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The Real Inventor of Jesus (the False Christ) was Calpurnius Piso!

by Alberta Parish

The biblical God is a sadomasochist human. He has the same attributes as that of a narcissistic and selfish human being who require endless flattery from his followers, hangers-on or his entourage, so to speak. According to Deuteronomy 6:15, the biblical God is a jealous God. Why does the biblical God need to be jealous of other gods if he is indeed the one true God? Why does the biblical God need to be jealous of anything or any entity since he created everything? I don’t subscribe to the biblical God, because he is a figment of man’s own imagination. The biblical God is man’s invention! You can tell when you read the Bible that the same sadomasochists who are responsible for the mass murder of millions during the Inquisition, the Crusades, the Jewish-Roman Wars, etc. are the same sadomasochists who invented the biblical God and various stories in the Old Testament. The sadomasochists also inserted passages into Old Testament texts to falsify history.

The author of The True Authorship of the New Testament, Abelard Reuchlin wrote that a Roman aristocrat named Arrius Calpurnius Piso, writing under the pen name Flavius Josephus, created Jesus, his family, his friends, his associates, etc. in order to take over Rome. The author wrote that the so-called Jewish historian Flavius Josephus was Calpurnius Piso! Abelard Reuchlin also wrote that various members of the Piso family are responsible for the authorship of the New Testament as well as passages inserted into Hebrew biblical texts. The Pisos’ objective was to appease the Judean dissidents (which were revolutionaries of the Messianic movement), because these Afrikans were kicking the Romans asses.

In addition, the Messianic movement was the Afrikan revolt! The people that the Romans had called Iudeans (Judeans) were Afrikans. The “Serapis” Jesus of the Gospels is a false Christ (aka Messiah), because he never existed as an historical figure during the Messianic movement. The Jesus of the Gospels was NOT the Messiah in the Afrikan revolt against Rome in the First Century C.E. Many Black Messiahs have existed throughout history, but the “Serapis” Jesus of the Gospels was not one of them. The so-called Christians (Christ/Messiah followers) in the First Century were the Messianic revolutionaries or Judean dissidents that the Roman barbarian invaders wanted to entirely subdue. Militarily, the Romans subdued them but mentally the Judeans could not be tamed. So the Roman aristocrats created the Jesus figure and a new peace-loving religion as a counterpart to the militaristic Messianic movement, which was really the Afrikan revolt although European academic society historicized this revolt as the Jewish revolt. Judean “Christians” (followers of Black Messiah) were not the converts of “Serapis” Jesus in the First Century. They were revolutionary fighters against the Roman Empire!

In addition to the Romans creating Christianity and the New Testament, the Old Testament is not a factual historical document of the Hebrew Israelites in regard to their true origin. The first five books of Moses are fictional stories of the Israelites. Not only are Abraham, Isaac and Jacob fictional characters, but Moses is NOT an historical figure. The existence of Moses along with the Exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt are fictional stories. There is no archaeological or historical evidence for the existence of Moses or the Hebrew slaves of the Exodus. The story of Moses was lifted from that of King Sargon of Akkad. The Exodus story was also lifted from the story of Ahmose (Pharaoah) who liberated Egypt from the Hyksos (foreign rulers). Ahmose drove the foreigners (which were the Hurrians) from Egypt. The Hurrians had originally migrated into Egypt from the Armenian Mountains, and later gained power in Egypt. The Hyksos rulers controlled Egypt for two hundred years. In addition, the Egyptians had a monotheistic system. We’ve been miseducated and brainwashed to believe the early Egyptians were pagan worshippers. If the ancient Egyptians were pagan heathenistic worshippers, how come the Romans based the “Serapis” Jesus off the historical figure Horus, which was the son of Osiris and Isis?

European academia has deceived us into believing that Osiris, Isis and Horus are mythical figures. However, the stories of Osiris, Isis and Horus were recorded as historical records, inscribed in stone all over the temples of Egypt, which are the Metu Neter writings. The writings are on the wall, and they don’t lie. The Greeks referred to the Metu Neter writings as hieroglyphics. The hieroglyphics give an historical account of Osiris, Isis and Horus as being the earliest rulers of Egypt. In fact, Osiris was the last ruler of Egypt before history was recorded depicting Osiris, Isis and Horus in the Metu Neter writings. Did you know the earliest gods ruled over humanity, and they were jet black in appearance like the Egyptian Creator God known as Atum or Aten? Osiris is the son of heaven and earth, which were represented by the Egyptian gods, Nut (Sky) and Geb (Earth). Isis, Seth and Nephthys are also the children of Geb and Nut. The parents of Geb and Nut were Shu and Tefnut, which were the first children of Atum (aka Amun, Amen, Ra, Re, Ptah), the Creator God. Osiris, Isis, Seth and Nephthys are the children of Nut (Sky) and Geb (Earth) because they came into being from these elements, which made them half-human and half-divine. Ancient Sumerian cultural writings document the arrival of sky beings they called the Annunaki around 450,000 years ago. The word Annunaki mean “those who from heaven came to earth”. The Annunaki had ruled over humanity and later, appointed human kings, which were often descendants of the Annunaki.

The Genesis account references the Nefilim who dwelled among men in the earth. The Nefilim are the angels who were supposedly cast out of Heaven by God. There’s a little truth even in the highly fabricated Genesis tale of the sons of God (which were the Watchers), and the Nefilim (which mean fallen ones). A biblical editor had replaced the word “Nefilim” with “giants” in Genesis 6:4. Biblical writers and redactors presented a corrupted version of earlier events in human history. I no longer believe the biblical God is the creator of anything, because he is an invented entity by sadomasochists who also gave us the mythical Jesus and Christianity. Historical records outside the Bible point to the fact that Sky Beings came down from the heavens (or the cosmos) at various times in human history. Hieroglyphic writings around the world indicate giant-sized figures who are kings ruling over men that are smaller in height and size. They are the demi-gods (half human/half divine) who were given the divine right to rule. It is not hard-pressed to believe that Osiris was a god or demi-god ruling over Homo Sapien humanity.

The Egyptians were never barbaric pagan worshippers! The Egyptians used anthropomorphic characters to symbolize the different attributes of nature, and when the Europeans invaded Egypt and saw the Metu Neter writings, they didn’t understand the religious system of the Egyptians or their factual history. The Europeans did not understand the spiritual concepts behind the anthropomorphic characters inscribed in stone on the temples and tombs of Egypt, and felt the Egyptians were worshippers of various pagan gods. The oldest system of writing known to humanity is the Metu Neter, which mean in Kemetic language, Words of God. This system of writing developed in Kemet (that is, Egypt). The biblical writers and redactors are copycat writers who stole and plagiarized the history, ideas, religious concepts, and mythical tales from the cultural writings of the Afrikan civilization.

The biblical writers and redactors were the European barbarians who gave us a false history, a false concept of God, a mythical figure named Jesus and a book called the Bible, which was strictly used to control the people, to control the ideas of the people, to shape a docile and obedient society that will confirm to totalitarian rule, slavery, injustice, a patriarchal system in which women are treated as second class citizens, and to keep the masses living in fear of the wrath of God, which is really the wrath of the elite rulers if the people did not conform to their rulers’ wishes and demands.

Alberta Parish is best known as a take-no-prisoners Youtube commentator, you can follow her writings on Myspace and Twitter.

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