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by Sandra M. Hawkes

America has found itself the unwitting victim of a battle on the level of Armageddon fueled by a madman masquerading as the recently installed President of the United States. His lack of civility predates the turbulent election cycle and continues nonstop to propel him into king for life if he and his assorted band of thieves on the highest levels have their way. The crisis that this trauma has and continues to inflict on America and other countries is like that of an innocent bystander caught in the unending crossfire of rival gangs on some urban streets or the world’s hotspots for that matter.

The American economy and all the financial benefits thereof have been made legally ripe for the picking by cabinet members/corporate raiders whose sole objectives are to devour and gut to the core all that made America great on the backs and at the total expense of working people, especially black folks. To add insult to injury the public is asked to not believe their lying ears and eyes and instead interpret the torrent of deceit and lies as ‘alternative facts.’ After all, we are viewed as the gullible American public who so desperately wanted to believe the alternative facts that a madman mouthpiece can ‘make America great again’ even in the face of unerring truth. Our daily lives have become a non-stop war zone with casualties mounting and no rescue squad in sight.





We are viewed as the gullible American public who so desperately wanted to believe the alternative facts that a madman mouthpiece can “make America great again.”

America has many problems that didn’t happen overnight and they will not be fixed with the stroke of a pen or the mantra “you’re fired.” The fallout will be devastating to those who believed they were living the American dream as the nightmare become daily reality. Once they really open their eyes and minds to the cold truth it may well be too late. Black folks have always known and adjusted to the affects of an ‘uncivil war’ since being dragged to these shores. We have not had the luxury of the ‘willing suspension of disbelief’ when it comes to America’s treatment of people of color. That is not to say we are helpless or powerless to affect change in our personal lives and the communities we live in.

We have an obligation and really no choice to not just survive in disbelief but to take action by becoming involved in whatever way we can to make our communities better, our voices heard, getting legislation passed that benefits us. We have survived and thrived through generational storms, trauma and uncivil warfare against our families and communities. We will continue in our most ingenious ways that really made ‘America great’ despite the madmen of the world. ‘Alternative facts’ don’t stand a chance against us in this most uncivil war.

In the words of our great poet laureate Langston Hughes – “Let America be American again,” not some twisted vision of mad men.

Sandi Hawkes, CEO – GetWrite4U, LLC is a Freelance writer based in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

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