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The Weakness of Young Black Males







by Alberta Parish

Being a highly intuitive person has taught me to take people at face value, and to always rely upon my gut instinct. What you see sometimes is really what you get. Therefore, you have to learn how to make sound decisions based upon your own intuition. Sometimes, when you recognize situations that are potentially dangerous for you, it is best to avoid the situation. If you never rely upon your inner self, you’ll find yourself making bad choices, which will ultimately work against you.

Based on the moral fabric of our society, I no longer feel safe when dealing with the general public. In Atlanta, there are very little social programs that provide services to those with a history of mental illness. Therefore, the criminally insane are finding themselves behind bars at the county and city jails awaiting release only to return to the only life they know, which is fighting for their own basic survival. Like the Vandals and Visigoths of old, they plunder, rape, robe, and murder. Most black males today are the new Vandals and Visigoths. They are not strong enough to be future leaders and providers. They cannot even provide for themselves. While we continue to coddle and make excuses for young, criminally insane black males walking within our midst, many go about their daily routine living in fear of being raped, stabbed, robbed, and murdered every day. You can’t even walk down the street without feeling a sense of doom. Most of our young males are too weak and bitchified to be the natural leaders and providers they are supposed to be.

The gay male is not our problem, but the bitchified black male is a disgrace to the generations that came before us.

The qualities of leadership are not always wrapped up in a title. Your degree doesn’t naturally make you a leader. The leader carries oneself honorably. The leader is not perfect. However, the leader is ever vigilant of those who would cause harm, and is protective of his or her children. The leader inspires others to personal and/or collective greatness. The leader fights to maintain his/her freedom and dignity even if it means overthrowing the established order of things. Within the black community, there are far too many self-appointed leaders that don’t possess a shred of human dignity, and they are more a liability than an asset to the members of their community. No wonder your sons and daughters are dying indiscriminately at the hands of others. You place your faith in the wrong leaders expecting good results, but they are useless to the black community.

In Chicago, shooting deaths among black males are an everyday occurrence, which leads me to question, where are the true black leaders in that city? Often, many black people look outside themselves for leadership or a personal savior? They look to Jesus or Muhammad or President Obama to save them from their miserable lives. But when will they save themselves?

The young black males of my generation brag to their peers and anyone else who would listen about spending time in jail and prison. This is the ultimate badge of shame and degradation that any human being should never willingly subject himself to. But somehow, the young black male has turned his own slavery against himself, and has willingly accepted a lesser role in society. This, to me, is the ultimate failure of the black man.

At least, have enough dignity to reject your own slavery!

You must understand that we as a people will always have enemies. But the young black male has become his own worst enemy. Many of you don’t have anything to contribute to the advancement of black people worldwide. Many of you are a walking blight upon nature. You have no usefulness to the black community, and therefore, you are not what the true definition of a man entails. You might as well be dead.

Since when has the hip-hop culture become black African culture in America? Why have the Americanized African man and woman allowed Europeans to define black African culture?

The problem with American-born black people is there are far too many who are too weak to define their own true identity. Many of you don’t know who you are, because you have allowed society to define who you are. Many walk around with an air of invincibility, very controlling, very haughty, and you pretend to be on top of the world. But you have no real power, which is why you feel the constant need to control others. Black arrogant pricks on the job are black people’s Achille’s Heel.

bullet columnist Alberta Parish is best known as a take-no-prisoners Youtube commentator, you can also follow her writings on Freedom Tribune, Myspace and Twitter.

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6 Comments on "The Weakness of Young Black Males"

  1. The previous comment was sent by Mothers Of Those In Crisis, via the Founder.

  2. Sistah ,Sistah ,Sistah . You are so “On the Truth” and thats why that brother attempted to put you down . As a trailblazer on this message , and I have the Truth to support our messages. And it is confermed in in more ways than He could imagine. As a Human service Provider, Personally and Proffesionally I have more Factual Information than that painfilled responder has the time or energy to review.My assesment of his message reveals a male that is suppressing personal experience, and or he is one of those “Poverty Pimps” that is employed by the Political Players that take part in the Genoside.
    I dont have time to respond as thorough as he needs to hear at this time. I will be contacting you very soon.
    We are so grateful for you Message and Please dont stop
    Le Gurrl.

  3. Dear Mr. Zachary C. Husser,

    When I write a column about young black males or older black males not taking responsibility for their own actions, and how black males are indiscriminately killing each other, it doesn’t mean that I have been hurt by a black male. In fact, I can boast that I have NEVER been involved in physically or mentally-draining and/or abusive relationships with black males. A black male has never raised his fist at me! Why? Because I’ve never dated a man that I knew was a potential threat to me! This means that I possess skills when it comes to picking or choosing a mate. If anything, I was the one who let go half of the males I’ve dated because of my own immaturity or his immaturity, or because of certain standards he didn’t measure up to. Why? I was a fuckin’ religious hypocrite in my past who worried about the wrong things…worried about whether or not he was a godly man. I was the one caught up in religion looking for the PERFECT MATE! Now, I’m an atheist! Now, I see there is no perfect human being! It comes down to whether or not I am willing to deal with certain things from a potential companion. I have dealt with a few black males who attempted to try and control me, but I’m not surprised because we live under a patriarchal society. Notice that I said ‘attempted’. I’ve never submitted my will or gave up my power to allow a human male (who was a potential companion/boyfriend/date-friend) living on this planet to exercise absolute authority/control/domination over me nor over my life! I’ve never allowed a potential male companion/boyfriend/date-friend to dominate me in any relationship! I don’t control men. Therefore, I don’t want a man controlling me! And I will NOT allow it! I knew when to run for the hills when I needed to run for the hills! I also know a hole-ass when I run across one, and I run for the hills. I once submitted my will to the MYTHICAL Jesus of Nazareth, because I was brainwashed to believe Jesus was my lord and savior. But Jesus is an imaginary figure! Religion has weakened the black male! Religion has made the black male believe he is superior over the woman! European racist ideological concepts contained in the bible perpetuates the patriarchal system, which teaches males that they are supposed to be the absolute authority in everything! However, ancient African societies (before the arrival of the Greeks) had a matriarchal system. Under the matriarchy, the woman and the man were equal in rulership as well as leadership. The woman and the man had equal authority! The black woman was highly revered and/or worshipped in ancient African societies! Today, the black woman has been relegated to the video ho! The black male no longer respects the black woman in this culture! Note: there is a distinction between black males and black men. The black woman and black man have been forced to take a lesser role in society! We as a people went from kings and queens to slaves and servants! Remember, Africa was conquered in the 15th Century. Africa is still conquered! We are a conquered people living in somebody else’s culture! Western civilization is NOT our culture! When you love yourself, you won’t allow other people to define who you are! My concern for young black males ending up in county jail and prison doesn’t have anything to do with a black male hurting me in my past. In fact, I’m a little offended by your comment about a black man having hurt me. NOT ALL BLACK MEN HURT WOMEN! Mr. Husser, don’t assume that you know what is in my heart based on reading this one article. You do not really know my past. You didn’t know (before I just told you) the years I spent in church waiting for the MYTHICAL SKY DADDY to send me a husband that I never got. Sir, I’ve never been married, and I don’t have kids. I’m glad I don’t have kids, because I can’t afford them. At the age of 37, I have an old school mentality. I believe a male should become a man, and do what is required of a man. Right now, we are losing entire generations to the grave, jail and prison. We’ve already lost countless generations to the brainwashing program of Judeo-Christianity and Islam. Must we continue to lose countless more? Black people must save themselves now! If you feel the pain in my article, IT IS BECAUSE I’M TIRED OF SEEING YOUNG BROTHAS IN JAIL, PRISON, AND OUT HERE IN THE STREETS KILLING EACH OTHER! Black males need to direct their aggression toward those people who are their true enemies. Black males are FIGHTING the wrong enemies!!! It is time for black people to stop making excuses for the killers, rapists, thieves, and robbers in their own communities. There are too many brothas dying on the streets of America at the hands of other brothas. What are you and me going to do about this societal mass extermination of our people? Are you going to keep accusing every single black woman who writes an article about this mass extermination of our young men and women that she must have been hurt by black men in her past? Are you going to keep coddling these young brothas out here who are robbing, raping, and killing other black people? Why can’t they direct their aggression toward those outside their communities? By now, black people could have recaptured their ancient homeland (Africa). But many black people are too busy killing each other instead.

  4. Zachary C. Husser, Sr. | May 22, 2012 at 9:26 am | Reply

    Dear Ms. Parish,

    After reading your piece entitled “Asset, Criminally Insane, Liability, Vandals, Visigoths, and Young Black Males, I came away asking myself what Black Man Hurt YOU? I’m speaking for the majority of Black Men because we’re doing many things to save Our Sons and protect the young, women, and helpless seniors that reside in our neighborhoods. As opposed to what you write, WE do have an Army of Young Men doing what is correct and are working on becoming World Class Scholars that do Service in the Communities you speak about on a routine basis! I know Our efforts don’t get every negative that comes to the Black Neighborhood, but We’re working on developing Mentors to work with Our Young Men so they once again know What their “Place” in the Black Legacy is all about! I’m a frontline soldier and I work with young boys as WE TEACH them to become Young responsible Brothers, Husbands, and Leaders! This is an awesome job, but no one else is going to come and Save Us. WE must Save Ourselves because we know exactly what the problems are.

    In concluding, I suggest YOU reach out for some personal help to deal with the “Hurt” that some Black Man has caused YOU. I feel the pain in your writing. This is one writer speaking directly to another. We see and read things others might miss, but in this case, I know I’m sure of what I say. WE can never blame Victims for their display of negative behavior! Let’s work together to resolve and solve the issues of negative behavior by Some of Our Young Men! This is the task we must complete and We all know that! No one is coming to SAVE US, WE must do the work so Save Our Black Legacy or we’ll be made irrelevant! What’s the next step after “Irrelevant?”

  5. Boy, you nailed it! Well some of it. Don’t forget out of these lowly drongs come the same black man society has suddenly put on top of the world in terms of who’s going to be used to further divide black America! How? By being the hot commody for white women. Dividing them from black women and making young black girls hate want to themselves for not being the black girl/woman’s pick. We know its all for sex yet black men don’t seem to get how bitchified they really are by chosing white women for mates. Nobody abandons their race to the extent that black men do, nobody!

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