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The Psychic Phenomenon: A New-Age Religious Belief











by Alberta Parish


The claimers of psychic abilities or god-like capabilities are no more than carbon copies, or perhaps, clones of modern-day televangelists and megachurch ministers who also claim to have supernatural or otherworldly abilities. The word supernatural comes from the Latin super meaning above and natura, which means nature. Thus, supernatural means anything above nature and is associated with the heavenly or divine. Often, people turn to psychic mediums and spiritual advisers to get answers to the many questions that they can never get from their church ministers and other so-called religious leaders in their communities.  As an ex-Christian, I used to always wonder why my former Christian pastor always had a word of prophecy for others, but never for me. Like a fool, I sat in church week after week eagerly seeking answers, and wondering why my prayers were never answered.

Since leaving Christianity two years and eleven days ago, I have come to realize that my prayers never got answered, because the Christ figure was a figment of my imagination and the gods are non-existent. Therefore, the act of praying to imaginary sky deities was a ridiculous and illogical exercise that I practiced for many years, and was invented to keep us all enslaved to religious beliefs not based in reality and conducive to everyday modern living. Praying to Jesus or the Virgin Mary won’t put food on your table, and keep a decent roof that doesn’t leak water whenever it rains over your head. Praying to imaginary sky daddies hasn’t ended world-wide poverty and famine. It hasn’t caused any divine interventions since the invented Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Elisha and Elijah tales in the bible.

History has been rewritten from generation to generation, and so have religious beliefs and concepts. Now, a new history is being manufactured to replace the sensationalized biblical accounts involving the creation of mankind, the Genesis flood, and the plagues that purportedly drove Egypt’s Pharaoh to free the ancient Israelites who were allegedly held captive in Egypt for 400 hundred years. The extraterrestrial phenomenon is replacing the biblical accounts. Cable shows are replete with tales of ancient extraterrestrials having come to our planet thousands of years ago whom scholars, archaeologists and scientists claim could have been the biblical fallen angels. There is no such concept as a fallen angel! The concept of demons was also invented to keep humanity fearful of the unknown. Whenever a major event like a flood happened, the ancients thought it was because the gods were angry. In reality, the flood didn’t occur by supernatural means. Perhaps, there was a great thunderstorm much like today’s Hurricane Sandy, which flooded much of New Jersey in 2012. I’m sure there are some really ignorant religious people who believe their imaginary gods and demons are causing great hurricanes, tsunamis and earthquakes to occur. After all, the Gospels are replete with quotes from a non-historical Jesus of Nazareth preaching about great earthquakes and famine, which would be signs of the end of the world. However, the world will not end! There will always be some form of life on this planet even after we Homo Sapiens are long gone.

In addition, the flood story of Genesis is plagiarism from ancient Babylonian texts, which also depicted an account of how ancient Mesopotamia was flooded. Gilgamesh is the central figure in this account. According to the Epic of Gilgamesh, he went on an adventure in search of immortality and met a man who told him that only he and his family were saved by the gods from a great flood. The flooding, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and drought are all acts of Mother Nature. These events have nothing to do with the supernatural or any spiritual creatures with wings. The biblical account of the Nephilim describes very fleshly creatures with human desires for human women. This means they possessed human organs with the ability to reproduce children with human women. This would make the Nephilim natural men, and not angelic or holy creatures from a mythical land called Paradise.

If extraterrestrials are real, where are they now? Why visit our planet thousands of years ago, and not make a visitation in their highly-advanced spaceships in the last 2,000 years? Were they afraid to make an appearance because of the Christ figure that allegedly lived in ancient Palestina 2,000 years ago? The extraterrestrial stories aren’t adding up, because it is another invented belief system just like Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and all other religions.

People who need money are desperate and will tell you anything to make a quick dollar off you being ignorant. Having natural human instincts and tapping into your subconscious mind doesn’t mean PSYCHIC GIFT. You are not a god. There is nothing gifted about you. Your so-called psychic abilities are a figment of your insane imagination. A psychic is nothing more than a religious person. Psychics and spiritual advisors share much of the same beliefs in supernatural sky deities just like Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Mormons, Catholics, Jehovah Witnesses, and Seventh-Day Adventists.

I need everybody to wake up and realize that the gods are non-existent. Stop patronizing psychic readers, mediums, and spiritual advisers because you are being bamboozled by these liars and deceivers.

bullet columnist Alberta Parish is best known as a take-no-prisoners Youtube commentator, you can also follow her writings on Freedom TribuneMyspace and Twitter.


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