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The Entitlement Mentality











by Alberta Parish

Popular terms like “entitlement mentality”, “socialism”, and “un-American” have permeated our nation’s airwaves. Whenever you turn on your radio or watch your favorite news channel, career race baiters consistently spew terms that are suggestive of not only racial animosity but classism. The dividing line between rich and poor will remain a permanent factor as long as humans exist. The invisible lines drawn in the sand, which divides everyone by social, economic, and religious or non-religious identities will ultimately lead to our ruin.

From the beginning of human history – whenever it began – humans have always possessed the entitlement mentality. Being an avid reader of ancient history, I truly believe that the ancients felt entitled to life, liberty, and happiness. They felt entitled to a fair and decent wage for their honest day’s labor. They felt entitled to a free society, and worked endlessly to maintain a civilization in which tyranny would not take root or prevail in their world.

What the ancients knew that us modern humans many times turn a blind eye to, is if one seeks to suppress and oppress one segment of the population through force, cruelty and inequality, one risks jeopardizing the entire population. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., however, didn’t turn a blind eye to the inequality happening in his day. In his own words, he said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” The same inequalities facing American Blacks in the 1960’s were the same inequalities facing many populations in Asia, Africa, and South America. By the time the Civil Rights Movement came to a halt in the late 1960’s, it was no longer an Afro-American issue or Black issue, it was a human rights issue.

Today, I live in a free society called the United States of America. I also live in a globalized society. Through mass media and social media, I am connected to many countries around the world. I see worldwide devastation as it unfolds before my laptop and television screens. I also see beauty in the world, the magnificence of humanity, and how much greater we could become were it not for religion, racism, social injustice, devastating poverty, genocidal programs, and the threat of global tyranny. Within every free society, there always exist the threat to basic human rights and freedom. Therefore, men have always engaged in open revolution and warfare to either obtain, keep or regain their basic human rights, and to ensure that their offspring live out their days as free men and women. The threat to freedom has always come from the government and the “Church” having too much power and control over the masses.

Political and religious race-baiters consistently claim the United States is headed for socialism and tyranny, because there are too many people with an entitlement mentality. Well, wasn’t this the plan by the government all along – to foster a culture of entitlement by providing hundreds of government programs? These various programs provide assistance to college students, pregnant mothers, abandoned infants, Americans with disabilities, and so forth. Yet, when the average person hears of someone with an entitlement mentality, their mind quickly conjures up the image of the African-American welfare mother with three or more kids whose daddy is in prison. However, over 90% of all American citizens receive some type of entitlement benefit, because many have received unemployment insurance benefits during their lifetime. Most older Americans receive Social Security Retirement and Survivors benefits. Many retired military veterans are receiving entitlement benefits. Recent cuts in pay/benefits to U.S. military service men and women have put a lot of strain on families who may need government assistance in addition to their paychecks.

Entitlement programs persist because there are far more people living in poverty, who live longer lives in poverty, or they live just above poverty level. With the advancement in medicine, people often live longer. As a result of people living longer and more babies being born by the minute around the world, more food and other natural resources are needed to sustain a world population of over six billion people. With the rise in food pricing and overall inflation along with the massive growth of the human population, governments around the world just simply cannot take care of everybody.

Socialism won’t be the demise of America as career race-baiters have manipulated people to believe. Entitlement programs are not at the root cause of America’s financial crisis either. It is greed on Wall Street that brought about the 2008 financial crisis in which stocks fell more than 700 points, forcing the nation’s two largest mortgage lenders, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. This one event set off a chain of events in which the U.S. Government now control much of the automobile industry as well as the health care industry. The super-rich and powerful on Wall Street felt entitled to gamble with taxpayer dollars, and, as a result, the U.S. Government now control all of the mortgage industry. One reason why the super-rich remain at the top of the pyramid is because they have an entitlement mentality in which they feel entitled to everybody’s money as well as natural resources around the world that can produce great wealth for them. The super-rich and powerful will do whatever it takes to maintain the balance between rich and poor, controlling entire populations, especially in places that are rich in mineral resources. When they can no longer control and maintain populations, they reduce them.

Throughout history, certain groups of humans who, in order to ensure their own survival, have annihilated other human groups for their resources. Entire populations have been destroyed through genocide, warfare, famine, and manufactured diseases. For its great food supply and other resources, Africa came under military attack from foreign nations during the 15th and 16th Century. It was Pope Martin V who authorized the first crusade against Africa in 1418, and in 1441 authorized the Portuguese trade in African slaves. Today, Africa is still controlled by outside nations for its resources.

A few months ago, I was accused of having an entitlement mentality. Erick Erickson, a talk show host and conservative blogger in Atlanta had accused me of having an entitlement mentality. Yet, I’ve held a job for the past 19 years. I’ve also published three books, and I’m a contributing writer for the Buffalo Bullet, which is an online news column. The Buffalo Bullet’s editor-in-chief is Chris Stevenson. Perhaps, if Mr. Erickson had bothered to do his homework before making public statements about me over the airwaves, he would’ve realized that I’m not your average welfare recipient, high school dropout, and unwed mother raising three or more kids alone. I’ve never received public assistance of any kind. However, if I should ever need public assistance, as a taxpaying citizen of this country who has paid taxes every year since I’ve held a job, then public assistance I’ll get.

Race baiters love to use certain terminology to describe liberals, liberal policies, and President Obama whom they see as un-American. In their minds, President Obama is not even an American citizen. When the story first came out about Mr. Obama’s birth certificate being a forgery, that was fictionalized media at its best. The media is the Matrix. A perception of truth is reality in the Matrix. Therefore, you cannot believe what you see and hear on CNN, FOX, HLN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, and WSB.

It seems to me that the people who truly possess an entitlement mentality are the super-rich and powerful, which most often comprise Americans who have set up huge firms and corporations in foreign countries in order to exploit entire populations for their economic wealth and resources. American and European colonialism account for the most of the world’s exploitation of natural resources, which is how America and Europe became the most prosperous places on earth. If Third World countries require America’s financial assistance, it is often because the governments in those countries have been so destabilized by American and European military interference to the point in which the population do not possess the resources nor the skill set to provide basic human necessities and services.

The next time the Newt Gingriches of the world open their mouths to defame Occupy protesters as liberals with an entitlement mentality, they need to also put themselves in the entitlement mentality bracket. The Newt Gingriches of the world are where they are today, because they felt entitled to wealth and power. Therefore, they did what they had to do to obtain their desired goals, even if they came at the expense of the poor and working class citizen of this country. After all, this nation currently faces an economic crisis as a direct result of the greed on Wall Street.

bullet columnist Alberta Parish is best known as a take-no-prisoners Youtube commentator, you can also follow her writings on Myspace and Twitter.

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2 Comments on "The Entitlement Mentality"

  1. This is the best article I've read in years. This column should be mainstream.

  2. This is the best article I've read in years. This column should be mainstream.

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