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The Importance Of Small Starts

for ex-con entrepreneurs



by Bob Pelshaw

The following is an article that RL Pelshaw wrote for the TRUTH ABOUT PRISON newsletter. This is an excerpt from my book ILLEGAL TO LEGAL: BUSINESS SUCCESS FOR (EX) CRIMINALS which you can purchase at www.createspace.com or www.Amazon.com. ENJOY!

The average drug dealer or criminal has the same business skills as the average

Fortune 500 CEO, or nearly any business owner. Bishop TD Jakes

America was built on small businesses. Even today small businesses are the greatest employment engine generating 65 percent of all new jobs created between 1993 and 2009. I became self-employed because I couldn’t get a decent job. Small businesses continue to provide the most jobs in our economy. I am convinced the health of our society and country as a whole is tied to the success of small businesses, our ethic of hard work, and our ability to innovate and solve problems.

Don’t let a lack of funds stop you from starting your own business when you are released. If you were an illegal entrepreneur, how much money did you start your illegal activity with? Like most businesses you probably started small, reinvested your earnings, and built your business. You know how to do that, now do it again with something legitimate. Even if you have to work a job, and launch your business part time, that is better than not trying anything and being stuck on the launch pad of life. Your new future won’t fall out of the sky for you; it’s something you’re going to have to work very hard for. It won’t happen until you make it happen.

No matter how bleak your circumstances are you can always start small and grow, instead of returning to crime and prison. Don’t wait for perfect conditions because perfect conditions never exist. Zig Ziglar says “do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” The advantage of starting small is it allows you time to work out the bugs in your new venture, and helps you build a solid foundation for growth.

There is no lack of success stories of businesses that started with little or no money, such as Duck Dynasty, WhatsApp, Apple Computers, FUBU, plus thousands of small businesses you used regularly!

You may not launch a multi-billion dollar business, and you don’t need that to be successful. Making a decent living, without returning to crime, is a great success. Perhaps owning a business is a way for you to accomplish that.

I mentioned before that several of my friends in prison told me they would’ve gone into a legitimate business but didn’t know what to do. ILLEGAL TO LEGAL helps by providing a list of nearly 100 businesses you can start for less than $10,000, including 37 businesses you can start for no money! Watch for the next article which will share the list of some businesses that can be started for $0- $1,000.

R.L. Pelshaw, is a successful real estate developer, consultant, entrepreneur, public speaker, and is the author of an exciting new book to help offenders, ex-offenders, those at risk to offend, and their families.

Please buy one for yourself or as a gift for the offender, ex-offender, or person at risk to offend.


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