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The Group Part II



by Pat Freeman

April 4, 1968 one of the darkest days in American History when the ideas of freedom, justice, and equality seemed to have been systematically interfered with by those with personal agendas to stop a tidal wave of peaceful change. That day at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis , Tennessee when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was savagely murdered by those that feared he could influence a shift world wide in the war on poverty. Most of you do not realize that the majority of world wealth has been based on the exploitation of land, geography, people, and resources. When we begin to confront those that have taken advantage of various lands around the world by force, mis-education, and enslavement then we can properly analyze the events of Baltimore, Maryland, North Charleston South Carolina, Ferguson Missouri, New York City, and etc.

First police are the daily extension of our government, and are charged with the responsibility to protect, and serve. They are supposed to be dedicated in the preservation of public order by forming relationships with the citizens they serve. It is from these relationships that they can attack elements that are disturbing rights of citizens to prosper, and live peacefully. When police work does not establish this essential trust with the people they serve they ultimately fail. The result of this failure is an adversarial relationship with its citizens who feel that they do not have the same opportunities of all others. So all protest in relationship to bad police work can find its root in the failure to address the lack of opportunity to succeed in a democracy that does not extend the same opportunity to all citizens. Some of the ill feeling of the police as a body is just an extension of the lack of trust of government.




Yes right here in the city of Buffalo we are seeing policies that will attract the affluent back into the city and move the poor people to the suburbs.

In looking at the country’s reconstruction projects they are designed to bring affluent citizens back into inner city areas by rebuilding existing neighborhoods with high end housing, apartments, lofts, and etc. Yes right here in the city of Buffalo we are seeing policies that will attract the affluent back into the city and move the poor people to the suburbs. The affluent targets elected officials with campaign donations, and get around legal limits by having various family members participate also. The ultimate goal is control policy that benefits their economic group, and to also put themselves, or other like people to be appointed to policy making boards giving them more influence than elected leadership.

One example of this is the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation which now controls all waterfront development, and its members do not look like make up of the population of Western New York. The organization’s President Thomas Dee was given 3,000 petition signatures in support of the Outer Harbor Stadium Complex Proposal and over 45 letters from churches, and organizations all over Western New York. Their reaction has been silence, and proceeded with attempting to propose the development of a gated high end apartment community on the Outer Harbor. Some of the letters written in support of the Outer Harbor Stadium Complex Proposal include Bishop Darius Pridgen, Bishop Michael Badger, and Bishop Troy Anthony Bronner, Apostle Robert L. Sanders, and various multitudes of elected officials including a unanimous resolution from the Buffalo Common Council. Even with this overwhelming amount of support this agency has refused to acknowledge the will of the citizens for which they were appointed to serve. This is a violation of the moral fabric for which the democracy of this nation was founded upon. Just a few of the names that I mentioned as writing letters supporting this project which would create 8-15,000 living wage jobs represent the concerns of thousands of it’s citizens, and thus gives elected leadership the vehicle to confront this agency.

Unfortunately many of the concerns of citizens will continued to be ignored until a major crisis making national headlines such as the systematic failure of the public school system despite over a billion dollars spent in structural improvements in the last ten years. Political Contributors who have been appointed to boards now have more power than democratically elected officials and are promoting policies of gentrification, failed education, and economic inequality in our region. The Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation has continued to ignore the Outer Harbor Stadium Complex proposal despite peaceful collection of 3,000 Petition signatures, 45 letters from various head of organizations, and churches. Our young people see this and the hour glass is on the clock filled with the pain of generation that has more than 50% unemployment, lack of opportunity, and feel that they just do not matter.

In closing this trend of economic oppression fueled by a dysfunctional education system and economic inequality will only be stopped by the all out demand from us.

The Mighty O’Ba

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  1. Outer Harbor Stadium vision of George Hasiotis Group will become a reality soon enough. Having the state overseeing the whole waterfront of Buffslo is not a bad thing. It eliminates the local crooks from building limited big picture developments. George Hasiotis Vision and his group will get to the state table soon towards this beautiful stadium project for all of Buffalo to enjoy.

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