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Two events in 2010 alone made it clear that New York’s political establishment was taking Blacks, Latinos and Asians for granted although these groups constitute more than forty percent of the state’s population and more than half of the loyal constituents of the Democratic Party. A poor rat without a hole gets no respect. These groups have no political options.

On January 6, 2010, this collective group made up 26 of the 51 members of the New York City Council. The post of council speaker was up for grabs. Council Speaker Christine Quinn had conducted a reign of terror, in the city council, over the past four years. If she were not bounced, more of the same was on the horizon. This group voted against “change.”

The New York Democratic Party held its convention in May 2010. Blacks, Latinos and Asians were deemed expendable. An all-white slate was nominated for statewide positions. This was reminiscent of the Dixiecrats in 1948. The Freedom Party was established to combat Jim Crow politics.

When Councilman Charles Barron announced that he would be the Freedom Party’s gubernatorial candidate, a system had already been designed to secure ballot status for a Black-led party with a credible gubernatorial candidate. The political terrain included the entire state including 29 congressional districts.

The Freedom Party had to satisfy two requirements of state law for ballot status. On or before August 17 (Marcus Garvey’s birthday), it had to file 15,000 valid signatures from registered voters in New York. Secondly, the total had to include at least 100 valid signatures in 15 congressional districts. It succeeded on both counts.

The Freedom Party fashioned a rule of thumb of three. Blacks have been taught by our parents and our revered ancestors that, in a white supremacist society, Blacks have to bring to the table twice the energy and intellect of whites. In other words, there is no level playing field in this country. No other Black group seeking political power, with ballot status, has ever subscribed to this stringent standard.

State law requires that any political party seeking ballot status must file 15,000 valid signatures with the Board of Elections in Albany. The Freedom Party filed 43,500 signatures on August 16 and at least 300 signatures in 15 congressional districts and at least 100 signatures in 8 more congressional districts. Signatures were obtained in 29 congressional districts evidencing a statewide effort.

It will take some real hanky panky to keep the Freedom Party off the ballot. The suspects may include a conspiracy involving the Democratic Party and the Independence Party. One of the suspects in the Independence Party would include an “activist” who is well-known in the Black community. Any General Objection has to be filed three days after August 16.

The Freedom Party has posed the greatest threat to white supremacy since Marcus Garvey arrived in the United States with the “Back to Africa” Movement which would disrupt the economic exploitation of Blacks in the same way that the Democratic Party is currently engaged in the political exploitation of Blacks.

Although the Democratic Party is comfortable sponsoring an all-white statewide slate of candidates in a state where Blacks, Latinos and Asians will be approaching fifty percent of the state’s population within the next decade, it insists on exploiting their political support without providing for an attendant quid pro quo.

Many leading Blacks, including former New York City Comptroller William Thompson and Assemb. Keith Wright, are in Andrew Cuomo’s political stable. They promise that Cuomo, as a political bedfellow, has guaranteed that his gubernatorial administration will be diverse although his personna must be white. Like father like son. History is about to repeat itself.

In the meantime, Andrew Cuomo is seeking to revoke the Fugitive Slave Law of 1856. Blacks, Latinos and Asians must be returned to the Democratic plantation of the Democratic Party in order for white supremacists to enjoy continued political success. The “New Deal” arose under FDR but the “Great Deal” came under LBJ. Dividends for Democrats started paying off, in 1968.

Brooklyn City Councilman Lewis Fidler promised to return these political “slaves” back to the political fold. This is how he perceive Blacks, Latinos and Asians. According to him, they are too incompetent to think for themselves. He is not only acting on behalf of Cuomo but also on behalf of Mayor Michael Bloomberg and, Council Speaker Christine Quinn who shares with Bloomberg all votes in the New York City Council except the vote of Councilman Barron. In New York City, it is a political duopoly.

Whites see the handwriting on the wall. Councilman Barron will secure a four-year lease on Gracie Mansion in 2013. The Freedom Party will also gain political control of the New York City Council in 2013. Increased voter registration and the ballot status of the Freedom Party will shift the balance of power from white supremacists to the benefit of historically-oppressed groups.

The Freedom Party still has an extensive “to do” list. In addition to fighting off political scavengers who still highlight “Dred Scott” in politics, the Freedom Party must still publicize a platform, attract politically-handicapped groups like the poor, young people and felons and remove wealth from politics as free speech.

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Too honest for the White Press and too black for much of today’s Black Press; bullet columnist Alton Maddox upsets the same people and status quo as he did as an uncompromising Defense Attorney, but he has yet to lie about anything. Contact him at c/o UAM P.O. BOX 35 BRONX, NY 10471

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