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The Rex Effect



by Pat Freeman

The Buffalo Bills fell to the Cincinnati Bengals 34-21 before another sold out Ralph Wilson Stadium. This was third home loss in a row for the Bills who fell to 3-3 with one game left before the bye week against the Jacksonville Jaguars in London England this Sunday at 9:30AM.

The injuries for this team are beginning to spiral to a new level, but the greatest concern I think has been the ego of Rex Ryan. Now most of you know I’m a great fan of Rex Ryan he is a true football guy but that does not mean he was the right hire for this team. My thought was to either hire Jim Schwartz, or an offensive coach like Hue Jackson who would have retained Schwartz as defensive coordinator. This is what happens when you have new owners, and within months are thrust into having to hire new coach without the time allowing you to adjust to the most competitive league in the world. When Doug Marrone walked out on his responsibilities as head coach of the Bills it put the Pegula’s in a position of being lured in to the charismatic Rex Ryan who no doubt is a football guy, but is also a master motivator. This quality is what helped him survive in the hardest media market in the world for six seasons with only two teams that actually competed for an NFL title. I call this the Rex Effect and you have heard Kim Pegula state that “Rex Ryan was not their first choice but blew them away in his interview.”

This is the second time in Bill’s history that a master motivator has come in and changed the coaching process for the Buffalo Bills.

Let’s turn back the clock to 2001 at the Super Bowl in Tampa Florida everybody said that the next coach of the Buffalo Bills would be the then Defensive Coordinator of the most dominant defense in NFL history Marvin Lewis. The next day another rumor began coming out of Buffalo of how then general manager Tom Donahoe and the late owner Ralph Wilson were knocked out of their chairs by Greg Williams who at that time was the defensive coordinator for the Tennessee Titans. Fast track 14 years later Marvin Lewis is the second longest tenured coach in the NFL and we are on our eighth coach with the longest play off drought in the NFL.

Once again History is most qualified to reward our research for just a few months ago the new owners of the Buffalo Bills back-tracked on their comments about building a new stadium saying how nice the current facility is, and how nice the sight lines are. When I heard those comments I knew then the person who is influencing the business decisions of our new owner was Russ Brandon who in 19 years with the team has only had a winning record twice, and though the team like every other NFL team makes a profit he has never improved the earning status of this team from a league bottom feeder. Forbes released their NFL team valuations showing the Bills are the lowest earning franchise in the NFL at #32.

In closing it is my hope that this trend of misfires will come to an end and this franchise returns to being a competitive unit again.

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