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We’re All Atheists at Birth

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by Alberta Parish

We all live a mundane existence among the stars. Compared to the entire universe, neither the earth nor humanity make up the greatest importance among the planets. We don’t know how far and how wide the universe expands. We haven’t seen any deities in space. We have not found the biblical heaven among the stars. There are no biblical deities watching over humanity. Therefore, your gods cannot save you. Only we can save ourselves. While you continue believing in your mythical deities, the government is taking your money through heavy taxation. My tax dollars are paying for unproductive people to get up to $600 each month for EBT food assistance while I spend my hard-earned money at the grocery store. Can I get a break as a federal and state taxpayer? Hell no.

Sometimes, I listen to people talk about how they are so blessed by god but yet they work from sun up to sun down. They work many hours of overtime, and still come up short for bills and other living and/or household expenses. They struggle from paycheck to paycheck. Yet, they claim to be blessed by the mythical sky daddy not knowing that everything they have, they’ve gotten on their own without any help from their gods. Why would you give an outside entity credit for everything you have achieved on your own? Jesus didn’t give me a car. I purchased it last year. Jesus didn’t give me a job. I applied for it in 2006. Jesus is not the reason why I have money in my checking account. I worked hard for the money I have in my checking account. It was neither divine intervention nor the plan of a sadomasochist biblical figure called Yahweh as to the reason why my life is full of challenges.

Throughout the Old Testament bible, Yahweh orders the Hebrew Israelites to slaughter men, women, and children in his name. Yet, many Christians and Jews never question this. They believe these acts to be normal, and are within Yahweh’s plan. This is also the reason why many people think it’s normal to work like a slave from sun up to sun down. They believe the world is the way it is because of Yahweh’s plan for humanity. They cannot accept the fact that their mythical sky daddy had nothing to do with human civilization or human evolution from our very beginning until modern times. The gods that humanity created have nothing to do with our self-destructive nature. The mythical sky daddy did not pollute the world with chemical toxins, which causes cancer in animals and humans, heart attacks, strokes, brain diseases, and other major illnesses. As a species, we are our own worst enemy.

For many years, I’d been taught that a supernatural figure named Satan was the entity, which caused the world so much suffering. Now, I know that human beings are the Devils, and not the evil supernatural characters depicted in the King James Bible. While composing the first edition of the King James Bible, European scholars had plagiarized much of their writings from earlier stories. Among those stories was the tale of good versus evil involving Jesus and his evil brother Satan who had been cast out of heaven by the biblical Yahweh. European bible scholars did not bother to find out the true origin of Yahweh who was worshipped as a pagan deity in ancient times. Yahweh was also regarded as a brutal god of war, and was one of the seventy sons of El, a Canaanite pagan deity.

The tale of the good brother versus the evil brother is among the oldest stories in the world. In fact, the ancient Kemites recorded a story about Asar’s younger brother named Set who had killed Asar. Set was jealous of Asar and wanted to be ruler of Egypt. Therefore, Set killed the king and cut his body into many pieces. The story claims that Asar was later resurrected from the dead by his queen-wife Aset.

Resurrection from the dead is not a new concept. Neither is it a Christian concept. Earlier spiritual systems believed in rituals designed to resurrect people from the dead. Many times, people get resurrected from the dead by hospital staff. Many people have died in hospitals and were pronounced clinically dead. Then suddenly, their heart starts beating again. It’s like a battery that stops working momentarily because it loses electricity. This is why electrical devices are used to jump start the heart in the event a person’s heart is not beating.

How did humanity come to believe in the concept of the afterlife? If none of us had been told to believe in a higher entity or “heavenly father”, everybody in the world would possibly be an atheist. We’re all atheists at birth. A child is an atheist until someone tells him or her to follow a mythological figure they’d never seen. Many people follow what they are told to follow. Many people are practicing Christians, because their mother is a Christian. Their mother’s mother may also be a Christian. Human beings always want to feel like they belong to something important. Therefore, the average person is very easy to brainwash, because often she needs to feel loved by her mythical sky daddy whether she calls him Yahweh, Allah, Buddha or Christ. It is all the same brainwashing religious program. All of it was designed to enslave the mind of a human being, and to turn us all into emotionless creatures who will blindly accept orders and not question the established order. Religion helps to create slaves. This is why most Christians in management are workaholics, and they maximize employee productivity. By maximizing productivity, they work the hell out of people. If you don’t have any common sense, they will take advantage of you. The Christian’s worldview is between the pages of the bible. Therefore, slavery is the norm for Christians. The norm for many people is working from sun up to sun down. They call that doing god’s will. I call that human bondage.

Atlanta is full of slaves. There are too many people working too many hours to make ends meet. This is one reason why most black men are dying at a faster rate than men in other ethnic groups. If black men are not dying at the hands of other black men, they’re dying of heart disease, diabetes, and strokes. Overworking as well as environmental pollution increases a person’s chance of a heart attack or stroke. The chemicals that are sprayed into the atmosphere have been linked to heart attacks and strokes.

Because black people work too many hours, we often don’t eat healthy. Many don’t have time to cook a healthy meal, and often eat on the run. When you’re eating on the run, you tend to stop at fast food restaurants. Since there are many Church’s Chicken, Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Chinese Buffet restaurants on every corner in the black community, black people are being diagnosed with diabetes at a much higher rate than members of other ethnic groups. Most food we consume is chemically processed, according to the manufacturer’s specification. People are dying slowly with every hamburger they consume. Every time you drink fruit punch, pink lemonade, sweet tea, coke and other carbonated beverages, you are helping to destroy your own body. Too much sugar in the blood causes diabetes. There is a lot of sugar in mostly everything we consume.

If I’m not sure of something, I question it. Most people do not question their beliefs or the rituals associated with those beliefs. They blindly believe and accept everything they’re told. Usually, when someone believes everything he or she is told, then he/she is easy to manipulate and control. This is why religion should be outlawed. It should be a federal crime to teach people religious ideologies that perpetuates human slavery, the destruction of nonreligious persons, and open discrimination against people based on their nonreligious viewpoints. Judeo-Christian concepts are discriminatory toward gays and women. Discrimination of any kind should have no place among civilized human beings. Unfortunately, discrimination will continue to permeate our way of life as long as religion remains an intricate part of society.

bullet columnist Alberta Parish is best known as a take-no-prisoners Youtube commentator, you can also follow her writings on Freedom Tribune, Myspace and Twitter.

Religious Fanaticism Accounts For Most of the World’s Miseries

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by Alberta Parish

When I come across the typical religious person, I wish I could just knock some sense into his or her head so this individual can then realize that his version of God is no more than a mythical anomaly, a figment of his or her imagination gone wild. The fictional God is like the imaginary friend that a child sincerely believes with all of his heart is real. The only problem with the imaginary friend is he’s always been invisible. Therefore, blind faith is the only thing the child has to rely upon for his friend’s existence. There are too many religious people in the world, which is one reason the world has gone to hell. I often wonder were it not for religion, would the world be a safer place? Would there be strife and warfare between the Muslim, Jew and Christian? Would there be a need for peace talks in the Middle East? Would homophobia exist? Would there be an Anti-Homosexual Bill outlawing same-sex relationships in Uganda?


(photo-“Funny Atheism”)

What all religious fanatics fail to realize is same-sex marriage was legal throughout the Roman Empire before the rise of Christianity. The Roman Emperor Constantine banned same-sex marriage shortly after legalizing Christianity as Rome’s state religion in the 4th Century. The religious doctrines designed to control the uneducated masses two thousand years ago should be null and void in the minds of today’s so-called educated generation. After all, we have a wealth of knowledge and history available at our very finger tips.

The reason I think many people hold on to their religious fairy tales even after they’ve been exposed to knowledge that their faith in a mythical being is a waste of time and energy is they need something to make themselves feel better about their small existence on this planet. When one faces the fact that we just may be alone in the universe, this forces the individual to contend with his or her minimal existence. Let’s face it: all of us can’t have the fabulous life of a rock star or Hollywood starlet. Many people are doomed to live an ordinary, small, and poor life. The people who control and shape the religious attitudes of entire generations know that God does not exist. Of course they have to sell us the belief system in order to keep their Matrix of religious control afloat.


(photo-“Funny Atheism”)

Religion is for the weak and easily controllable. It is for this same reason that religious people are easily the most dangerous people on the planet, because they can be manipulated into carrying out so-called religious prophecies and feel justified by their imaginary friend who sits among the clouds. Their holy books condone genocide, rape, and terror against those that are deemed as the ungodly. Entire nations have been slaughtered in the name of Allah, Yahweh and Jesus, all of whom have origins in ancient mythology. What is the history and mythology behind YHWH, Jesus and Allah? YHWH is said to have been one of the seventy sons of El, a Canaanite god. Jesus comes from Hesus, a Druid pagan deity. Christ derives from the Greek name Christos, a mythical figure worshipped throughout the ancient world thousands of years before the Christ of the Four Gospels. Allah was one of many deities in the pre-Islamic Arabic pantheon before Muhammad made Allah Islam’s supreme being.

As an atheist, I see religion more clearly now than ever before as the enemy to mankind, and is the very reason why there is racism, genocide, war and human inequality. God was created to maintain the balance between rich and poor, between the elite and the mob. God was never created to come to the aid of the poor or to be the savior of humanity. He is the ultimate imaginary friend, and like all imaginary friends they soon disappear from the life of the child.

bullet columnist Alberta Parish is best known as a take-no-prisoners Youtube commentator, you can also follow her writings on Myspace and Twitter.