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The Secret Government on Capitol Hill





by Alberta Parish

The manufactured government shutdown finally ended last week as U.S. lawmakers on Capitol Hill passed H.R. 2775 raising the U.S. debt ceiling until January 2014 avoiding an economic disaster were it not signed into law one minute prior to midnight on Oct. 17 would have had potential ramifications far worse than the 2008 financial crisis, which sent Lehman Brothers into bankruptcy and the DOW Jones dropping over 700 points. The U.S. Government deciding whether or not it would pay its bills was never truly an option; it was the responsibility of Congress to ensure that this nation’s credit rating score is not permanently damaged and that we avoid a further economic downturn.

The agreement to raise the debt ceiling, however, is only a temporary band-aid placed on this nation’s economic wound, which will continue to seep corruption no matter what budget legislation is passed in Congress.

Not only are the people of the United States under debt slavery to international bankers or the ultra-wealthy elite, but the countries of Spain, Germany, Greece, and Portugal among others have been economically ruined due to the debt crisis created by those who have long controlled the governments of many nations.

In every ancient society – Greece, Rome, England – secret societies controlled the economy and dictated the political landscape. Formerly known as the “Druids,” these societies have always ruled from the shadows behind world leaders whom they purchased to execute their will and policy. They have also collapsed entire economies in every powerful nation on earth.

The Roman Republic was overtaken by secret societies as far back as the 1st century BCE as they appointed the Caesars, the Flavians, the Constantinians and other dynastic ruling families while yet governing behind the curtains. Having caused the rise of the mightiest empire on earth, the elites were equally responsible for its demise. Economic reasons were a major determining factor in the decline and fall of Rome.

With the Western Empire’s trade deficit with the East, this caused a lack of circulating currency in the West. As a result, there was inflation. Rome also had ‘government’ programs in which millions were spent in food provisions for the poor. There was looting of the Roman treasury by ‘barbarians’ who invaded Italy and other parts of the Western Empire. Alaric and the Goths gained control of Italy after sacking the city of Rome in 410 CE. More barbarian invasions followed, which weakened the security of the Empire. Coupled with that was a lack of incentive for military enrollment, which meant a weakened military. In addition to the treasury looting, there was hoarding of (Roman currency) by citizens.

It took a century of government failure manufactured by the secret societies, the empire’s economic debt crisis, and also foreign invasions to bring about the fall of Rome.

For well over a century, the United States has maintained the fiat currency system. Fiat money holds no real value, because it is not backed by gold. In fact, the convertibility of the dollar to gold was ended by President Richard Nixon in 1971. The U.S. dollar is legal tender for meeting a financial obligation. America’s economy is a credit-driven system full of promissory notes in circulation, which are tender for debt owed to foreign creditors. The Feds have printed so many billions of dollars of fiat money to pay its creditors, and sustain the various government programs like military pensions, food stamp assistance, Social Security, and Medicare benefits.

Due to America’s financial budget for fiscal year 2014 with a federal deficit in the trillions, how will the U.S. Government continue meeting its financial obligations to foreign creditors as well as paying its bills on time for various ‘spending’ programs? Remember, the Roman Empire had a budget crisis with huge spending programs and was unable to sustain the economy over a long period of time.


The Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group, the United Nations, the Trilateral Commission and NATO has a prestigious network of globalist elite in every part of the world who control nearly all Fortune 500 companies and the central banks including the Federal Reserve, which has purchased billions in U.S. Treasury securities (i.e. bonds). The elites manufacture the ideas of a culture through the various mediums and television networks they own and operate. Therefore, they control the propagandist views you get to see on a regular basis. They tell us how and what to think about certain regimes and their leaders in foreign countries like Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq. They use mercenaries, covert operatives, and government spies to manufacture false flag terror attacks upon civilians, and then claim CIA-invented al-Qaida and other jihadist groups were responsible.
Since the secret societies own public and private educational institutions, they create the curriculum forced upon the population, which also impacts the kind of historical events that are being studied in the classroom. History has been rewritten to swing in the favor of the elites as they manufacture dirty operations around the globe through various enterprises to dismantle regimes under leaderships they no longer have a viable use for. George Orwell, an Englishman, was among the first contemporary authors to give us a glimpse into the future plans of the elite in his fictional 1949 published work, 1984. In Orwell’s version of a totalitarian society in Great Britain, he described how camera-like devices called ‘telescreens’ would monitor every citizen, his or her thoughts whether spoken, written, or materialized through facial expressions could be prosecuted as thoughtcrimes, and how every citizen faced the threat of false arrest by the Thought Police. In many instances, they were never seen or heard from again.An ancient text called the Book of Revelation, written by a member of the Roman Piso family who were primarily responsible for writing the New Testament, also describes how the human population would be controlled and enslaved through a numbering system and a monitoring device implanted in the right hand/forehead. This device would control the human central nervous system. The objective of those in power has always been to maintain control over the populations, because historically the common people have risen up against tyrannical, elitist governments.
The Piso family was wealthy moneyers and bankers in ancient Roman society. They were the elites who were responsible for the creation of Christianity and its central figure, Jesus. The Book of Revelation was written as the last will and testament of Julius Caesar, and contains many allegories for future events as the elites struggle to control the human population. One method that has been proposed by globalist leaders in their think tank discussions is reducing the human population from the current 7 billion to less than 1 billion. This can happen through infectious, deadly viruses or chemical weapons attacks. We’ve already seen test runs in places like Syria when chemical weapons were released upon civilians in two poor Damascus suburbs on August 21, 2013 killing hundreds, including children.When you look upon the many stoic faces of today’s political leaders, you are looking at sadistic mass murderers who have a hand in much of the world’s wars in which countless lives have been lost, impoverished communities in regions like Somalia lack decent food and clean running water, and the global spread of the AIDS epidemic has been accelerated to annihilate entire African populations.
The secret societies control both the Democratic and Republican parties on Capitol Hill. They dictate the laws before they are passed on the floor of the House and Senate. The British monarchy still has sovereignty over this nation, because it finances America’s debts. Therefore, President Barack Obama has to give concession to the Queen of England. Even before Obamacare, there was Romneycare.
The Republican presidential nominee ran his 2012
campaign on the premise of repealing Obamacare. Yet, he proposed the same style of government health care reform while merely playing the role of a supporting actor in a made for television political drama broadcasting before the entire world on CNN, Fox News and C-SPAN.
The political parties in Congress don’t hate each other as they would have us believe. There is a faction of the Republican Party – Tea Party members – that opposes many of the President’s policies. However, the entire Congress has already been bought and paid for by the central banks (owned by the globalist elite) that finance the day-to-day operations of the U.S. Government. Upon their discretion, the elites could topple the government and plunge this entire country into an economic death sentence. Then, we would be reduced to a feudal system once again, which the exchange of services and labor is provided to a wealthy land owner in exchange for protection and the use of his land. Under the feudal system, there were very few wealthy people. Today, 98% of the world’s resources and wealth rest in the hands of a few even while Western capitalism has created many new millionaires in the past 100 years. But the wealth of new millionaires is no match for the ultra-wealthy globalists who have enough money to pay America’s debts three times over, and also take care of every citizen for the rest of our lives.
There is nothing supernatural about the bloodlines of the Illuminati secret societies as many would have us believe. The Luciferian doctrine was invented by the globalists just like a Roman elite family invented Christianity, the New Testament, and the peaceful Jewish messiah of the Gospels. In fact, Christian priest Jerome in the 4th century had inserted into Isaiah 14:12 the Latin Lucifer to replace the Hebrew name ‘Helel ben-Shachar’. The original Hebrew Isaiah 14:12 passage describes the fall of the king of Babylon. The Isaiah passage is not describing the origin and fall of Satan. Lucifer was never meant to be an actual personage; it is merely the planet Venus, a morning star.
bullet columnist Alberta Parish is best known as a take-no-prisoners Youtube commentator, you can also follow her writings on Freedom TribuneMyspace and Twitter.


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