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by Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Hello My Brothers and Sisters:

Today is October 30, 2010. We are two days and counting from the mid-term on Tuesday, November 2, 2010.

The media hype is predicting that the Republicans will be the majority. We are praying that the Democrats will maintain their edge. But we know that prayer is not enough. We have to put action behind those prayers. If we sit on our hands, or second guess ourselves, or get involved in b.s. pseudo-philosophical debates, the media will win, and we’ll lose big time!

You – we – got one week and counting to turn this ship around. We have to make them eat their predictions. WE have to show once and for all that we know what time it is.

Now, I am not a believer in self fulfilling prophecies. I’d rather think that we are in control of our own destinies, and no matter how much propaganda is posted on the internet and via the mainstream media, the final say rests with us.

That said, I also don’t believe in leaving things to chance, or standing by to watch how they play out, either. We Black people are in the pivotal position of determining the outcome of the upcoming general elections, both locally and nationally.

At the end of the day, it really is up to us to do our job.

And what job is that? It is to get out en masse and vote – vote for anybody (i.e. Democrat) who will be in a position to continue helping President Barack Obama maintain the majority and the edge he needs to get the job done in Washington, DC., as well as on the local home front.

Notwithstanding Tea Partyiers, Right wingers, Republicans, Sara Palins type creatures, not withstanding back lashers, KKK creeps, red necks, and those few Negroes who hate anything that reminds them that they are Black – notwithstanding insipid polls, snipes at the President, or any of that other stuff, WE GOT A JOB TO DO, and we’d better be about it. (and yes I support New York’s Freedom Party, but that’s another article).

From the late 50’s through the 60’s we laid down our lives, participated in sit-in, pickets, boycotts, you name it, to get our “civil rights” including the right to vote.(which also translates as responsibility to vote). We were spat on, sprayed on, shot at, bombed, buried in cement, hung by crazed whites, in our efforts to make sure that Black Americans had the right to vote. We died to attain the same rights accorded to whites in this country.

You might say we “won.”

Then we sort of put the execution (what a word) of these rights, bills and plans into their hands, as though they had magically transformed their hatred of us into some sort of benevolent benefactors who would bestow upon us all they had denied us for so many centuries.

Well, duh…is it any wonder that the next 40 years after the passing of the voting rights act was every kind of scheme to undermine its implementation.

Like Moses and the Israelites, we literally wandered and floundered around for 40 years trying to get a grip, and at the same time losing ground. Instead of our having progressed across the board (I.e. Africans, African Americans, West Indian/Caribbean, South and Central Americans – all people of African heritage) descended into madness.

Now, 40 years later we have managed to right the ship somewhat. We actually are in a position to bring about the changes we need to live a decent quality of life. We have to protect our base from the termites who are looking to undermine the ground that has been gained, and send us back into the land of Bush.

We must look at everything in the NOW. I.e. if we don’t do this now, we will have no future. There will be no later. We do not have 40 more years to get it right. We don’t even have 4 more years. We have to be at those polls en masse as we were when President Obama was running for Office. We have to have lines around the blocks of people waiting to vote to protect President Obama.

We have to make history again. NOW

We’ve always been part of a weird numbers game. When you figure the slave monsters were able to count how many slaves they could pack in the hull of a ship, and how many they would have to throw over board, as well as how many would actually make it in order for them to make a profit. They bean counted us down to the last person.

Later, they were able to count how many of us they had to hire in order to accomplish bogus affirmative action quotas. – sometimes even being able to double count us by hiring Black females instead of males, because we were both female and minority.

They were able to count how many of us would wind up on welfare. They are able to program how many of us in a district makes a stronghold.

And now they are trying to count how many of us will actually sit out this election because we think the statistics and tradition of an interim party take over because of a mid-term disenchantment with the President.

Well, let’s fool them. Let them know that they no longer can count us out. No longer can they predict who we are and what we do.

Let’s take these numbers and make them work for us. Multiply how many of us need to turn out to support the candidates who support Obama by the number of ancestors who lost their lives during the middle passage — the transatlantic slave trade.

Count the number of people who have to vote by the number of people who participated in the marches, demonstrations, sit ins and multiply that by 1000.

That’s how many of us need to turn out on November 2. And we need to be getting them together NOW.

Take your friends, neighbors, relatives, acquantances. Have a vote party. Have a vote brunch.Organize a vote van to pick up the elderly and physically challenged. Do a voter training program at church so everyone knows how to use the new machines.

Black people have to vote as though their lives depend on it, because it does. NOW and later.

We don’t have another 40 years to waste. It’s as simple as that. We have to hold the line and bring in a surplus locally and nationally.. We have to make it a tidal wave of voting.

So, here are your instructions:

Forward this article to at least 20 of your associates and friends, throughout the US, and ask them to do the same. Send this message across the country. Send it next door, too.

When the Civil Rights and Black Power Movements started, we didn’t have cell phones or modern technology, yet we were able to communicate with each other throughout the nation and Africa. Now that we have cell phones, computers, ipads, Iphones, etc., we should be able to get it to each and every Black voter on the planet – you got Twitter, Facebook, Linkdin, and so many other methods of communication. And yes, our very lives, and the future of our families and children depend on the outcome of this election.

Of course I’m not restricting this to Black people. Our Latino, Asian, and Caucasion brothers and sisters are also included. During the first two years of Obama’s administration, grassroots organizations such as Black Women For Obama, Organizing For America and Move On have been doing a fabulous job of keeping the issues alive, and keeping people involved. We can certainly support their efforts by participating with them.

But it still rests with us not be duped into thinking that our detractors have the upper hand. We have to join forces with these stellar organizations, or create our own methodology to keep us engaged, and keep the power and the majority in the hands of the Democratic Party and President Barack Obama.

Let’s get our HipHop, Spoken Word, Jazz, Blues and other entertainment artists to get the message across to their audience – get out and vote on November 2.

Since we’re going to be counted anyway, let’s make sure we’re on the right side of the equation. The Winning Side. And we’re got to keep it that way.

Stay Blessed &

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