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Darius Pridgen

UnNatural Selection:

Gentrification was Always the New Segregation   by Chris Stevenson “They built those skyscrapers in Detroit-proper, and they’re coming back for them. They are not about to build that and then watch as you walk…

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858 E. Ferry and Buffalo’s Water

more questions than answers   by Carolette Meadows A couple of months ago I released a story with hyperlinks to government documents, concerning whether or not people were supposed to be residing at 858 E….

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Let the Truth be Told

  by Katrinna Martin-Bordeaux Now I continue to try to avoid confrontation related to the Joe Mascia issue, and my role as campaign manager (former). So let me run a little timeline to put this…

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Black Power or “Nigger” Power:

Which is a “Takeover” and Which is an Oxymoron?   by Chris Stevenson Thought I’d write a few notes while sitting in the back of the bus on the way to the plantation (I left…

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The Group Part II

  by Pat Freeman April 4, 1968 one of the darkest days in American History when the ideas of freedom, justice, and equality seemed to have been systematically interfered with by those with personal agendas…

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A Breath of Common Sense may be Hitting Buffalo

  by Chris Stevenson Recent national controversy regarding police chokeholds may be doing former Buffalo Police Officer Cariol J. Horne a favor. At least it stands to make things easier for Ellicott District Councilman and…