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The Group



by Pat Freeman

The former industrial site located in the city of Buffalo at the Outer Harbor has revealed to many of us this group that has vowed to maintain control over all Western New York development. Their efforts have even included mobilizing various environmentalist groups claiming that they support public access to the water, and will fight against development that might threaten the citizen’s right to public access. We have even heard the suggestion of recreational swimming at Gallagher Beach during the summer months. Unfortunately the very thought of this type of recreation before the clean up of more than 1300 acres of the old Bethlehem Steel site proves that this was once again political lip service. The environmental report for Bethlehem Steel states that the entire area needs remediation which would include massive soil replacement, and removal. Seems to me that same network of control that has always existed in Western New York continues it’s dirty tricks to maintain control of all development, and to continue to be the beneficiary of tax laden projects that are laced with the hope of real job creation.

The Private Investment proposal to build a state of the art entertainment complex on 150 acres of the Outer Harbor has been a devastating thorn in the side of this group because they can’t control the project. The funding will essentially come from all outside money with 1 Billion dollars of private money guaranteed for this project which would be the largest in Western New York history. The group or cabal have even created a make believe deal for a cash-strapped furniture factory from Canada to purchase 50 acres on the waterfront claiming it would create 250 jobs. This company Gracious Living from Canada barely had $70 million in international sales, and we must ask the question was this really a legitimate opportunity, or was it created to block the private investment proposal for the stadium complex? Also with the toxicity of furniture manufacturing was the goal to insure public access that might have included swimming in even more polluted water. The actions of this group, and their control of an apparent weakened leadership has helped to slow down the creation of 8-15,000 living wage union jobs here in Western New York. They also double crossed their mobilized environmentalist telling them that the private investment proposal for a stadium/entertainment complex would take away public access to our most valuable waterfront.

Well the truth is always in the details because the group wants to build exclusive housing on the waterfront which would include some mix use recreation but in truthfulness they would be making public land high-end private apartments that most of us would not be able to afford. This pitiful idea is nothing new in this area if you take a look at how residential housing has really helped the development of Niagara Street. The group as I have named them has only one interest in this area, and that is to take back full control of what they call the new Buffalo! The problem they were not anticipating was the private investment proposal to build a state of the art entertainment complex on the long vacant outer harbor has, and continues to grow in support. It is the best plan for the future of Western New York and introduces a new economic age free from the corrupted finger tips of the group. This destination plan includes a multi-use Stadium facility which would seat up to 72,000, a 500 room hotel, convention center, retail space, and a one of a kind North American History of Sport and Culture Museum operated by the world renowned Strong Museum of Rochester. Who by the way are eager to expand into a project, and market place like Buffalo . The Outer Harbor will be the new stadium and entertainment site!!!! No weapon formed against me shall prosper!!!!

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  1. Its so obvious you worked hard not to identify the “Group” behind all this “Favoritism” – why ? Its your friends in our Democratically Controlled Government. If they are so “For You” – then why are they always blocking the needs/wants you express?
    Just askin – ?

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