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Mental Illness

The Mob Mentality

  by Alberta Parish There are individuals that exist in all our lives that sometimes we would rather not have to face on a regular basis.  But due to our obligations, we have no choice…

Black Women, Sexism, & YouTube pt.2

    by Alberta Parish It is not enough to claim you are the head of the woman and head of the household. You must practice what you preach, and be accountable for your actions….

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Are Blacks Mentally Ill?

Yes!                 by Alton H. Maddox, Jr. If we are to get correct answers, we must raise hard questions. I am aware that hard questions are routinely kept…

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Mental Illness in Black America

            by Alberta Parish Mental illness is a subject matter that a lot of black people shy away from. Sometimes, I find that many black people act like they’re scared…