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Van Jones We Hardly Knew Ye

by Chris Stevenson

Midnight September 6. Another black man lost his job. Only conservatives can find a way to demonize an environmentalist. So for the time being Anthony “Van” Jones joins the legion of 1.3 million unemployed black men, at least until he cleans up on the college lecture circuit. Jones’ opponents are also playing on a factor they sniffed out about Barack Obama well before his election; his failure to fight back. Apparently Obama will throw his radical friends under the bus, or refuse to yank them back when a speeding bus is approaching.

Just how dangerous was Jones? Special Advisor to the Council for Environmental Quality is not a high-profile position. There are no young females catfighting for intern of such a position. You can’t exchange nuclear secrets with the Chinese, the Russians or even Niger in such a capacity. Jones was being castigated for views he publicly expressed before he joined the Obama Administration. Which means a whole lot of nothing. I’m sure if you pulled over the neighborhood ice cream truck your kids always harass you about, you’d get some pretty radical views from the guy making your grade-schooler a banana split, that is if you queried him. (sigh) But he’s just the ice cream man.

Jones is believed to have started a Bay Area Police Watch back in 1995 as a young attorney, but what has attracted so much animus to him lately is his signing a 9/11 Truth Statement calling for unanswered questions that suggest Bush Administration officials deliberately allowed the attacks to happen. Can you imagine the town halls cropping up across the country were Obama hypothetically in office during that time? That’s why Obama is the President and I’m not, were it me I’d be searching for people like Jones and dare the right to object. I’d simply respond ‘your vice-President shoots people.’ I think I’d crack on Cheney so much people would be afraid to ask me anything.

Sadly Jones back-peddled a few days ago (9/3), why is beyond me. Either we accept that part of 9/11 was an inside job, or it took place under the strangest collection of coincidences ever known to man. Now which is it hmmm? In the meantime President Obama is going to have to start getting uppity and show some of his detractors who’s boss. All he had to do is issue a public statement saying Jones’ views are his own personal business. Otherwise he doesn’t stand to have much of an administration in a year or so.

Chris Stevenson is a syndicated columnist, his articles also appear in the Buffalo Challenger. Respond to him on the link below and follow him on Twitter and facebook.

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