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Vision Boards Can Take Your Career To The Next Level



by Ann Brown

Vision Boards can be a great tool in helping you develop a strategy for your business. To help bring your business goals to life.

Vision boards are a creative way of setting goals and making strategies for your life and career. It offers a visual representation of dreams, desires,and direction, making them touchable, tangible, and able to be tracked and quantified,” explains reinvention coach Jennifer Oliver O’Connell, co-chair of CareerCamp International and founder of Tuesdays with Transitioners.

How to make a vision board: “Most vision boards are created using: a poster board (or any large board or art paper; images and words from newspapers, newsletters, or magazines that resonate or speak to the goals one wants to achieve; a glue stick to adhere the cutouts to the paper or board,” says O’Connell.

By organizing your goals and vision visually, you can jump start your career. “If you are in a career rut, a vision board can not only lay out a road map in a different direction, but in the choosing of specific words and images, it allows a person to identify common roadblocks of fear, false expectations, and perfectionism, and uses a visual representation to isolate a solution or create alternatives to these roadblocks,” says O’Connell.

A vision board could help you out your career in perspective. “The same holds true for career success or satisfaction; a vision board solidifies and documents what someone is doing right, and allows him or her to continue to pave a road map for that success and build on it,” says O’Connell. “It is an excellent organizational tool for projects, and can help entrepreneurs and executives with the big picture aspect of his or her career, rather than getting caught up in lists, details, and minutiae.”

“The other reason vision boards are helpful to your career is the same as why long-term goals and vision are helpful to your career – “if you don’t know where you are headed, any path will get you there.” Any work, whether linear or more creative is a way to call out for yourself what you long-term vision and values are so that you can begin to steer the ship of your career in that direction.”

Ashley Stahl, career coach to Millennials and founder of notes: “The benefits of creating a vision board are countless, because if you can’t think of something, it won’t happen. It’s as simple as that. It also sets an intention and a direction, which activates the reticular activating system of your brain, also called the RAS. This is the part of your brain that helps you see opportunity, and it gets activated when you visualize and bring intentions into your consciousness.”

To really bring your vision board to life, Stahl suggests creating a mind movie at mindmovie.com.

She add, “Visualizing is key to your career, as it helps you align your conscious and subconscious mind. The subconscious– your beliefs, etc– influences your mindset, and when you visualize and feel into your vision, it allows your mindset to soak it up and process it as possibility, particularly when you focus on how you’d like to feel.”

Ann Brown is a longtime New York journalist whose columns appear in The Network Journal, New York Trend and other publications. She currently resides in Cape Verde.

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