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The Myth of Muhammad: A Brief History of Fraudulent Islam










by Alberta Parish


There is a time when we must stop believing in fairy tales and come to the realization that ancient traditions and beliefs belong only in the fiction category. Therefore, we must read these stories as though they are novels similar to such ancient fables as The Lord of the Rings and the Harry Potter trilogy. Today, I met a brother with whom I had a conversation regarding a past debate we had years ago when I was trying to convince him that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life, and that the god he worshiped called Allah was not the true and living god. I told him that I did a lot of research on the origin of Christianity, the New Testament and Christ, and then became an atheist because of the research I discovered on the origin of Christianity. This brother is still bound to the Nation of Islam, and if I’d had time to debate him on the fact that Islam, the Nation of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity is all the same brainwashing program whose gods are all mythological characters in ancient stories, then I would have. The history of Islam begins with the so-called prophet Muhammad. Its holy prophets and its god Allah sprang up out of ancient mythology just like Christianity, its prophets and its god(s).


If I had to guess, Islam like Judeo-Christianity was also invented by the ancient elites (or ruling class) who have always controlled humanity through religious systems and the god concept. The stories in the Bible and Qu’ran were all borrowed from ancient tales out of Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, India, and so forth. Many Old Testament stories are simply repeats with different non-historical characters. I will go so far as to say that the elites (i.e. secret societies consisting of royal, wealthy families) invented all the world’s major religions including Hinduism. Even though the Hindu savior-deity Krishna was worshiped hundreds of years before the biblical Christ, Krishna was only one of many martyred or crucified saviors of mankind. Horus was Egypt’s crucified savior many thousands of years before the biblical crucified Christ. The most important avatar to be born of a virgin, and die for the sins of mankind was Christna (i.e. Krishna) of India. Like the biblical Christ, the Hindu savior was seen in ancient depictions as having been hung upon a Roman-like crucifix with holes in his feet. Christna is evidently worshiped as the incarnation of Vishnu, the supreme deity of Hinduism like the biblical Christ is the incarnation of Jehovah. Julius Caesar, a Roman dictator was also called the savior of mankind during his lifetime, and after his murder in 44 BCE, became a deified god to be included among the gods and goddesses in the Roman pantheon. At Caesar’s funeral procession, a wax figure of him was raised upon a Roman cross to symbolize his resurrection as a god.


Today’s Illuminati secret societies are the descendants of such families having descended from royal bloodlines such as the Caesars, the Flavians, the Herodians (family of Herod the Great), the Pisos (inventors of modern Judaism as well as Christianity), the Draculs of Romania (from whom Vlad III or Vlad the Impaler descended), the English monarchs beginning in the 8th Century to the present, and even former and current U.S. presidents. Today’s English monarch, Queen Elizabeth II is a direct descendant of Vlad II and his son Vlad III. The royal bloodlines descended from ancient kings and queens are believed by many to possess otherworldly powers. But there is nothing supernatural about these royal families. The only power they seem to possess is the ability to manipulate and control mankind through religious hysteria and paranoia. The Roman-Jewish historian Flavius Josephus is said to have come from the royal family of the Maccabees, but my research discovered that Josephus, author of the War of the Jews and Antiquities of the Jews was the pen name of Arrius Calpurnius Piso who invented Christianity and the story of Jesus. In Josephus’ work, the War of the Jews, there is a similar parallel between the military campaign of Titus, the Roman general (another Messiah-type in the ancient world) who marched his army upon the city of Jerusalem in 70 CE, and the three and a half-year ministry of the biblical Christ.


The word ‘Illuminati’ first originated in 1776 in a region known as Bavaria as part of the formation of the Bavarian Illuminati on May 1, 1776. The Bavarian Illuminati was founded as a secret society, initially consisting of five members, by Jesuit Adam Weishaupt who was a lay professor of canon law at the University of Ingolstadt. However, the Illuminati bloodlines were already in existence for thousands of years even pre-dating ancient Roman society. Who exactly was Adam Weishaupt? He was a sort of Grand Master and wanted the Jesuits to someday take over the entire world. The Jesuits is a Roman Catholic organization formulated by Ignatius, a Catholic priest who was the organization’s first Superior General. The Jesuits’ sole purpose is to keep the myth of Jesus alive. Adam Weishaupt created the Bavarian Illuminati to see his plans for world domination by the Jesuits come to fruition in the near future. Like all Illuminati secret societies, its members were sworn to secrecy and pledged never to divulge its secrets to the world. It has always been the goal of secret societies to maintain control over the entire world. Their ultimate goal is to implant microchipsin every living human being to manipulate the central nervous system and create a race of machine-like humans who obey at the tap of a computer key. Like all secret society members, U.S. presidents are sworn to secrecy and must obey their Illuminati commanders. Since the secret societies control the wealth of nations, neither presidents nor prime ministers control the country and government. The secret societies control all governments, and have done so since the days when Rome was an empire. They control and own all of the financial institutions. They control Wall Street and the Stock Exchange. They are the international bankers and big moneymakers that decide and shape U.S. policies whether domestic or foreign. Whoever controls the oil and the monetary wealth are the ones deciding policies for the entire country…the entire world. They created poverty in certain countries while creating great wealth in Europe, North America and Canada. They created communism, fascism, socialism and capitalism. They created all the major world wars to steal the wealth of nations. They created the State of Israel in 1947. They are the Zionists, the Freemasons, the Skull and Bones, the Congressional politicians, the U.S. presidents, the English monarchs, the Catholic popes, the United Arab Emirates, the United Nations, and NATO.

Like all religions, Islam is based on fraudulent claims. In pre-Islamic times, Allah was not even a supreme deity but one of many gods and goddesses with sons and daughters. Islam, Christianity and Judaism all share the same concept of a creator-deity with sons and/or daughters, martyred prophets, saints, angels, demons, and queens of heaven such as Shabbat, Asherah, and the biblical Virgin Mary. You may ask yourself if all these religions share similar principles and beliefs, then doesn’t that make the creator-deity and savior concepts real? The answer is no. Christianity, Islam and Judaism share similar belief systems, because they were all invented by the same bloodlines throughout the ages of mankind. Christianity is nothing more than a borrowed belief system from ancient Egypt, Babylon and India. Christians believe that when they die, there will be a paradise with streets of gold and angelic beings awaiting them. The Islamic afterlife consists of virgins awaiting Muslim suicide bombers. Jews believe they are the chosen people of God. Christians believe the Jews rejected Christ, and therefore, are not God’s chosen and royal nation. The biblical Christ was named the Word of God. But so was Zoroaster of ancient Persia. Who was Zoroaster? According to historians, he was a prophet who like the biblical Christ went into seclusion to seek out religious enlightenment, which he allegedly achieved through divine revelation from Ahura Mazda, the Lord of Wisdom. Zoroaster allegedly lived hundreds of years before the biblical Christ was invented by the Romans in the 1st Century CE. However, their stories are remarkably similar.

Who was Islam’s holy prophet Muhammad? Was he a real man or a hoax? Recent studies have suggested that perhaps Muhammad may have never existed. Like the biblical Christ, Muhammad is a fraud, a figment of the human imagination tauted as the prophet of a god. But the religions promoting the idea of Muhammad and Christ were also inventions. The Qu’ran like the Bible were invented by the Illuminati secret societies. Although these books offer a few opposing views on spirituality and a version of god, there are more similarities between them. But it is the job of the elites to cause contradiction and opposing viewpoints while basically promoting the same religious principles and beliefs. The Pisos of Rome invented Christianity as a counterpart to militaristic Judaism while tweaking Old Testament scriptures to authentic their false Jewish messiah claim. Religious writers also invented Islam as a counterpart to Christianity while incorporating biblical Abrahamic tales into the Qu’ran. The Illuminati secret societies have always kept the world at odds to better control all of humanity. Like war, religions divide and conquer. The god of the Bible is just as ruthless if not more than Islam’s god. The Qu’ran promote death, mayhem and destruction like the Bible, and both belong in the fiction category at the public library.

Islam is said to have begun with the emergence of Muhammad, and since he is a fictional character, Islam is also a fictional religion invented in the 6th Century by shadowy figures whose origins are unknown to us. Those who control academia and media can dictate history and give us a version in accordance to the dictates of the ruling class. Right now, history is being rewritten and broadcast on the History Channel, in film, TV, books, and so forth. Religion has been rewritten many times over. I have already established that a version of Christianity existed before the invention of Jesus and the Gospel accounts.

In the pre-Christian era, there was Heru, the firstborn son of Asar and Aset. Heru (i.e. Horus) was also called the son of the god Ra. Pharaoh Akhenaten (‘living image of Aten’) was the first to initiate the concept of monotheism. The god Amun-Ra was the supreme solar deity in ancient Egypt’s version of Christianity. The Christian trinity is even similar to the Osirian trinity: Osiris (Asar), Isis (Aset), and Horus (Heru). Christ was worshiped originally as a solar deity (NOT A REAL PERSONA!) before the Roman Emperor Constantine finally historicized the biblical Jesus in 325 CE at the Council of Nicaea.

Like all religions, there is usually a crucified savior who later becomes an avatar or ascended master. This is what Jesus represents. Muhammad is another invented ascended master.

Why people refuse to see all of this evidence before them and continue believing in ancient fairy tales is beyond me? If I’d known years ago what I know today, I would’ve walked away from Christianity a long time ago. I could’ve been free a long time ago! The important thing now is to move on with my life and free as many people as I can from the chains of religious slavery. Once a mind is set free from religiosity, his whole body is set free. He can then live his life to the fullest, and not feel bound to mythological concepts based on ancient fables.

No longer do I carry guilt and shame as I once did when I was a brainwashed Christian. I feel more free these days than ever before. Thanks to a brother named Dawud who opened my eyes to the truth of Christianity in 2010. Based on his words, I began doing research and discovered that Christ is a fraud and therefore, Christianity is null and void. Contained within the New Testament itself, there is a passage which reads, “And if Christ be not risen, then is our preaching vain, and your faith is also vain.” The inventors of the New Testament exposed themselves when they incorporated [I Corinthians 15:14], which indicates that the Christian faith is vain if Christ was not risen from the dead. The biblical Christ never historically existed, and therefore, there was no resurrection of Christ. The only resurrected savior (not a physical resurrection) from whom biblical writers invented the resurrection of Jesus was the Roman general Julius Caesar whose wax figure was raised upon a Roman crucifix to symbolize his resurrection as a god during his funeral procession. In fact, the historical Caesar was incorporated into biblical scripture in the story of Jesus. The four Gospels contain the hidden exploits of Julius Caesar and another Roman general Titus Flavius. Josephus Flavius, a pen name of Arrius Calpurnius Piso also related to the Flavian dynasty, wrote about the worship, death and resurrection of Caesar in the Gospels. The four Gospels mask the story of Roman royal families (namely the Pisos, Flavians and the Herodians, who were Jewish-Roman puppet rulers) that were aristocrats who had forged religious characters and scriptures to tell their stories in secrecy.

Christianity will soon become irrelevant as more and more people are waking up to the truth. Jesus is not returning to earth to whisk away all Christians. Yahweh is not the supreme deity, and neither is Allah. These characters are not real. It is time to free your mind from religious delusions, and live free of religious chains that shackle you to the church, the mosque, the temple and synagogue. You will be a much happier person when you walk away from religious mind control programming. I know this because I’ve done it.

bullet columnist Alberta Parish is best known as a take-no-prisoners Youtube commentator, you can also follow her writings on Freedom TribuneMyspace and Twitter.


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  1. an excellent article on the delusion of world religions i am an avid reader of david icke’s books and all the information that you presented here is also written about in his books. i look forward to reading more of your articles on the subject of the matrix we live in; as i always say: what we think is illusion is reality and what we think is reality is an illusion; the human race are slaves to a race of very evil and unevolved spiritually extra-terretrials who created us off planet so we are a genetically modified race not essentially earthly but a combined genetic origin of various species.

  2. Composed of 60 of the 116 known elements that issue from the sun, we too come from the sun. You are an Eve Novus.

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