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The Lack of Experience in Critical Areas of the Bills Coaching Staff







by Pat Freeman


The tenth week for the Buffalo Bills season in Pittsburgh turned out to be one of the worst outings for the Bills offense this year. Their inability to sustain drives, and take advantage of scoring opportunities has really caught up with the offense this year. This unit which was once hailed as one of only two teams to score twenty or more points has started regressing as this season continues toward another disappointing end.  One problem for the hometown team has been the carousel at the quarterback position since OTA’s the Bills has seen nine different signal callers. The successful teams in this league have stability at the one position that touches the ball on every offensive play.   So one solution is how your rookie franchise quarterback is being coached on how to be smarter about the hits he takes during the game. The reason I say this is because each time EJ Manuel has been hurt he has been scrambling for extra yardage. Don’t get me wrong sometimes injuries can’t be avoided in such a physical sport like football, but certain injuries can be avoided by better coaching techniques being implemented with your players.


This leads to my concern with who head coach Doug Marrone hired as some of his offensive position coaches, and most importantly the offensive coordinator.  The coaching positions that I have my largest concern are wide receivers, running backs, quarterback, tight ends, and offensive coordinator. These are critical skill positions which it takes rookies longer to acclimate themselves to the NFL.
Listed Position Coaches on Offense Experience
Tight Ends –  Greg Adkins worked various positions at a variety of colleges, but this is his first year in the NFL as a coach.
1991- 2012 various colleges
Total NFL coaching experience -0
Wide Receivers- Ike Hilliard started his coaching career after a 12year pro career in 2011 as an Assistant wide receivers coach with Washington ,
2012- Wide receiver coach with Washington
2013- Wide receiver coach with the Bills
Total NFL coaching experience – 2 years
Running Backs – Tyrone Wheatley started his coaching career with Ohio Northern as running backs coach.
2008- Ohio Northern
2009- Eastern Michigan
2010-2012- Syracuse
Total NFL coaching experience- 0
Quarterback Coach/Offensive Coordinator started his coaching career as an assistant Linebacker coach at University California ( Davis )
2003-2004- assistant to the Offensive and Defensive Coordinator (Stanford)
2005- Recruiting Specialist Coordinator (Stanford)
2006-2007- Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive quality control
2008-2009- Buffalo Bills offensive quality control
2010- Syracuse University Quarterbacks/Passing Game/Tight Ends
2011-2012- Syracuse University Offensive Coordinator/Quarterback/Tight Ends
2013- Buffalo Bills Offensive Coordinator/ Quarterback coach
In looking at Nathaniel Hackett we must analyze the positions he has held in the NFL, and sift through the one’s that really are not true position coaching  in the NFL. By doing that you find that coach Hackett has no experience in the NFL as a position coach, or an offensive coordinator. The experience that he has at these critical positions is all at the college level and very limited at best.


In closing head Coach Doug Marrone must be held accountable for hiring basically novices at the NFL level for a franchise whose fan base is starving to win again. My criticism is only based on the success of young quarterbacks that have come into the league they all have one thing in common. Each one of these teams that have experienced success with young quarterbacks has well seasoned offensive position coaches and offensive coordinators. Head Coach Doug Marrone had better hope that his coaches mature quickly, or the honeymoon will quickly be over for him in Western New York .


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