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The G-Men will Win 24-20










by Pat Freeman


Live from Indiapolis, IN; The Mighty O’Ba Sports Report

The Super Bowl this year consists of two of the most successful franchises in the league over the last twenty five years with nine appearances between the two. The last time each team met in the Super Bowl was in Phoenix in 2007. The Giants are once again the early under dog but the odds for them to overcome this game are as daunting. The Patriots are a much different team than the one the Giants took on four years ago. They do not have the defensive stars that once were a staple of Bill Belicheck coached teams. This version of the Patriots has young inexperienced members who the Patriot fan base hope raises to the enormity of the world’s greatest sports spectacle. The weakness of the patriot’s defense is their defensive backfield which has been torched for the entire year.

The strength of the Patriots is a stout defensive line and a young linebacker core. The defensive line is anchored by Vince Woolfork a perennial all pro who has great size and has the ability to stop the run, and rush the passer. The Linebackers have two of the top young talents in Jarrod Mayo, and Brandon Spikes. If this defense continues to progress as it has done thus far in the play offs the Patriots might have a chance to bring the Lombardi trophy

The Offense of the Patriots can be summed up with one name and that is Tom Brady. For as long as he stays in good health this future hall of famer is a threat to win any game. This problem has existed for over last ten years for the rest of the NFL. Enough said!!!

The Giants on the other hand though have been cast as the early under dog in this game I see it differently. When you examine the roster of the New York Giants across the board you have to be impressed. The offense is led by Eli Manning who if not for some of the best quarterback play in the history of the NFL could have easily been also named MVP. The Giants can also run the football with Ahmad Bradshaw, and Brandon Jacobs who have been one of the more effective two back tandems in the NFL this year. I believe the Giants ability to run in between tackles during this game could be the key to who wins and loses this Super Bowl.

The Defense of the Giants begins, and ends with their front four. This unit has the ability to rush the passer with just their front four without fancy blitz schemes, but it also gives Defensive Coordinator Perry Fewell the luxury of dialing up blitzes when he really does not have too! There are no real weaknesses on the Giants team this year and that is why I think this game is going to be close, but the G-men will prevail. My prediction Giants 24- Patriots-20.

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