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The 2016 Democratic National Convention Pt.I




by Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Hello All:

All I can say about the Democratic National Convention is: WHAT A FANTASTIC PARTY THIS IS!!! The Democrats have it over the Repug-lie-cons hands down! Contrast the Democratic National Convention to the Republicans National Convention. What a breath of fresh air – literally!






Hillary Clinton not only knocked it out of the park with her acceptance speech, but over the moon and back!!

But, before I go any further, I truly want to give credit where credit is due, and that is to Sister Rev. LEAH DAUGHTRY!! The sister outdid herself – she managed the Denver Dem Convention beautifully – but she totally launched the Philadelphia event into orbit. With all the coordination it took to bring it down to the culmination of President to Be Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech last night (and I have not been to sleep yet; and have absolutely no vocal chords left); the euphoria of the experience in Philadelphia will be remembered for years to come.

Secondly, Philadelphia and Philadelphians must be congratulated. They rolled out the red carpet all over the place – there were over 300 events going on throughout the city – many of course running concurrently – showcasing the beauty, historicity, and friendliness of the city – which lived up to it’s motto: “The City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection!” And within that, you definitely have to thank former Philadelphia Mayor, Michael N. Nutter for winning the bid to have the convention in Philly, and Mayor Jim Kinney for making sure things went forward as planned. Lots of proud to go around.

Even with the hiccups – and there were several – this has to be deemed an overwhelming, monumental success. And those who watched it on TV and online, could not even begin to understand how fantastic it felt to actually be a part of this truly history making, monumental event. For me – this is my fourth Democratic National Convention Coverage – it almost ties for first place with being in Denver, Colorado for the nomination of the first Black man to become President of the United States – President Barack Obama. I feel as if I’m in a privileged space to be here covering the nomination of the first woman for the office of President, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

As I watched the balloons come streaming down from the ceiling of the Wells Fargo Arena, and looked around at the thousands of people all chanting “HILLARY! HILLARY!” I could not help but compare it to the sinister scenes from the previous week, and be quite happy that I’M WITH HER.

For most people the Democratic National Convention is a lot of ballyhoo – people getting together for partying four days. But for those of us in the media this is day 230 – primarily because we started planning for this as far back as December of 2015 – when we did the first walk through the Wells Fargo Arena in Philadelphia. And make no mistake about it, this state of the art venue is huge and multi-layered – from the event floor where the speakers were presenting – to the nosebleed level where yours truly almost got stuck because the small independent media outlets kept getting bumped to accommodate the overwhelming number who attended night after night.

But if we, of the media have been planning for the DNC for 226 days, then the Rev. Leah Daughtry, CEO of the Democratic National Convention, had been planning for it for well over 365 + days. And what a fantastic job she has done in taking raw arena space and transforming it into the most amazing and opulent platform from which to showcase the many political and social entities, producing a backdrop for the first woman to be President of the United States, HILLARY CLINTON.

Everything, down to the minutest details has been – to the extent humanly possible – brought to bear to make this a wonderful, opulent, powerful, impactful – and unforgettable – success – from signage, to transportation and accommodations, placards, workshops and special events – all have been skillfully coordinated to engage the convention-goers, and simultaneously highlight the many wonderful attractions and venues in the City of Brotherly Love.





First Lady Michelle Obama. (photo- UPI)

An estimated 50 thousand people came to Philadelphia – many of whom arrived on Saturday, July 23; as well as a goodly number of the media, like yours truly, to be a part of this historic occasion. We came together to put the threat of fascism and tyranny represented by the repuglycon party and their orange faced comb-over ersatz presidential candidate – D. T-Rump – on notice – this is an America – of, by, and for the People – real people – human, humane, diverse and unified, regardless of their walk of life, around the principles of quality equality, peace, progress, prosperity – and the end of bigotry and brutality.

Stay Blessed &

bullet Columnist Gloria Dulan-Wilson Is a veteran New York City Journalist. Her experiences, perspective & sense of history are an invaluable combination. “check out my blog:” www.gloria-dulan-wilson.blogspot.com

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