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Veronica’s Response to the Residential Parking Benefits District Study

Veronica’s Open letter to William Smith



by Veronica Hemphill-Nichols

Greetings William,

With all due respect, giving half the parking spaces to Medical Campus employees is unconscionable, to say the least. If it weren’t for my work schedule I would have attended all the meetings and expressed my concerns, and I understand at the final meeting only one person from the Fruit Belt was in attendance. Correct me if I was told in error. Also, two out of the four FB reps you copied don’t live in the neighborhood and the two that do have driveways.

Let’s bottom line this, the residents of the Fruit Belt didn’t create this problem. The Medical Campus is responsible and to suggest we surrender half our parking spaces is unjust and inconsiderate. So, while this wonderful idea called the “Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus” was being thought out, no one considered the impact the floodgate of employees was going to create and we shouldn’t have to shoulder a plan ill thought, not to mention the 1,700 additional employees and students coming to a town near you.

The burden for resolution should fall on the shoulders of the Medical Campus employers and employees and this plan is not it. There should be negotiations for affordable parking between the unions and the campus so employees can park in their designated area and not the surrounding neighborhoods, because the Fruit Belt isn’t the only place they are parking.

Granted, there’s money to be made at our expense but we’ve been pimped enough!

My recommendation, employees shouldn’t be allowed to park in our neighborhood, period!

“Ignorance is bliss only for the ones controlling the ignorant!” (VHN)

Veronica Hemphill-Nichols is a Community Organizer of Restorative Justice, the Fruit Belt Housing Task Force Unit, and McCarley Gardens Tenant Council. Contact her at 716-390-5705

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