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The Rise of Joe Six-Pack

by Chris Stevenson

Before I begin this essay I wish to ask my numerous white readership whether or not you feel I took your country from you? How long do you think it’s been in my possession? When do you want it back? I mean give me some kind of a time frame, please.

There must be something about Universal Health Care that blue collar White America knows about, that citizens of all other industrialized countries don’t know since I don’t hear any of their citizens complaining that they’re country was taken from them. You may think I’m trying to be funny, but it’s never funny when personalities drown out important issues. Try asking a group of so-called “angry whites” where were these townhalls during the Bush years and standby for the sounds of crickets. What is being overlooked is Obama’s biggest mistake; giving the House, Senate and Public a voice on this, when he should have ignored them as his White House predecessor did on numerous issues.

Not to be discounted is the underlining resentment among many; that a black man or someone seen as not white is bringing about this legislation. The implications are deep. If a black man who is President and previously known to announce a cap on corporate bonuses, putting the head of a well-known auto industry on the chopping block and announcing shutdowns of terror prisons and an investigation into CIA torture, if it’s a black man straightening out these problems, who can be seen as the cause of these problems? White America or more specifically the white man.

Fear of this anticipated revelation fills the paranoia of free medical care for all. In Buffalo NY for instance, two conservative radio grunts from AM 930 WBEN (The Voice of Suburban Buffalo) Tom Bauerle and Sandy Beach had weighed in against Obama by first creating a climate of anti-black furor, skillfully running an isolated statement that sounds like a black female resident of New Orleans in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina where she is heard sobbing how the media over-emphasized “the looters,” when she felt the looters were helping them survive. Bauerle’s voice is narrating this four-year-old segment (dug up for reasons only a sick mind understands) and makes cracks about stolen TVs during a flood. The clip is played around the clock as if it were a commercial, which makes me wonder if any advertisers are concerned about this cutting into their airtime. Beach then followed up after one airing and then attacked commenting on the evening of 9/8 that the looters saved their stolen TVs so they could watch Obama years later and be inspired by him. This is par for the course for these 2, but they are hardly ever scrutinized by their station or listeners.

Of course it was nationally known talk radio characters that started all the commotion. Out come all the euphemisms attached to African Americans starting from Reagan and going all the way back to the ’50’s; Real America, programs, set-asides. And one from the vault; Communism (nevermind that your average pizza and beer guzzling wanna-be cop has not the slightest idea what a communist or socialist is). The Nazi comparison is straight out of left field and should have been used for Bush. Over the years I have noticed a good number of whites who are preoccupied with how much money blacks receive. Any urgency from the left to insure over 40 million uninsured citizens should actually be of no concern to any insured. But I’m asking this of a people who whenever a publicized incident happens with a black military or civil servant, the first thing you read about in the press is the voiced desire to take away their pension. The perverse delight of knowing and wanting as many blacks to be left hanging so-to-speak, seems to be a dead giveaway behind townhall/tea party nut-cases.

Imagine you just purchased a new Mercedes S600. Leather seats, no option package available, all models come fully loaded, rims made in heaven. Your next-door-neighbor just won the same car in a drawing. As it goes, some would be cool with that, others however, their S600 and it’s expensive car-note would be de-valued in their eyes. That is, if you are the nosy troublesome kind, otherwise it really should be of no consequence to them. Life however doesn’t work that way for many people and that’s how the modern-day conservative party was re-formed.

Unlike the S600 Obama’s health care package does offer options, which does not include forcing people to leave their private plans, forcing them to leave their doctors and no death squads ready to enforce euthanasia. The real fear against health care has little to do with the proposals and much to do with fear of what this bill will accomplish. Years from now who is going to vote republican, fully knowing they have free health care? Hardly anyone-including more than a few republicans. Hard-line conservative candidates stand to look like they’re own Willy Hortons if they threaten to remove the bill.

Chris Stevenson is a syndicated columnist, his articles also appear in the Buffalo Challenger. contact him at. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook (you don’t have to join either one).

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3 Comments on "The Rise of Joe Six-Pack"

  1. Chris,

    Ask any American, in any city of this great country, if the U.S. is indeed one of the most advanced and civilized countries on the planet and you will more than likely receive a resounding yes. So my question is how have we managed to neglect providing such a fundamental and civilized service as universal health care for so long? Not only have we allowed heath care to become a monster of titanic proportions, but we are determined to keep it as complex and unmanageable as possible, even though its driving us into the poor house and here's why. WHEN PRESIDENT OBAMA SUCCESSFULLY USHERS UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE INTO OUR SOCIETY, IT WILL ENSURE HIM A SECOND TERM AND RACIST WHITE AMERICA WILL DO ANYTHING, ANYTHING TO KEEP THAT FROM HAPPENING, including spreading lies and misinformation and using fear tactics to accomplish their agenda.

    Let's Wake Up and See What's Really Going On!

  2. Brother Zachary C. Husser, Community Organizer | September 21, 2009 at 11:12 pm | Reply

    Dear Brother Chris,

    Every time I read one of your articles I have to go to my thinking room and consume all of the food for thought! In this article, you have hit so many nails on the head that the hammer is falling a part from direct hits on what white supremacist, uneducated, uninformed, and unrepresented folk believe! It's a shame that the group mentioned in the previous sentence is so far out of knowing anything about any of the Health Care Bills, that they consistently speak and vote against themselves!

    The sad thing about those uninformed folks is that they “believe” what they're saying to media and their impressionable children, is the truth. None of them, and I include the elected Congressional Group, the Ignorant talk show host, and many of the Bloggers, have taken one minute to “READ” any of the Bills proposed by the Obama Administration or any individual in Congress. The Republican officials are so ignorant about the Health Care issues that most of what they say is directed towards taking President Barack Obama down. We've got to be very observant and protective of the President of the United States because too many code words and disrespectful things have been said about him personally and concerning his mandate from 70 Million voters. We have to be on our post to watch out for the safety of the 44 elected President of the United States of America. That's what I believe!

    Finally, Republicans, Ignorant Talk Show Host, and White Supremacist had a fifty to sixty years of control of the United States Congress and didn't WRITE one paragraph about Health Care Reform. Why? All of the thieves were too busy filling their pockets with money from Oil, Investment Houses, Banking, and Health Industry Companies. The money filled the political bank accounts of all of the Republican Party members as well as many of the Democratic Congressional Members. The reason Health Reform and the Public Option is having so much difficulty getting through Congress is because Most of the elected officials have already been bought or are ex-officials from many of the Corporations that paid to make them Senators and Congressmen. The elected officials in Washington have been saturated with all this money from the Oil, Banking, and Health Care Companies that most of the elected official forgot they are supposed to be working for We, The People!

    Now, the elected Congressional folk, with few exceptions, work for Corporations that paid for them to be in the seats they occupy. The Comfort of doing nothing for their constituents, getting paid handsomely by Corporate Heads, and always being able to pay and or get the uninformed to vote against their own self interest is what I call Politics! Is this really the America that is talked about in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, Lift Every Voice and Sing, and many of the songs that describe Freedom, Equality, and Justice? I know it's not and we, the People, have to make the Changes we voted 70 Million strong during the election of President Barack Obama a Reality! We voted for change and now we must fight to make the Voted for Change a Reality!

    In the interest of Health Care Reform and the Public Option,

    Brother Zachary C. Husser, Community Organizer

  3. Thanks, thoughtful article.

    Much of this – racism itself, why “ordinary people” are convinced by millionaires to work against their own best interests – is so nuanced and hidden in the language we use that it is elusive for the thinking person to grasp, much less to try explaining it to the kind of Rightist who yells “Heil Hitler!” at a Jewish man praising Israel's health care system to a tv reporter.

    Some commentators have said this militating by the Right has nothing to do with universal health care – what this really is, is finding out how to defeat the current elected administration: throwing everything at it, seeing which memes stick and work to influence public opinion, which tactics get a foot in the door, which bites make Obama flinch. Universal health coverage just happens to be his first big lift.

    Lawrence Congdon
    twitter @LC_Sun

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