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The Niggaritis Syndrome: Why Church is the Only Black-Owned Business Blacks Support?










by Alberta Parish


It amazes me how black people are so quick to financially support every other race except one another. I call this the niggaritis syndrome, which is a disease of the brain that causes niggas to not support each other economically. Other symptoms of niggaritis syndrome include not being able to reason between truth and fiction. Many religious people are currently suffering from this syndrome, and are being manipulated by the preachers. The preacher is the new pimp in the community. The only monies being circulated throughout the black community are within the churches. A preacher can set up a church on any corner in the black community and make a very decent living pimping brainwashed black people out of their money by selling them false hopes and dreams about a Jewish savior that never historically existed.Why is it that black-owned businesses except for the churches rarely get the support of those within their own communities? Whether this black-owned business is a coffee shop, clothing store or news magazine, African Americans are very slow to support such ventures with their dollars and cents. Why is that? Is it because black people are more jealous of each other and don’t want others to become more successful than they are?

A blogger-writer who is non-African American can get far more views on his blog site than an African American blogger-writer. I know because I visit Infowars.com, davidicke.com, democracynow.org and various other news sites, and see the traffic and comments that these sites get on a daily basis. The Freedom Tribune currently has 20,023 views but it should be far more. Since my main audience is predominantly black people, my guess is that many blacks don’t like to read. They’d rather watch fight videos on Youtube and watch sports. This is why many black people are dumb as hell, and don’t know what the hell is going on around them. Many are slaves and don’t even realize it. Many believe everything politicians tell them. Many worship Barack Obama, and think that this man has been sent by some mythological character called Yahweh to save them. If sites such as The Freedom Tribune don’t have great viewership, it isn’t because I’m a horrible blogger-writer. It is predominantly due to the target audience who really don’t like to read and educate themselves.

It is a known fact that most Americans are dumb and uneducated. Many don’t know enough to make informed decisions, and therefore, many should not even be allowed to vote. Because many black people believe the lies told to them by both Democrat and Republican politicians, many have helped to drive up the federal deficit and national debt by electing lying, conniving politicians to represent them. Many have helped to establish laws that further erode their own basic civil liberties. Many are now helping politicians in Washington, D.C. to pass more gun control laws, which are designed to disarm law-abiding citizens and criminalize people for being gun-carriers.

I guess many black people are too braindead to realize when they are being manipulated for political gain. As long as blacks continue to not support one another with their dollars and cents, we’ll always be at the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to economic power in any country. For a people who spent billions of dollars during this past Christmas season, why are most black-owned businesses struggling? A black motivational speaker may get up to 200 people to attend his or her event, but most televangelists can draw a crowd of thousands. Anybody who will free your mind from the shackles of religious mind control programming doesn’t get television airtime like most pimp-preachers today.

The niggaritis syndrome has been around for a long time. There is no cure. If you’re lucky enough to make it to the big time, it’s not because many black people (outside of your close relatives like mom and dad) got behind your dreams and helped you to achieve success. You’re primarily responsible for the success that you’ve achieved. There is no god that blessed you to become successful. You are where you are because of the decisions you made to get there. I’m sure there were more than a few haters along the way that did not want you to achieve the success that you have.

I think that most black female bloggers/writers have it more tough than most of our male counterparts, because society doesn’t really respect the thoughts of black women. We’re not really taken seriously for our opinions as well as facts. This is also why my blog site does not have the viewership that I know it should have. Once again, this is due to the niggaritis syndrome because niggas don’t take each other seriously. A nigga will take someone of another ethnicity more serious than he would another nigga. I could write a book on the myth of Jesus, and blacks won’t even take this book seriously. But if a white man says that Jesus never existed, black people pay attention.

I told a black woman today that hell does not exist; it is an invented concept by the Europeans because they wanted to control people. She never responded to my comment. If somebody had bothered to tell me years ago that Christianity is based on fraudulent claims, I would’ve left the church a long time ago.

The niggaritis syndrome has affected the brain to the point where it cannot reason between truth and fiction. This is why many people continue to believe in fairy tale beings like angels. Although they’ve never seen these angelic beings, they continue to believe that winged creatures from the bible are watching over them and protecting them.

It is imperative that black people learn to support black-owned businesses. Until dollars circulate throughout all crevices of the black community, the economic power of blacks will continue to be less than one-half of one percent of the nation’s wealth, which is the same as it was before slavery was partially abolished for blacks in 1865. Yet, our spending dollars was in the billions during this past Christmas season. This could only mean that most blacks are spending more than what they are earning. There aren’t that many black millionaires and even fewer black billionaires. Blacks are primarily making millionaires and billionaires of other races. The niggaritis syndrome causes blacks to want to make more millionaires and billionaires of other races before they do the same for members of their own race.

Why blacks are slow to support black-owned businesses is a phenomenon that I may never understand during my lifetime. I guess this could also be compared to black-on-black crime in predominantly urban cities and/or counties. One can only wonder about the mental state of Black America.

bullet columnist Alberta Parish is best known as a take-no-prisoners Youtube commentator, you can also follow her writings on Freedom TribuneMyspace and Twitter.


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8 Comments on "The Niggaritis Syndrome: Why Church is the Only Black-Owned Business Blacks Support?"

  1. Religion has become a lucrative business for the preachers. Religion was incarnated to control people. Jesus and Christianity is a mix of a few ideas that was put together to make people believe a sky Daddy is watching you. I will have to agree with the author “Sky Daddy” was introduced to control the blacks for the whites were in fear of retaliation. Please read history and before you decide for yourself understand what you are reading use logic.

  2. Very good article. It’s not a matter of agreeing with 100% of what a person says because you will never find a person you agree with 100% on everything. Truth stands on it’s own regardless of opinion so keep talking objective truth that feeds the soul of the wide awake man and woman further elevating their consciousness. Peace

  3. Dear Sista I agree with 95% of what u said. We are perishing because of the lack of knowledge. Most are self haters and haters of black owned businesses. Part of the problem is we don’t care to learn and know our history. We take everything as a fuckin joke. We’re still clowning and dancing and putting on a show for centuries, especially, in the church. Now I do believe there is a God and I do believe in Christ but in the case of blacks not supporting one another one has nothing to do with the other. Personally I jus think we’ll never get anywhere do to fact that we lack our history knowledge and the the hate that we have for one another.

  4. No we don’t follow you because of the stupid crap you believe. Look up at the universe, fool Chance? You stupid if you believe that.

    • Prove to me there’s creator you been taught !! You let your emotions blind you and when your emotional you don’t use your critical thinking skills ! Look around you and see what your sky daddy has given you and don’t tell me materialism our your job because that’s not a blessing it’s you being a debt slave making other races wealthy .We have No unity , No economic control and no business support among each other ! You religious people need to stop being so afraid of the truth !

  5. What is the name of your blog?

  6. As a people must have some kind of Damn spell cast on our collective arses, cause I swear we was never ever this dumb for real.
    There are just too many Negroes out there who will not speak to you anymore if you’re no longer into Cooning for jew WISH jesus. Even my mother has gone all Negro on me because I refuse to do the Hokey Poke and give up my African Will Power to some paedophile call the pope.

  7. i agree with your blog ppl too stupid everything is race!!!!

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