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The attempt to White Wash Ali




by Pat Freeman

Early Saturday morning, I sat with a feeling that I had not experienced since the passing of my father many years ago.

Finally, I realized that Muhammad Ali, one of the greatest champions of the world had made his transition to the highest degree of ancestor.





Ali and his mentor Elijah Muhammad.

He symbolized our manhood in every way. He exemplified his mentors Malcolm X, and the most honorable Elijah Muhammad regardless of what anyone else thought. This was the quality of his character that we all need to understand which won him world wide respect outside of his boxing career. When you stand up for what you believe in no matter the consequences, your enemies respect you. This is one of the most important lessons that can be learned from Muhammad Ali.

The admiration that he is receiving from across the globe is based on his stand against white domination of the earth. The fact that he gave up all the riches they could give him during the best years of his athletic life span, while making a principle stand against the war in Vietnam has won him international respect from not only his supporters, but those who he stood against. This is the power of a made up mind, when all around is in chaos, and despair you stand tall for the dignity found in truth.

This is the lesson that must be understood in the fight against white supremacy. It does not mean you hate anybody! This was why Muhammad Ali was adored world wide. He has helped to make this world better no matter the cost to himself. The leaders have difficulty holding on to these truths that were the basis of all successful revolutions in world history including the foundation of America itself.  The story of African people in this country continues to be remade into brief period’s history of this country and we are told that we all just need to move past the injustices done to us. Deny and forget the 400 years of evil deeds done to an innocent people of the earth who only wanted to teach you about the stars, and of the mathematician of the universe which will enable you to build from the secrets of what is not seen.





On June 4, 1967, Black athletes met in Cleveland to discuss their support for Ali.

After capturing the imagination of the world at the Olympics in 1960, Ali returned home to Jim Crow, and white domination. His gold medal was thrown to the bottom of the Ohio River in disgust of man’s inhumanity to man because of the color of his skin. Then known as Cassius Clay, he pursued the professional heavyweight championship of the world but internally he was attracted to one of the most progressive minds of his era Malcolm X. who taught him a Black Theology as was taught to him by the most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. This is the Muhammad Ali that the world fell in love with who showed the courage to tell America to go fight your own war. This won the admiration of those that opposed him, and condemned him for not serving in the armed forces of this country.

The Muhammad Ali that the world admired carried a copy of Message to the Black Man in America and carried it everywhere he spoke as a reminder that,” this is the theology that I’ve accepted not one based on my servitude.” The tribe of Shabazz and the original beginnings of time, “whether you like it or not I’m a follower of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, the messenger of Allah.” This was the Muhammad Ali that the world respected not the sanitized version that is being remade before our very eyes. The one that loved his people unconditionally, and had the nerve to accept a black theology, and reject the oppressor’s version!!!  Respect and Honor!!!!

The Mighty O’Ba Pat Freeman

Pat Freeman writes for the Buffalo Criterion. If you enjoy talking about the world of sports tune into the number#1 sports show in the nation every Saturday from 4:00-5:00PM hosted by WUFO Sports Director Patrick Freeman on 1080AM WUFO radio, radio app., or via the internet at www.wufoam.com. Or catch Sports Update for clbTV (ch.20 Buffalo) and YouTube. Also join us for the number#1 recap show every Monday at 7:25AM with Lee Pettigrew, and The Mighty O’Ba Pat Freeman.

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