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Why Haiti? (open letter & relief info)

Whatever you do, don’t forget to read the article below my message. It details the “Radio” show that is coming on tonight! I’m looking for more information about Wyclef Jean’s foundation called “Yele Haiti.” I don’t know if I have the correct spelling. So, associates, please come to my aid! Thanks for supporting me and remember, when you reply, especially in large numbers, I’m inspired more to do the work that I do! I also know that many of you have great opinions and I want and need your input!! Come on board at FaceBook, at this medium, or give us a website that you want to introduce us to. In that introduce to fashion, I would like all of you to go to www.GameOverSportz.com and join, give your input, and start discussions. We also must use these networks to solve OUR problems. All we must do is work together!!

Dear Family of Friends,

I’m writing you this note because of my deep concern about the catastrophe that has struck “OUR” Brothers and Sister in Haiti! I will not dwell on the devastation, because most of you have read, listened, or seen the destruction on television. Now, we must come together with our nickels and dimes and donate to the proper charity to make sure the needy people get the funds we send to the Island. One of my questions has been which group do I trust in this death of so many people caused by mother nature erupting!

My first question to myself was why is Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, being hit with such a tragedy? I caught myself because who am I to ask about God’s work? Never the less, the question came to my mind along with many others about the terrible conditions OUR Brothers and Sisters are “existing” under on the Island. Why Haiti? What’s going on with the rest of the World that we would sit by and let 75% unemployment exist right in our backyard? What does the unhealthy and terrible existence the Haitian people live under say about HUMAN BEINGS, especially all of the nations in the western hemisphere? The deviant and deplorable living conditions that OUR Black Haitian Brothers and Sisters are existing under is proof that White Supremacy is alive and well. It’s also proof that the Black Family is a co-conspirator to what has been happening to the people of Haiti for centuries!

I regret seeing the death and suffering that is taking place on the Island, but this situation is an opportunity for people of Color all over the world to put together a plan to “REALLY” change the poor conditions that have been killing Haitian families for decades. In America and around the Globe, we have sat silently and did only things that destabilized the Haitian Government and caused the cruelest living conditions for the people!

This earthquake and the destruction that must be resolved is the door that has opened for the world to once and for all fix the myriad of problems the Haitian people are facing. You see, the misery that exist in Haiti is a reflection of how far “WE”, the people, will let humanity drop without doing anything. For the United States and France, it’s time for both of YOU to go into Haiti and correct all of the devastation that Your countries are specifically responsible for over many decades.

I’m going all the way back in Haitian history when the leadership inspired the people to “FIGHT” for their freedom and throw of the yolk of Imperialism and colonialism! I believe this Black Nation has been punished by White Supremacist down through time for having the tenacity to challenge white folks in armed battle and WIN!! So, I’m reaching out to the Black Family for your expertise in all of the areas that are needed to build Haiti back up to the prominence the Nation should have as “Template” for fighting for freedom. The “first” country to fight for freedom from Imperialism and WIN! We need to celebrate all over the planet and give Haiti and it’s people their due recognition!! This is our Black Family legacy and it is our destiny to Save Ourselves. We must be focused and not let “White Supremacist” devilment throw US of course! We have a lot of work to do, but OUR winning History is the conclusion if we do what is right!!

In the interest of putting Haiti and it’s people on the lofty recognition stage they should be on,

Brother Zachary C. Husser, Community Organizer

Note: I’m asking my long time friend and Haitian Brother in the struggle, Mr. Ernst Perodin, to please send US the information we need to know about what “Group” to send OUR money to. I’m also asking those of you with “Skills” that are needed to save lives, to use your resources to go to Haiti and help our Brothers and Sisters. We must become United Black folks to solve the many ills that have plagued our Black Nation since the introduction of “White Supremacist” into all of our Black Societies!!

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6 Comments on "Why Haiti? (open letter & relief info)"

  1. Brother Zachary C. Husser, Community Organizer | January 24, 2010 at 4:31 am | Reply

    Dear Anonymous,

    If I Google Wyclef I'll get the truth? Well, just from that statement by you I know that you're a novice in the Wide World Web information gathering. I never use the WWW to validate what I speak about. I'm a journalist and I use researched facts to speak about an organization and or a person in a positive or negative way! I'm not hear to cast aspersion upon the character of Wyclef or YOU. One thing I can say is you shouldn't be making negative definitive statements about Wyclef Jean's Yele Haiti Foundation unless YOU did your factual research. If you know anything about the WWW, many stories that cross the highway are false!

    Now that I've gotten the goodness in me out I'm going to give you a piece of mind that is also based on researched facts. You're quick to disregard and put down the work of Yele Haiti's work on the ground in Haiti. Wyclef's organization has given more of their dollars to help the folks in terrible situations, we see our sister and brothers in, as we watch the developments in Haiti on television. The Yele Haiti group is in Haiti carrying “dead” bodies to large burial piles, the Yele Haiti group is on the ground helping to save lives and we all know that is the most important thing to do right now.

    I trust sending my money to Wyclef Jean over any other “relief organization” that says they are in Haiti to help the Country and the people survive this natural disaster. As a matter of fact, Yele Haiti is one of the groups that gives 100% of “OUR” donations directly towards saving lives. We can't say that about many of the so called “Big Boy” relief organizations. At this time I'm going to mention how the American Red Cross, one of the “Big Boy” Relief organizations that does good work has been found by CNN investigative reporters to be one of the “main” groups to mishandled funds donated to specific disasters. The Red Cross, yes the Red Cross, is the organization you should tell folks not to drink the cool aid about!The “Big Boy” has been discovered as a mishandler of funds donated by helping hands donators from America and around the world. The researched facts from Katrina established that the Red Cross is who you should mention, but I don't believe you'll do a hachett job on them, will YOU?

    In concluding, as I stated in one of my previous paragraphs, I'll continue to encourage my Family of Friends to donate their dollars to Yele Haiti over any other Relief Agency because we can speak directly to Wyclef and get the facts from him, not Google! I'll take my chances on the Activist Musician, Mr. Wyclef Jean, and his on the ground group that are removing bodies, distributing food, and assisting in the saving of lives over those lying “Big Boy” Relief organizations like the Red Cross. So, my Family of Friends, spread the word and let's make Yele Haiti the top Relief organization in the decades to come as we rebuild and bring Haiti back on top to the great historical level it should always have been on. Haiti, the mother and father of fighting it's way out of slavery and taking it's Independence! The first Black Nation to fight it's way out of Slavery and win Freedom!

    Finally, in Haiti, the entire thing is really about how it took a natural disaster to show the world what “Man” has done to Haiti and the Haitian people for over three centuries. Now is the time to correct the historical man made disasters that were dropped on the Haitian people! Give to Yele Haiti and Wyclef Jean as We work to save the Black legacy of Freedom!!

    In the interest of Integrity and true journalism,

  2. It's Wyclef and yes if you Google Wyclef you will get the truth. Don't be so quick to drink the Kool-Aid.

  3. Hold up , his organization is under scrutiny by the BBB of not applying money to proper resources. Google the latest on Wycliffe.

  4. Well said. Thank you for listing resources of where to send money.

  5. Haiti's natural disaster mirrors a national disaster which has been present for years. Putting a face on troubles which have been present since BEFORE the revolt is what the earthquake has done. Fixing all that is wrong with the infrastructure of this nation is more than a notion, for sure, but it can be done over time…and if our people are willing to make the changes necessary to create a thriving economy.

  6. The links in your article will take you to Wyclef Jean's website: http://www.yele.org.

    I disagree that this is God's work. Excuse me for stating this, but it sounds like what the Rev.(?) Pat Robertson had to say. Haiti is on a tectonic plate as are many other areas around the world. These plates move constantly. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur along these plates. What took place in Haiti is a naturally occuring plate-tectonic process.

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