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Jehovah’s Witnesses

Putin’s Paradise:

Russia’s Ban on the Jehovah’s Witnesses could Martyrize a vastly Corrupt Religion   by Chris Stevenson Jehovah’s Witnesses (JWs) seem to be a group of peace-loving followers headed by a publishing company that imposes extreme…

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Attempt to Update a Controversial Issue pt.4

  by Poul Bregninge Conclusion Child abuse is probably far more widespread than we can imagine today. Therefore I think that all children brought up within the Jehovah’s Witnesses, who claim to have been sexually…

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Attempt to Update a Controversial Issue pt.2

  by Poul Bregninge Thousands upon thousands! Pedophiles operate generally across all borders, associations, religious communities, churches and institutions. However, I am fully aware that child molesters also display their activities within the Jehovah’s Witnesses….

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Judgement Day Must Wait

New Book on Watchtower’s History   by Poul Bregninge When I started working on my book, “Judgement Day Must Wait,” (JDMW) there was no doubt of the book’s leitmotif, namely the Day of Judgment’s vicinity….

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Reversing The ‘Don’t Forgive The Sinner, But Forgive The Religion’ Philosophy     by Chris Stevenson Shunning is religion’s last link to the Dark Ages. While it may be a policy in more than a…

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What’s Behind The Watchtower Curtain?

    Those longtime readers of the buffalo bullet probably have been wondering what has happened to one of our best columnists; author/mind-control educator & expert Brenda Lee. Of course you’ve seen her if you’ve…