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The Day I Saw Jesus



by Alberta Parish

When I first had an out-of-body experience at age 20, my spirit traveled outside of my body as I walked through the hallway in my old Northwest Atlanta home that I shared with my mother and grandmother in the mid-1990s. Later entering my mother’s dark bedroom, I saw what appeared to be a black shadowy figure standing in the corner of the room. Immediately, I heard these words, “Come, see. All this power will I give you if you worship me.” I responded, “No, I can’t do that. That’s the same thing you told Jesus.” My supernatural experience did not end there, however, because later I somehow ended up standing in a grassy field surrounded by many people. I can remember how bright the sun had shown as I was among what appeared to be some kind of fellowship of various people whom I didn’t know personally. Surprisingly, I saw a man descending from the sky as if walking down a flight of steps except I didn’t see any mechanism he was walking upon! This man dressed in a long white robe walked among the people until he made his way over to me. Then he simply hugged me. With my head resting upon his chest, he never said a word as we embraced. This man was Jesus.

Less than four years ago, I turned atheist and rejected Jesus the Christ. In addition, I had rejected all of Christianity based upon the premise that there was no Savior named Jesus. I had convinced myself that I never had a supernatural phenomenon in which I personally had a visitation from Jesus. Since 2011, I told everyone I could tell that Jesus did not exist, Jesus was invented, Jesus never died on a cross for our wicked deeds, and Jesus was not the Son of God. But I was only deceiving myself.

As an atheist, I hated Christians, the bible, Jesus, and the Church especially the church ministry I attended since childhood. I felt like I had been robbed by church leadership—robbed of money, time, happiness and life. I had great resentment for those who I felt didn’t treat me like I was one of them, and didn’t show love for me while I was in the ministry. Indeed, I felt rejected for so many years, which made it easy for me to walk away from Christianity and Jesus after I was introduced to the black consciousness movement.

In late 2009, I met an ex-army man who pursued me as we dated but in his pursuit he also introduced me to the concept of black consciousness. I was able to convince him to come to church with me one Friday night. However, he was never interested in church or Christianity. Then one day, he finally told me that Jesus was not the Son of God. Subsequently, I decided to stop talking to him based upon his declaration. Again, we ran across each other in 2010 and began hanging out together. One day, he invited me to go with him to hear a lecture at the Shrine of the Black Madonna. In fact, I attended various meetings with him at the Shrine on Saturdays where the speaker taught African religion, spirituality and history. One Sunday, I went to the Shine to listen to a lecture given by a well-known person in the black consciousness community. I was also invited to hear an author give a lecture on his new book at a black-owned bookstore in Atlanta. This author was an atheist and had effectively introduced me to atheism. Like me, this author was brought up in Christianity and was even groomed to be a preacher. However, he is currently a documentary filmmaker, has written several books, and has given many lectures across the country about why he is no longer a Christian or religious person.

Until very recently, I held the disease of unforgiveness in my heart. I had no desire to be a Christian or to attend church. Then, I changed. I had to relinquish the unforgiveness that I had in my heart before I could even move forward to the next chapter of my life. Being full of unforgiveness and bitterness, I had nothing but disparaging words for Christians and constantly pointed the finger at them. I attacked Christians on social media. I fervently renounced Christianity, and blamed all religion for the evils of the world. Were it not for Christians like my college professor and a coworker whom I know were placed in my life for specific purposes, which they have accomplished, I would still be an atheist even now. More than likely, I would still have unforgiveness in my heart for Christians if I had never met those two women. They treated me with love and compassion that only Jesus knew I needed.

Today, I can no longer uphold views that deny the existence of a Higher Being (Most High God) and the supernatural realm. Even as recently as October of 2014, I didn’t believe that spirits existed. Then, a supernatural event occurred in which I had a spirit visitation. During this phenomenon termed “sleep paralysis” by the scientific community, I was temporarily unable to move and speak for up to ten seconds as I felt a sensation of two hands touching both sides of my neck at the same time as I lay in my bed, in total darkness. Not only did I feel two invisible hands lovingly caress my neck, but I felt someone behind my body with two arms wrapped around me in a nonthreatening manner. Strangely, I was not afraid and I felt that this entity posed no threat to me. Afterwards, I went to sleep and woke up the next day knowing what I experienced to be real. I even told my coworkers who shared past similar stories of their own.

Even while I was a professed atheist, I still doubted whether the spirit realm is real but yet I kept questioning whether Hell is real and whether there is a Higher Source out there somewhere in the universe. I even asked for evidence to confirm the existence of the supernatural world, and then my evidence was presented before me when the spirit visitor came. I had dedicated so much time and energy to denying Jesus as an actual man who lived and disproving his existence until I temporarily pushed to the back of my own mind my supernatural experience that occurred 20 years ago in which I saw the man that the bible calls Jesus of Nazareth and the Messiah. Today, would I be able to tell you that Jesus exists if I had not personally seen him for myself? Most likely not, because I am the type of person who doesn’t really believe anything until I have seen and experienced it for myself…with my own eyes and intellect!

If Satan exists, there is a physical place of eternal judgment that also exists. Many people have described this place, which seems to be forever evolving. The ancient Egyptians (Kemites) gave graphic descriptions of the underworld, and how when a person died he or she traveled to the judgment hall of Ma’at (Maat) “where the judgment of the dead was performed” (1).

Richard Deurer wrote “this was done by weighing one’s heart (conscience) against the feather of Maat (truth and justice). The heart must not be heavier than the feather of Maat. This was not a physical weighing of the organ by living Egyptians. It was a ceremony that took place in the afterlife and was performed by the gods.”

This ancient story further depicts how Anubis lead a soul to the scales of Maat and weighed his heart against the feather to see if he is worthy of joining the gods in the Fields of Peace. “Ammut is also present, as a demon waiting to devour the heart should he prove unworthy” (Deurer, 1996-2014).

The most alarming detail about Anubis is how the Egyptians described him as a man with the head of a jackal, which is also how people who have experienced Hell either through an out-of-body experience or near-death described other-dimensional beings as distorted and horrid-looking creatures, having both animal and human-like features. Some appeared to be reptilian in form while others were giant serpents that devoured entire individuals. Countless people have given very detailed accounts of their spirit having traveled outside of their physical body to a place where they saw unimaginable horrors that ten thousand scary movies could never depict. These Hell experiences all have a common detail, which are how demons tortured souls in various, twisted ways and how specific individuals were literally devoured by huge reptilian-like demonic creatures only to be regurgitated so that their torment can be repeated again and again. Many have also given graphic depictions of Hell as having theme amusement parks and museums where the dead are tortured by demons for pure fun in these parks which are a partial version of the types of amusements parks that we have on Earth, and where the dead are also ripped to pieces and placed on display to be mocked repeatedly. Many personal accounts by people who share no common or past background, have neither seen nor heard of one another, and have never shared stories with one another all have Hell experiences baring explicit details that nobody could make up or imagine unless they have actually seen and felt it for themselves. This cannot be relegated to pure coincidence, because there are no common ties between many individuals who share these similar but yet distinct stories of how they visited a place where individuals that they knew and have seen on Earth are now citizens in a place where there are inconceivable horrors that the average human mind can never fathom unless they see for themselves.

If I had never seen the dark shadow man standing in the corner of my mother’s dark bedroom in my old Northwest Atlanta home, I would not definitively be able to tell you that Satan is a real entity. He has been known by many names throughout the ages, but the greatest of these names is the deceiver of the whole world.

I have been deceived by Satan, I deceived myself, and I taught others the same deceit. I told people that Jesus did not exist, because I truly believed he never existed historically! But the one thing I failed to tell many is that I had a visitation from the Savior called Jesus whom the bible describes was a man that lived in ancient Palestine who went around preaching good news and performing miracles in the lives of ordinary people until he was put to death by the government. But yet, Jesus lives! If you ask me how he looked, I can only tell you that he didn’t look anything like the Jesus of motion pictures and early Western paintings. There are much older depictions of Jesus, his twelve disciples, and martyred Christians dating back to the days of the Christian persecutions. The Christians went into hiding in the catacombs during the reign of Nero. It was in the catacombs where these discoveries gave a grim account of how thousands of Christians were martyred before the days when Christianity became the new religion throughout the Roman Empire in 325. There are certain specific parts of Christianity that were borrowed from earlier religious systems. However, the Christian persecutions were real during the days of Nero and beyond. Jesus was a real human man who came to save humanity from our wicked nature. The dates of his birth and death may be off, but there are records (papyrus and early depictions) supporting the presence of Christians and Jesus dating back to the First Century.

Like all kinetic energy, human energy can never die or evaporate. Instead, it travels in another state of consciousness or otherworldly dimension. Indeed, many have witnessed their spirit being rise out of their physical body and turn to look upon a lifeless form on operating room tables, watching doctors feverishly working to revive them.

Evidence of the supernatural is all around us, and is an active field of study in the scientific community. In fact, a Russian scientist named Konstantin Korotkov conducted an experiment a few years ago during which he photographed the human energy field at the time of death using a newly developed technology known as a bioelectrographic camera. Korotkov has written over 200 thesis papers in leading journals on physics and biology. He has 17 patents on biophysics inventions. As a professor who has led a research career for over 30 years, he has combined rigorous scientific methods “with an insatiable curiosity about things of the spirit and the soul with deep respect for all life” (Bancarz, 2014).

If I were not a witness to the realm of the spirit, I would not have any proof to present. If I did not see Jesus and Satan, too, I could not give you evidence that the Messiah and Satan exists. Even now, there are people who will doubt what I have written in this essay. However, I ask you to examine every word I have written because unless you have questioned the validity of the bible, Jesus, Satan and Christianity, you will possibly never understand the things of the spirit world. You will probably continue being a skeptic. You will go on living your life without ever accepting Jesus as your Savior who came to redeem you a long time ago…before you were even born into the world! You may even find out that everything is true when it is sadly too late for your soul. I ask you to choose life and eternity with Jesus, because only through Jesus you will escape an eternity with Satan.

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bullet columnist Alberta Parish is best known as a take-no-prisoners Youtube commentator, you can also follow her writings on Twitter.>

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  1. Thanks for this. The article is succinct, anticipates obstacles and objections and does a really nice job cutting through a lot of the excesses and proselytizing of other articles on the social media planning process.


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