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The Pusher

“Starting Is The Hardest Thing”



by Bob Pelshaw

“You’ve hustled before; now go do it again – legitimately.”

Big O, one of my friends from Leavenworth FPC, once told me that other than the big money he made (and spent) the next most exciting things about illegal business were the night life, the friends, and the adrenaline rush that came from being involved in that business. When the heat is on, the glitz fades, the money is gone, and your “friends” don’t return calls its then that you realize all you spent and risked left you empty and used. You know it’s time for a change, which is why you are reading this book.

By now you realize you have legitimate business skills and have thought of ways you can use them to blast off into your new life. You’re on the launch pad, and like the Space Shuttle you have to push through with all of your might and being. Making your new business work will be one of the hardest things you’ve ever done, yet it is still much easier than being in prison. You’ve hustled before; now go do it again – legitimately.

I’ve started many businesses for myself, partners, and clients. Do you want to know what the hardest part of starting a business is? It’s STARTING. It has been said that what we do to avoid difficult things are usually worse than just doing them in the first place. I think some people stay in crime because they don’t have a vision for another way to earn a living, or they don’t make the effort to pursue their vision. Maybe you didn’t know what to do to start a business, but now you do. You have the Business Plan Checklist™ and Success Snapshots to follow. Now go do whatever you can do to proceed forward, no matter how small that may seem. Then keep on doing whatever you can do, and soon you will be blasting off to your new destiny!

The further the Shuttle is away from the launch pad the more momentum it gains and the easier it is to fly. That’s one reason why you have to leave the criminal life behind and break away from the lifestyle that’s holding you back. Doing a legal business won’t always be hard. There comes a point when things start to click. Then your trouble isn’t getting business, the trouble becomes managing your growth and success.

This Success Snapshot is the most important one in the book. This is YOUR story. You must be “the Pusher.” Push yourself to dream and envision your new life, push past your past, push yourself to plan, push past the people who doubt you or hold you back, and push past a lack of money. It may not be glamorous or glitzy, but it’s so much better than the alternative. Push yourself to make a business and a life you can be proud of that won’t leave you empty and destroyed.

I’ll meet you at the launch pad. I believe in you. Your greatness is waiting for you to start. Zig Ziglar once said “you don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”

Since you can’t start a business, or do business, while you’re inside use the time to prepare for your new future. Start by getting your own copy ILLEGAL TO LEGAL: BUSINESS SUCCESS FOR (EX) CRIMINALS by R.L. Pelshaw. The book can help you prepare for your new future, and help you with a business plan.

R.L. Pelshaw, is a successful real estate developer, consultant, entrepreneur, public speaker, and is the author of an exciting new book to help offenders, ex-offenders, those at risk to offend, and their families.

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