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“The Joe Paterno Organized Crime Family”










NOTE:(This piece was originally posted on the scribd.com social network. No name was given as to who wrote this)

Honesty is like pregnancy you can’t just be a little honest. When it was revealed that Penn State Coach Joe “the sleazebag” Paterno covered up for a serial homosexual rapist named Coach Sandusky it was time to take another look at Paterno. (Paterno was definitely part of a cover up because he transferred his house to his wife after he heard a Grand Jury was hearing evidence against Sandusky- italics ours cs). I wouldn’t be surprised if Paterno was into point shaving for the mob. Joseph Vincent Paterno, AKA “Joe” Paterno, sold peanuts at Ebbitt’s Field. The lights from Ebbitt’s Field kept me awake during Dodger night games. He went to school on Carol Street I went to Public School 241 a block from Carol Street. Paterno, a few years older, came out of the same world I did — a time when the Mafia genius Frank Costello controlled not only Brooklyn and Italian Harlem but all five boroughs of New York City. Coach Paterno was the grandson of Mafia associate Vincente Paterno: Vicente Paterno (son of Francisco Paterno and Nucenza Lauritto) was born 1869 in Macchia, Albanese, Cosenza, Italy.


Paterno was definitely part of a cover up because he transferred his house to his wife after he heard a Grand Jury was hearing evidence against Sandusky.

The Calabrian mafia, known as ‘Ndrangheta, is one of Italy’s major criminal organizations and is located in Cosenza. Frank Costello was born there. Vicente Paterno married Rose Mascaro in 1893 in Italy. Vicente Paterno and Rose Mascaro came to America on their honeymoon (that is a nice way of saying they became illegal immigrants by overstaying their tourist visas). They then moved to an English speaking neighborhood allegedly so their children would not be brought up in the Italian ghetto. In other words they lived in Italian Harlem then got some money to move out. Vincente had become a barber allegedly “to meet people” (to take bets for the mob). When the New York Times interviewed him, Paterno told the reporter, “I look like a Mafia thug.” He was pointing to a photograph of himself from the 1950’s in which he was wearing a double-breasted topcoat that could conceal a Thompson submachine gun. He was a beefy, thick-necked, sullen-looking youth with narrow eyes and pouty lips. The kind of guy I would have avoided in the old neighborhood. Vicente died February 10, 1930 in Brooklyn, NY. Children of Vicente Paterno and Rose Mascaro are:

Victor Emmanuel Paterno, b. February 02, 1903, Brooklyn, NY, d. February 01, 1988, Deer Park, NY. Frances Paterno, b. May 31, 1895, Brooklyn, NY, d. October 28, 1978, Floral Park, NY. Angelo Lafayette Paterno, b. September 01, 1897, Brooklyn, NY, d. September 1955, Brooklyn, NY. This was Coach Joe Paterno’s father. He worked as Clerk of the Supreme Court of the First Judicial District also known as Tammany Hall. At this time the First Judicial District was controlled by Frank Costello. The New York Times reported “The Democratic and Republican organizations of Manhattan and the Bronx took formal steps yesterday to remove Magistrate Thomas A. Aurelio as the candidate for Supreme Court Justice in the First Judicial District.” Aurelio had been a close associate of Frank Costello and had sworn allegiance to him. Further research is need to determine if Paterno was Aurelio’s clerk. Francis Paterno, b. 1898, Brooklyn, NY, d. 1951, Brooklyn, NY. Francis Paterno was called before a grand jury to testify about the City Trust Company, whose Chairman of the Board was Judge Francis X. Mancuso. Francis was on the bank’s board of directors. (NYT 8.20.1929). Before he became a judge Francis X. Mancuso left a letter of resignation with Frank Costello who could use it to fire the Judge if the Judge stepped out of line. Mancuso was also a leader of Tammany Hall, a Democratic Club dominated by Mafia interests. (New York Magazine May 13, 1974) Salvatrice Lupo retained attorney Francis X. Mancuso to represent her husband Ignacio Lupo. Lupo AKA Lupo the Wolf was one the first members of La Cosa Nostra or the Mafia. He was credited with carrying out more than 60 murders and was the leader of the Black Hand. Joseph Paterno, b. February 12, 1901, Brooklyn, NY, d. June 22, 1918. Rose Paterno, b. 1905, Brooklyn, NY, d. date unknown. Rose M. Paterno , widow of Vincent E. Paterno and mother of Francis V. Paterno, staff writer of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle died in February 1952. She had two sons: Angelo Lafayette Paterno, Clerk of the Supreme Court and Victor Emmanuel Paterno of the State Labor Relations Board. (NYT 2/25/1952) Marie Antoinette Paterno, b. June 21, 1916, Brooklyn, NY, d. January 16, 1954, Floral Park, NY.

“Joe” Paterno’s mother, Florence Cafiero was born August 21, 1896 in Brooklyn, NY, and died June 02, 1989 in State College, PA. She married Angelo Lafayette Paterno on 1922 in Brooklyn, NY, as stated the son of Vicente Paterno and Rose Mascaro. Children of Florence Cafiero and Angelo Lafayette Paterno are: i. ii. iii. iv. Joseph Vincent Paterno. (this is Joe the sleazebag Paterno, from Penn State) George Paterno. Franklin Paterno. Florence Paterno.

A Paterno family is big in New Jersey OC although I have not been able to link them to Coach Joe Paterno’s family: Frank Boni was presented as a government witness to establish Appellant Iacovetti’s connection with the Gambino family. Boni testified that he knew Joe Paterno, who was a captain in the Gambino family. Boni stated that he worked for Joe Covello, and that Paterno was Covello’s boss. Covello took Boni to be “produced” to Paterno and Boni went “on record” with both Paterno and Covello. Boni explained that this meant he was protected by Paterno and Covello and could go to them for help. Boni also stated that he knew and worked for Iacovetti’s and that Iacovetti was a member of the Gambino family. On cross-examination, Boni maintained that his knowledge of Iacovetti’s affiliation with the Gambino family was based upon Iacovetti’s reputation in the community. Claiming that Iacovetti’s connection with the Gambinos was something that was well known, Boni stated that he had heard of the connection from hundreds of people, none of whom he could name.

Myself and Pat Freeman’s latest Network discussion on Penn State.

When Jerry Sandusky retired in December 1999, an investigation of his actions in 1998 had never been made public. It involved the university police, the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare and the district attorney’s office. It was detailed the 2011 grand jury’s report: When Victim 6 was dropped off at home, his hair was wet and his mother immediately questioned him about this and was upset to learn the boy had showered with Sandusky. She reported the incident to University Police who investigated. After a lengthy investigation by University Police Detective Ronald Shreffler, the investigation was closed after then-Centre County District Attorney Ray Gricar decided there would be no criminal charges. Shreffler testified that he was told to close the investigation by

the director of the campus police, Thomas Hannon. That investigation included a second child, B. K., also 11, who was subjected to nearly identical treatment in the shower as Victim 6, according to Detective Schreffler. Detective Schreffler testified that he and State College Police Department Detective Ralph Ralston, with the consent of the mother of Victim 6, eavesdropped on two conversations the mother of Victim 6 had with Sandusky on May 13, 1998, and May 19, 1998. The mother of Victim 6 confronted Sandusky about showering with her son, the effect it had on her son, whether Sandusky had sexual feelings when he hugged her naked son in the shower and where Victim 6’s buttocks were when Sandusky hugged him. Sandusky said he had showered with other boys and Victim 6’s mother tried to make Sandusky promise never to shower with a boy. Sandusky to the mother: “I understand. I was wrong. I wish I could get forgiveness. I know I won’t get it from you. I wish I could die.” Jerry Sandusky knew what he had done to those boys was wrong. He said so. This testimony is absolute proof of guilt.

Ray Gricar was a seasoned prosecutor and had been intimately involved in the Sandusky child abuse investigation. Gricar was the one who set up Jerry Sandusky in one victim 6’s house, where Sandusky spoke with the boy’s mother while the cops listened to the conversation. Ray Gricar had this testimony, along with everything else you can read in that Grand Jury transcript, and he didn’t file a thing. All of this was covered up and no one knew a thing about Sandusky until almost a decade later. In April 2005 District Attorney Ray Frank Gricar vanished. In retrospect, Frank Gricar’s disappearance was connected to the world class Penn State child rape scandal. Before this came to light there was no motive for offing this backwoods DA, no big money involved. But now we know there was! Did Gricar initially suppress the Sandusky prosecution, and then did he have second thoughts about the morality of what he had done as more reports came in and so he committed suicide as his brother had done? Police and family members noted that the location where the vehicle was found – adjacent to two bridges over the Susquehanna River – bore some similarities to the location where the vehicle of Roy Gricar, Ray Gricar’s older brother, was located before his body was found in the Great Miami River in Ohio in 1996. There was no indication he suffered from depression. Is Gricar still alive? Did he get disgusted with covering up for Sandusky and split?

An interesting part of the FBI wanted poster lies in the FBI’s assertion that Gricar, a DA for 20 years in Bellefonte County, PA used the aliases RAY LANGE and RAY GRAY. Did he try to blackmail the parties involved agreeing to trash his hard drive that contained all the incriminating info after he was paid. In April 2009, Bellefonte police revealed that before his disappearance, someone had used the home computer at Gricar’s home to perform internet searches on topics

such as “how to wreck a hard drive”, “how to fry a hard drive” and “water damage to a notebook computer”. Did he get offed at the meet wherein he was supposed to get his money? The possibility exists that Gricar had info on his hard-drive that could have destroyed Paterno and Sandusky so either a lone hitman or some criminal organization protecting these men (at the request of one or both of these men) had Gricar offed. The way his body was disposed of (assuming he is dead) tells me professionals were involved. There was hundreds of millions of football dollars, jobs, reputations at stake. Gricar was the weak link in all this. One potential clue is the fact that cigarette ash was found in his car, yet Gricar did not smoke and probably wouldn’t have allowed someone to smoke in the car. What is known: At 11:30 a.m. on April 15, 2005, Gricar called Patty Fornicola, his live-in girlfriend, to inform her that he was driving through the Brush Valley area northeast of Centre Hall. Fornicola reported Gricar missing 12 hours later when he failed to return home. Gricar’s car, a red Mini Cooper, was discovered the following day in an antique store parking lot in Lewisburg. His county-issued cell phone was inside, but his laptop computer, keys and wallet were missing, and there were no signs of foul play. Authorities searched the river and its banks in the days following the vehicle’s discovery, but found no sign of Gricar. Pennsylvania authorities asked the FBI to analyze Gricar’s bank accounts, credit card records and cell phone records, but found no clues as to where he may have been. There was no cause to analyze Paterno’s or Sandusky’s records as they were not considered suspects or people of interest. The Sandusky

On July 30, 2005, fishermen discovered Gricar’s county-issued laptop computer in the Susquehanna River beneath a bridge between Lewisburg and Milton. A Pennsylvania State Police computer expert analyzed the computer and found that its hard drive was missing. Divers searched the area of the river near where the laptop was found over the next several days, but found nothing else. Two months later, a hard drive was recovered on the banks of the Susquehanna River about 100 yards (91 m) from where the laptop was found and is believed to be Gricar’s; however, it was badly damaged, It is interesting to note that a hard drive is much smaller than a human body.

Sandusky has been a serial child rapist all his life. The first recorded time that Jerry Sandusky’s activities as a serial rapist came to light dates back to his son Matt’s suicide attempt in 1995. Matt came into the Sandusky home after having a troubled childhood through The Second Mile, a charity Sandusky set up to give him access to rape victims. After getting involved with Second Mile Matt ran into legal trouble at the age of 16 when he burned down a barn and was taken in as a foster child by the coach and his wife for two years before being legally adopted by the filthy child molesting duo. Because don’t think that cunt didn’t know what her husband was up to! Shortly after he moved into the house Matt tried to kill himself. Evidence suggested after being molested by that fucking scumbag piece of shit he told a girl who Sandusky had living with him and they both entered into a suicide pact. Later he would ask to be returned to the Sandusky horror house.

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5 Comments on "“The Joe Paterno Organized Crime Family”"

  1. Penn State area was the scene of much Sandwich-boy activity. Sandwich-boys (and girls) are mind controlled sex slaves with self erasing memories, that is they produce their own amnesia. It only takes minutes to turn children into these types of sex slaves. This was a Philadelphia Archdiocese program which spread thru Pennsylvania and was originally run by Father Peter J. Dunne. The Archdiocese was using its own school children for this as well as other children from public schools and the boy scouts. They were aided and abetted by certain families sympathetic to the cause. The children were used for sex shows, prostitution and porn films. Father Dunne was being investigated by intelligence agencies. Penn State was connected to this.

  2. Can pick your friends, can’t pick your family, I’m sure Jopa, wasn’t aware of Sandusky issues, should have let him go. The guy was way to comfortable at Penn state, shame and sadness of this legacy.

  3. This stinks of bullshit. It's easy to spread it about people & their ancestors when they're dead & can't defend themselves. Why not try it with someone who's alive & well. Funny how no name is attributed to it. FYI, that's called cowardice. This whole damn story (if you can call it that) was done on a grade school level & by immature little fucks. Joe Paterno was the greatest college football coach Pennsylvania has ever seen. And it will never see one as great again.

  4. Witness Protection! Don't know why but I didn't think of that one. Your insight raises speculation and adds much food-for-thought. I just want to add my feelings on Paterno's reaction. I saw Bob Ley interview him on “Outside the Line” and “Joe Pa” was definitely outside the lines on some of his statements. If I didn't see it, I would not have believed it. He couldn't have been much more crass if he said 'fuck those goddamned kids, now let me finish coaching the season and fugettaboutit.' I couldn't believe it. Yes there is more to this and more involved than meets the eye, thanks for you candid comments.

  5. or is gricar in witness protection?

    i'm not from NY but we have plenty of mob in PA. this whole thing stinks of mob. college sports and the gambling angle, obviously. and there is no way joe paterno was “covering up” for one dude. no way. i'm married to a calabrese and they all think it's mob too. my grandfather was a bookie around here and i know gamblers like prostitutes. it's a sure bet. and they have impulse control issues. these old white perverts think laws are for other people.

    when joe paterno said about the victims, “tough life,” what i heard him say was, “tough luck.” there's winners and losers and joe's a winner, jerry's a winner, and these boys are losers. that's the mob attitude. unfortunately they're going to throw sandusky under the bus and we'll never know about the rest of it.

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