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Trump Pays his Penance at the Voting Booth



by Chris Stevenson

One candidate wants to be one of the guys, and blow countries up. The other candidate really doesn’t want it, and is trying his best to blow his chance.

That’s the story of the 2016 Presidential Election, and the more time goes on, the more it seems it may have been scripted by Hillary Clinton as far back as a year or two ago.

For one thing Donald Trump’s acidic soundbites have been getting worse and worse to the point of being flat-out unbelievable, hasn’t anyone else noticed how strong he seems to be trying to win votes for Clinton? Former First Lady Barbara Bush gave us the best clue some time back, likening him to “a comedian, a showman.” The key word here-albeit too little explored-is one of The Donald’s favorite; “fixed.” Otherwise this is a totally different topic I’m writing about and we are looking at the dumbest candidate in history of the presidency by far, and his legion of followers are even more disturbing than he. Call it idiot census, especially the “Blacks for Trump” movement.

All this ultimately brings us back to Hil. Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks asked “did she get lucky that she has the most reprehensible person running against her that we ever had in our lifetime?” If that really was the case Hillary should have a better chance of winning than Obama did when he ran against Alan Keys for US Senator in 2004. Oddly Uygur dismissed any Bilderberg conspiracy theory. What about Hilderberg? The Clintons have shown me over the decades they are a secret society unto themselves, and don’t need any help. Secret societies may be afraid of them.



Former Secretary of State and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton testifies before the House Select Committee on Benghazi, on Capitol Hill in Washington DC. Clinton was questioned about the 2012 attack on the US diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, as well as her use of a private email server for government business while she held the position as U.S. Secretary of State. (Photo by Brooks Kraft LLC/Corbis via Getty Images)

(Photo by Brooks Kraft LLC/Corbis via Getty Images)



News of Hillary’s emails are just as big a diversion as the constant media exposure of her husband Bill’s adulterous liaisons during his 2 campaigns and terms. This is no accident, and I can only suspect she or Bill are involved in more serious wrongs than we know about because the major networks are not looking for it.

There is no masking over Hil’s youthful admiration of Barry Goldwater and eugenicist Margaret Sanger. Sanger was another curt-acting old bat who was deep into her neat method of population control, in this case abortion not-so-inconspicuously aimed at blacks. Hil’s program of population control was the mass-incareceration of blacks during the ’90’s. The fact that she openly expresses regret during her campaign months ago shouldn’t make us go to sleep on her.

I said a couple weeks ago this is a race between the gangster and the Grand Dragon, because I have no proof all of this is contrived my vote goes to the gangster, Clinton. There may have never been a more lesser-of-two-evils election in the modern history of the US, but there I go to the voting booth. Trump/Pence took this nation to a place it hasn’t been in a long time. It shouldn’t be so easy in 2016 to ignite the fear of so many White Americans, but it is isn’t it? The orange one has whites from The backwoods, down south, South Boston, Bensonhurst, to South Buffalo and it’s infamous First Ward feeling they and their wacky-race views are back out in the open and they are a-okay. His losing the election (of which will he almost surely stands to do) will require him to call many of these nuts back in. A vote for democrats across the board would make it easier for Hillary to make appointments such as the ones anticipated in the US Supreme Court, and get favorable laws put through the House and Senate. It’s not just about the candidates themselves, but what issues lurk behind them.

Chris Stevenson is author of “The MAO Syndrome: A Timeline of Newspaper columns Tracking Hate, Fear, Loathing, Obstinacy, and Stubbornness of many on the right & some on the left who are simply Mad At Obama.” He is also a regular columnist for blackcommentator, and a contributor to the Hampton Institute, his own blog www.thebuffalobullet.com, and a syndicated columnist. Follow him on Twitter, and Facebook. Watch his video interviews for Griot Nation (GNN). Follow his Blogtalkradio interviews on 36OOseconds. Respond to him by email; pointblankdta@yahoo.com

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2 Comments on "Trump Pays his Penance at the Voting Booth"

  1. Thanks for you comment @Peggy. This column began dated just a couple hours after it was posted. Who knew that slimebucket was going to win? Oh well, that’s a subject for another column… coming soon.

  2. Well stated. I honestly never thought I would see someone of Trump’s caliber in a race for the presidency of the US. He is a bigot, racist, misogynist, sexual predator, and everything in between. He is the epitome of all that is vile. I will be so glad when this is over and we can all go back to being decent to one another, if possible. I do fear though what some of his back-woods followers may do. God help us all.

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