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What’s Next for Blacks after Dylann Roof?

The White Male and The Negro “Jezebel”



by Alton H. Maddox, Jr.


All radio stations –commercial and the Internet– will be expected to close ranks to protect the $ilver rites movement. I am the historian of the $ilver rites movement and a proponent of the right of free association. No one in 1994 would finance the right to free associations, at the Slave Theater in addition to free assemblies and free speech. These are problems of “legalese.”

Given the massacre of nine blacks at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, SC, a person would expect a civil rights or human rights organization to have placed all boots on the ground by this Saturday as a business necessity. This should be a natural response. Impostors will behave like the $ilver rites activists that they are.

On the day that nine blacks were assassinated in Charleston, my revered ancestors demanded that I write an article entitled “Father’s Day 2015: A Day of Mourning.” John White would appear on UAM’s June 17, 2015 Program with this entitled message. This is prophesy. John White represents the complete stripping of the constitutional rights of the black male to defend himself and his family

If no assembly occurs on this Saturday, it would be a complete slap in the face to our revered ancestors. Written materials should be made available. Ancestors like Ida B. Wells, Frederick Douglass, Malcolm X, Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., Marcus Garvey, Samuel Cornish, John Russwurm and David Walker were printers.

Dylann Roof is a resident of Lexington, SC. My grandchildren, under the influence of white supremacists, were kidnapped in New Jersey and taken to Lexington, South Carolina. White supremacists controlled the Lexington County School System. Cong. Joe Wilson, who shouted down President Barack Obama, represents Lexington County, SC. To secure the release of my grandchildren, I had to act alone.

Happy Father’s Day!

“Original intent” is legalese and it is important. The white man is bilingual. He only speaks legalese and military science. Even today, the white woman and the black woman have only been able to gain limited combat roles. The white woman has a greater desire to assume an unbridled, combat role than the black woman because of the white woman’s political ambitions.

Joseph Mack is a founder and the architect of United African Movement. Mack is also the founder of the United African Party. He was vehemently opposed to black women having any leadership role in United African Movement. There is a reason why most of our publicized, revered ancestors are black males. What did the Hon. Elijah Muhammad know and when did he know it?

“Uncle Madison” had his own reason for not trusting black females who had either worked for white men or they were still working for white men. Most of them still believe that the freest persons were white males and black females. “Jezebel” was always on assignment for her slavemaster.

“Aunt Julia” asked the school superintendent, behind her husband’s back, to read him the Riot Act because Uncle Madison was still on his plantation. He did. “Aunt Julia” believed that a defanged Madison would return peacefully to his bed and board. Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

He came home, after cursing out the white superintendent, and after resigning his position as principal of the high school, packed his suitcase and headed to the train station for the next train “smoking” North. He never spoke to her again in life. No white woman would go to a black man on a white man. Many black women practice JOY. These women lack ethics.

Despite a Fannie Lou Hamer, Shirley Chisolm, Rosa Parks, Callie House, Sojourner Truth and Harriet Tubman, there are far too many “Jezebels” in New York. They will never stand up to a white supremacist like Gov. Andrew Cuomo. On the other hand, they will fight tooth and nail against anyone who will sacrifice his life for the betterment of the race. Black men are sitting in the rooting section for “Jezebel.”

It is no accident that I have never been honored by UAM even though I am not only its original founder and oldest member but also its major investor in it by a long shot. The white man has told these “Jezebels” the story of Solomon. I am not entitled to any recognition for my pro bono work. This is why I will be in absentia on 2015 Father’s Day.

Maddox must be brought down to his knees at all costs. I do not want anyone at UAM or Freedom Party doing anything on my behalf. I must revisit Mack’s reasoning and publicly apologize to him if necessary. The females of the Freedom Party refused to embrace my cardinal rule but Richard Matt and David Sweat did to their delight.

Anything mentioned on the June 6, 2015 “Strategic Planning Session Meeting Minutes” should be considered null and void if it is to occur after July 2, 2015. I would suggest that a study group be established to meticulously study the May 26, 2015 Agenda. Someone is unable to read.

The black man has been short-changed both by “Jezebel” and by the slavemaster. During sharecropping, black males would stay home so that their sisters could receive an education. Now, black men are unfit for marriage because they are not well-educated. White males are the only realistic catches. As things change, the more they remain the same.

For the voters of Brooklyn, I would suggest that the July 1, 2015 symposium could have widespread implications. If properly addressed, the symposium would require an essay of 7,500 words. As can be found in “IX Current Material (K)” of the May 26, 2015 Agenda, the U.S. attorney caused thirty drafts of the accusatory instrument against Sheldon Silver. The federal government takes its prosecutions seriously. Good writing is rewriting.

I would suggest that UAM get off on the right foot for the third quarter 2015. The Freedom Train has been derailed. My interest exceeds that of UAM in making sure that it is still on track. I can be available for at least fifty persons from July 3-5, 2015 for a traditional planning retreat. “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

No full-fledged, founding member of UAM exists today and there is no founding member of the Freedom Party. If such a person exists, there should be a written history. No one was subpoenaed to be in the Freedom Party or in UAM. It is a voluntary organization. Garveyism will be strictly enforced.

Too honest for the White Press and too black for much of today’s Black Press; bullet columnist Alton Maddox upsets the same people and status quo as he did as an uncompromising Defense Attorney. He is also a founding member of the Freedom Party. Please support the movement to Reinstate him. Contact him at c/o UAM P.O. BOX 35 BRONX, NY 10471.

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