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Unemployment Low Except for ex-Felons



by Bob Pelshaw

On this Labor Day national unemployment at about 5.7% is nearly at the lowest point it’s been since 2008. But not for ex-felons.

Even though they served their time and paid their debt to society many with a criminal carry a “life sentence” of always being denied good jobs because of their criminal past. This despite recent national studies that prove if an ex-offender stays away from crime for seven years they are no more likely than the rest of the population to commit crime.

As an employer I routinely trashed any application with a criminal history. Now I know that was a huge mistake. There are substantial bottom line benefits for hiring people with criminal records, and they’re easy to get. There are free protections, and by hiring ex-felines you get things money can’t buy:

– loyal hard working employees.

– someone who appreciates their job.

– someone who will likely stay longer in the job due to scarce other opportunities.

– broaden your labor pool since 25% of the population has a criminal history.

– knowing that you’ve helped keep someone from returning to crime to support themselves.

We have 75% recidivism and I believe many turn to crime to support themselves when they can’t find work. This is supported by the fact that 89% of all recidivists are unemployed when they are re-arrested.

COULD EMPLOYERS REFUSING TO HIRE EX-FELONS BE CONTRIBUTING TO HIGHER CRIME & RECIDIVISM? Employers aren’t the problem – they can be the solution. Encourage a business owner or hiring manager you know to consider the benefits of hiring a person with a criminal history. Encourage an ex-offender to learn the benefits for employers so they can convince them to give them a chance.

Find free “no strings attached” resources and information at hireexfelons.org. Thanks for spreading the word!

I wrote the book “Illegal to Legal” to help those formerly incarcerated, or at risk to being incarcerated, that cannot find work have an alternative means of support other than crime.  My hope is that they become employers too. When we give people hope, and a path, for a good life away from the streets, maybe then we can start to see dramatic improvements in poverty, crime, recidivism, and mass incarcerations. Support the cause by getting a copy of the book today, for you or a friend or loved one. The book supports the National Hire Ex Felons Campaign. You’ll give the gift of a new future. Thank you!

R.L. Pelshaw, is a successful real estate developer, consultant, entrepreneur, public speaker, and is the author of an exciting new book to help offenders, ex-offenders, those at risk to offend, and their families.

Please buy one for yourself or as a gift for the offender, ex-offender, or person at risk to offend.


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