by a white male officer because she felt he was being too excessive with a suspect. She was fired last summer, he was just promoted to Lt.just a few weeks ago) when it’s done to our females, that’s just despicable, shameless and inexcusable. It ruins any of the vast efforts you just noted and it’s a graphic giveaway of what the real culture of that industry is, and it starts at the top.

Speaking of which, I don’t know your CEO Brian France, but as with our case here (and we have a black police commissioner) it seems France had lots of time to show the Sister that he was in control and was trying to make amends by firing all or most of the 17 principles she named in her suit. Don’t get me wrong, I learned long ago how hard it is for whites to fire other whites in any given industry no matter how henious, dangerous or costly their offense (just an observation), but it’s time to break the web of incompetence and the white burn-out mentality. Believe me its the best teacher there is, and imagine the money France would have saved. So while I appreciate your response, spare me any flowery words of your great efforts to expose young blacks to a highly injured sports league that takes us back to the days of the Jackie Robinson era Major League Baseball and clean up your house.



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