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The Police Departments’ Hidden Plot to Divide the Races

Language Structures Reality: Many White Veteran Officers get the Ball Rolling through the Repetition of Sweeping Statements.










by Chris Stevenson

A large number of white policemen fear that if they actually solved crimes they would be putting themselves or other white officers out of a job. One of the methods they use to keep the ball rolling so to speak, is through the art of turning white and many times non-black civilians against blacks. Being slow to pursue black criminals or solve urban crimes is the so-called proof they use to justify they’re anti-black propaganda. This is a highly popular method in large cities like Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Detroit, New York, Newark, Boston, Buffalo, Atlanta, DC, Oakland, and of course Los Angeles. Whenever you hear about high rates of incidents of police shootings and brutality, you can bet a system of persistent mental-conditioning was implemented in the minds of the offending officers in question at some point during their time in the academy and especially from the start of their time patrolling the streets (they want you to think high numbers of urban-crime makes them do this). Understanding the history of the American police department and what institution inspired it’s existence in the first place; slavery.

A chief reason why white police get away with so much is it’s unofficial misinformation-machine; White America and the tireless efforts of police-protection propaganda from white-controlled mainstream media. Just as white police precincts have wished blacks into jails and prisons and made it happen from decades back, major media has either worked hand-in-hand with their local precincts, or volunteered their services of aid and comfort to abusive cops. This has traditionally made crooked cops feel normal and validated as a way of offsetting public suspicion and distrust of them by blacks and liberal whites at large. Nowadays it’s even worse. You see the prominent news personalities local and national conducting their own hunt for family of victims of police misconduct make public statements (after having been coerced by that same media personality beforehand off-camera in the first place) or apologies to… I don’t know, whomever for the actions of their son, daughter, boyfriend, and even claim what the cop did was not racist.

Nothing makes the Police Department more happy than validation from a family member of a black cop that turned on them. So it was with the mother of Dorner who disavowed her son’s actions. She and Dorner’s ex-girlfriend were highly sought after even during the his hunt for the specific officers who drove him to the breaking point, and their hunt for him. Nancy Dorner issued a public statement on behalf of the Dorner family: “It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we express our deepest sympathies and condolences to anyone that suffered losses or injuries resulting from Christopher’s actions. We do not condone Christopher’s actions.”

Those words should have satisfied them, but of course it didn’t. Media evidently stalked Ms. Dorner as if she were Beyonce, following her to and from restaurants and her other normal day-to-day activities. Had Dorner been alive and caught them doing this I’d pity what would have happened to them. Never overlook or underestimate the persistence of whites or white police and their voluntary supporters working tirelessly behind the scenes making this happen. Many of those precincts are the synagogue of Satan. A 10/13 news report released her statement in the same story of one of the officers Dorner shot returning to work, and soon took it down. Deputy Alex Collins had just returned to work after months of being treated for injuries sustained. Collins of San Bernardino County went back to work in early October. The young officer was shot twice in the face and leg on 2/12/13.

With all due respect to her, she could have easily turned it around without sounding hostile just by asking: ‘Are you with the inter-departmental behavior that led Chris to that point? You seem to be seeking validation for police misconduct from me his mother. Kind of unrealistic isn’t it?’ White police want happy endings, their kind of happy endings. Manufactured and without a hint of impending reform.

Dorner accomplished something few blacks accomplish from a relative standpoint, especially from a black cop. He forced white cop families to have their own missing persons. A lot of people today don’t realize that much of the violence toward blacks is due to the impression that sweeping statements made toward younger and gullible officers. It’s not that American law enforcement communities have racist officers, the greatest damage they do is inspire prejudice, mistrust, and hate toward blacks within the white community outside their department. What am I saying? In instances where blacks and whites are getting along in any given city, members of the police department, or the department itself will literally go out and create animosity toward blacks through the implementation of their racial sweeping statements to whites. This has actually occurred. It’s as if the police are afraid that whites don’t hate or fear blacks enough, so they have to remind them.

Decades earlier the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King used nonviolence chiefly as a media-tool to display to the world white violence without criminal provocation. The world at large saw stunning footage of white southerners and law enforcement banning together to beat, waterhose and essentially riot against blacks for nothing more than the right to vote, attend public schools and colleges, use public facilities, and shop and eat where they chose. American police departments since then have figured out a way to pretty much do the same using high black crime as a pretext. This bit of thinking has gained them some amount of major credibility, instead of the mass-vilification that southern whites experienced during the Civil Rights Movement, mostly-white big city police can be seen as rescuers of White America from the evil blacks. Other than the relatively few books and news reports, people around the world aren’t equally shown footage of white American police cutting deals with criminals to distribute drugs and guns into black society to inspire and facilitate the same crimes they profess to be fighting.

A recent Blogtalkradio interview (www.blogtalkradio/3600seconds) I had with former police officer and Commissioner Norm Stamper reveals the level and harm this does to a black community. Stamper is also the author of a very important book, “Breaking Rank: A Top Cop’s Expose of the Dark Side of American Policing.” Stamper confirms many police departments’ efforts to dictate race policy among civilians: “They try and enforce an ancient morality that is ugly and sinister… if you got a cop who’s got the racism chip in his or her personal software, they become a wedge institution. They form a wedge between police and community and community and community.” Stamper elaborated how this power of suggestion started during his early years as a Police Officer, “Thinking back to my early years as a cop, it was the police officers who in choosing the stories they told [they would say] ‘this is how they are, this is how their community really is’… Language structures reality.”

Still don’t believe me? Now break this down to the science of police interrogators, known for years to be able to make more than a few “confess” to a crime they didn’t commit. You mean to tell me none of them influence whites outside of their building, their neighbors, friends, relatives to not trust blacks. Hell, they’re considered “experts” of the blacks (even though most know extremely little about us in reality), why wouldn’t the white general population around them listen to them? After all, they deal with “those blacks” every day. As a result you’ll have misdirected policing, cops stopping, frisking, arresting and yes shooting black students and working-class taxpayers. Not criminals. Essentially amateur law enforcing.

Dorner’s main contention was how his confrontation with LAPD affected his family life: “They cost my naval career… I’ve lost my relationship with my mother and sister because of the LAPD.” Previously the LAPD wasted little time clearing themselves. On 6/5/13 an AP story said that LAPD ruled that racism in his case was unfounded and his firing was justified. Sadly Connie Rice (of course not to be confused with Condoleezza Rice) seems to have tossed up the white flag and is now in line with their official version of the investigation. “Civil Rights attorney Connie Rice said the lengthy examination found no basis for allegations of racism and bias that Dorner made in a manifesto vowing revenge on his former colleagues and their families.”

I expected a continuation of Dorner’s bad-jacketing against him even posthumously. Question- What’s a black cop with an attitude problem? Answer- An attitude problem? What’s a black cop with a valid departmental complaint? An Attitude problem. What’s a white cop with an attitude problem? One of the boys. Reportedly Dorner lodged ten complaints with the department, the LAPD report was 40-pages long, and based on 80 documents, and 900 pages of transcripts from his Board of Rights hearing. They claim he lied about his original complaint regarding the training officer kicking a mentally-ill man during an arrest. Personally I think this makes Teresa Evans just as mentally-ill and those who promoted her to Sargent outright brain-damaged, but that’s me. We are to believe this was a ‘false report” and that’s why Dorner got fired.

I have no problem with Rice quoting the findings of the investigation, but she later made a statement that race didn’t play a role in what happened to Dorner, but then reached the conclusion that there’s still racism in the LAPD. You can’t have it both ways Connie. What Stamper recently said of New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly can also be expanded to apply to those LAPD involved in the department investigation; they have come to believe they’re own lies.

Chris Stevenson is a regular columnist for blackcommentatorPolitical Affairs Magazine, and a syndicated columnist. Follow him on Twitter, and Facebook, you don’t have to join any of them. Watch his video commentary Policy & Prejudice and The Network  for clbTV & Follow his Blogtalkradio  interviews on 36OOseconds. Respond to him on the link below.

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