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The White Man Wink




by Katrinna Martin-Bordeaux

Jeremy Zellner feels “the upraising” of middle/upper class white folks in the suburbs and progressive parts of the city, are related to their economic disparity and lack of recovery. Which is really the economic disparity for most black and brown community members that support Hillary Clinton, hmmm, go figure.

I see this phenomenon from a different perspective. So if more white folks voted for Sanders than Clinton the assumption would be that white folks are doing worse than black folks, and that’s BS. The voter turn out reflects what I want to call “the white man wink.”




The white man wink is described as actions taken by white folks to tell black and minority people that the system and political establishment is really !@#$%&* you.

Black folks usually vote for the establishment candidate, and it is often difficult for black folks to support their own interests. Perfect example would be Jessie Jackson. Most black people did not support his candidacy, but more white people that thought it was time for black progression did (Sanders was one of them). Today we have a black president, and the same mentality that we had then, not being forward thinkers and lacking vision and self-worth has us thinking that a practical platform of solutions to our issues is too far to reach.

If they all really believed in “power to the people,” the Sanders platform, which gets us as close as we can be to a modern day reparation will be adopted by any progressive democratic presidential candidate. The Sanders platform is logical and practical, because it will basically make corporate America pay its restitution to the people for it acts of greed and corruption, that only benefits 1% of all people. These people have the money, they have the resources, and they did it dirty, they should be taxed out the ass. Catch 22, they will still be filthy rich, all of them. “They acquired the wealth and legacy, so they must pay the debt.”

Release the transcripts of all paid speeches from these wealthy oppressors. They give her a cut via speech, some call this hush money, I call it BS.

Martin is a Democratic Party official, and zone chair of West Cheektowaga, and founder of the Young Black Democrats of Western New York.

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