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The Vision of the GBSEC Needs to be Embraced by All













by Pat Freeman


The preferred site for building the new stadium complex is the Outer Harbor waterfront site. This site was picked out after looking at other sites in downtown Buffalo by HKS Architects and stadium designers. One of the premiere stadium designers in the world made several visits to western New York under the auspices of the Greater Buffalo Sports and Entertainment complex. After ruling out other suggested sites it was determined that the Outer Harbor site offered the greatest site potential for the suggested complex which includes a convention center, hotel, retail space, a one of a kind in North America interactive child’s sports museum under the direction of the world renown Strong Museum of Rochester, New York, and of course a state of the art 72,000 seat multi-use stadium.

There are some people that have raised concerns over the entrance and exits that can be currently used at the Outer Harbor site. My suggestion to those with those concerns let’s work together to solve your concerns and let’s move western New York forward together rather than working against one another. Well let’s address those concerns if you look at the finished site proposal for the Outer Harbor you will notice that the architects have added an additional four entrances and exits to the site constructing bridges similar to the sites of Pittsburgh and Chicago which HKS designed also. Let’s look at some of the designer suggestions to ease the mind of the concerns of some.

Extend the Buffalo Metro rail and Main Street to the Waterfront.
Connect downtown Streets to Waterfront site Michigan Avenue , Chicago Street, and Louisiana Street.
Create a Boulevard to provide access to new site development
Right now there are 5,750 parking spaces within a 10 minute walking radius of the site.

Now we are starting to see the vision of the Greater Buffalo Sports and Entertainment complex’s principal officers Nicholas Stracick and George Hasiotis for they are extending downtown and integrating the Outer Harbor Island site by creating two waterfronts a River Front, and a Lake Front. This design concept is very similar to the way Pittsburgh and Chicago integrate the beauty of the lake and river-fronts with bridges to assure accessibility. This visionary setting will separate us from the rest of the nation because of the visionary ideas of the Greater Buffalo Sports and Entertainment complex. This is really an economic game changer that will enhance the viability of this region more than many of us can imagine.

In closing the vision of the Greater Buffalo Sports and Entertainment complex needs to be embraced by all of us if our objective is to bring back the greatness of this region. So we are talking about more than 72,000 people that could be attending an event in the stadium but visitors to the museum, guests at the hotel, patronizing the First Niagara Center, using the new convention center, attending a event at Shea’s, and other theaters. The goal is to bring this downtown region back to life at all times creating thousands of permanent jobs, and entrepreneurial opportunities. This vision thanks to the Greater Buffalo Sports and Entertainment Complex is a reality in reach here in Western New York.

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