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Why Atheism Is So Important?











by Alberta Parish and Blackson

Atheism is the non-belief in the gods. As a former Christian who once believed in Jesus and practiced belief in the Christian gods, I became an atheist in 2011 when I had an awakening to the reality of a non-existent Jesus, the central figure in Christianity, and also discovered that the New Testament was invented by an ancient Roman elite family known as the Pisos.

Atheism is really an ancient reality that persisted as early as ancient Kemet, and its foundation can be found alongside early religious systems. There was a pharaoh named Akhenaten who demanded that his people worship one god, and he was the father of monotheism in ancient Egypt. Unlike the non-historical Moses, Akhenaten was an actual person that regarded himself as the living image of Aten, which was considered Egypt’s sun deity. Looking at Egypt’s own history, we can try to rationalize why it was so important for Akhenaten to convince people of the one god concept to the point in which he murdered people for their anti-monotheistic beliefs or opinions. In this first major form of a theocratic government, Akhenaten primarily murdered people for having their own beliefs and cultural practices and allowing his guards to murder citizens. This action by Akhenaten was an irrational decision based upon a belief system in a supernatural deity that could not be proven to exist.

Under this ancient theocracy, crimes against humanity were committed, and those who perpetuated these crimes never could prove that their god was a reality and not just an illusion of reality. Based upon this ancient religious system in Kemet, a religious person would never have seen the irrationality of their crimes committed in the name of Aten or Ra. And in this madness, it would take an atheist or group of atheists to point out the irrational behavior perpetuated based upon a belief in a singular deity and the practices associated with that belief system against those who would not accept the one god concept.

The religious mindset in ancient Kemet was the status quo that allowed the irrational executions to take place. If you are the status quo of society, then you would have never seen anything wrong with putting people to death based on an idea that you could not physically prove. What is wrong with this early form of a theocratic government is that the ruler in charge and the society that he rules; that society has no way of validating or verifying that this god in the sky ordered Akhenaten to order the guards to kill these people who were considered enemies of the one god concept. If you could not see the rational plea of an irrational behavior of a society that puts people to death based upon a fairytale belief, then you much like the society had a theocratic religious mindset, and even today this mindset persists in our culture.

Theocracy is a form of government ruled by a single person listening to unverifiable voices to make decisions affecting the citizenry in his society. A perfect example of this is someone telling me, “Alberta, I heard a voice from heaven and this voice said, It told me to tell you to put a billion dollars in my bank account.” Even  though Alberta has no way of verifying this voice, she could be put to death if she disobeys. This is what a theocratic society looks like.

Although this is a very simple concept, people that are usually Christians or claim to be spiritual; this concept will fly right over their heads and/or they will see nothing wrong with the voice going to one person being the authority. This is reality for most religious people, because their bible as well as other religious texts claims that biblical characters have heard voices and have been anointed as holy prophets of a god. What is the etymology of anointed? The original Latin word for anointed was inunguere, which meant “to smear”, and therefore, the original meaning of this word had nothing to do with spirituality.

Now, what is spirituality? In the ancient world, the term spirituality was insignificant and non-existent, and only became current in Christian terminology. Therefore, spirituality, the anointing and monotheism/polytheism are all dangerous, because people have been killed based upon these non-existent and insignificant concepts.

Wherever these concepts have appeared in society, mass murder and mayhem followed. Not only in the ancient world, but in modern times. Sharia Law is a perfect example of religious terrorism; and is no different than Akhenaten’s forced belief system in one god, which was followed by the death penalty for all those who did not share his religious beliefs. His beliefs could only be verified by the voices in his head by only him.

The imagined insights, the voices, the premonitions and so-called prophetic words could only be verified by Akhenaten just like today when preachers claim to have prophetic visions of the future that could only be verified by them alone. Tarot card readers, psychic readers, palm readers and dream interpreters are much like megachurch ministers and televangelists all claiming to have access to a god in which no one around them have also witnessed.

The story of atheism with ancient Babylon will be the next chapter in this great story of why atheism is so important for the development and progression of society. If we continue to go down the path of religion and spirituality, then I’m afraid we will not survive as a species on this planet. Until next time.

bullet columnist Alberta Parish is best known as a take-no-prisoners Youtube commentator, you can also follow her writings on Freedom TribuneMyspace and Twitter.

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